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Friday, August 19, 2011

Learn to Knit, Coats Clarks Book 190

Coats and Clarks put out this book in 1969 ... a simple Learn to Knit instruction booklet; 36 pages in all.  The book covers the four basic steps and then gives you plenty of practice through a series of beginners projects to help you build confidence.   It looks like a good starting point with a few timeless patterns to learn with.

Here, let me show you.  
Book 190, Learn to Knit
The front covers brims with the confidence that armed with a few skeins of yarn and some needles, YOU CAN DO IT !   

And then, they give you an intro and a reference index covering what learning materials are covered.   And, amongst the lessons (plenty of diagrams), are a nice assortment of very basic beginner patterns.   Although these patterns go way back to 1968, they are still quite applicable to todays wear. 

Garter Stitch Headband

Striped Knitted Scarf

Childrens or Womens Slippers

Turtle Neck Dickey

Cable-panel Shell 

Garter Stitch Drawstring Bag 

Striped or One-Color Pea Cap

Raglan Cardigan 

Easy to Knit Kilt and Beret.    There's also a great, very long, stocking cap, that somehow, I missed getting a scan.

 And, the back cover with a few of the patterns shown to us in color. 

They put out a nice little booklet, simple instructions and plenty of diagrams that, when you've taken your time to work through, you'll be able to complete a few projects, learn to read knitting patterns and, gain a little confidence to move forward.

I'm not able to list these patterns in the shop as this pattern booklet is NOT in the public domain, however, you should be able to find a copy over at Ebay.

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