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Monday, June 13, 2011

The New Baby Book, Knitting Crocheting, American Thread, Star Book 53

This is Star Book No 53 from American Thread.   It's titled The New Baby Book, Knitting Crocheting.   Not only does this book have some delightful patterns, the art and presentation are special.     There are 18 pictures here, so if you are on a slower connection, this might take awhile.   It's well worth the wait, however ... if I don't say so myself.   Here we go ....
The New Baby Book
The front and back covers are the same and feature an adorable baby sketch on a whimsical harlequin background.
No 5301, 5302 & 5302 - Baby Booties.  Here we have the standard bootie, along with two pairs sporting open toes.   All three pairs of the booties are crocheted.

5304 - Peter Pan Crocheted Cotton Set -  This little layette in a crocheted set featuring a pullover jacket, cap and booties. 

The official title, on the corresponding page - "Fated to be Dated - Cotton for Her - Wood for Him
5305 - Crocheted Dress is sized 2 to 3
5306 - Boys Suit is knitted and sized 2 - 4 years.   It features the long sleeves pullover sweater, pants (obviously shorts) and, according to the pattern, but not shown in the pictures, suspenders. 

Who's all Wet ?

 Both are crocheted.  The writing on carrot on the apron bib are freeform embroidery; no chart is given.

Sunshine Show-Offs - Make them in cotton or wool; they're charming in both. 
5311 - Knitted Sun Suit - Sized 2 and 4
5312 - Crocheted Sun Suit - Sized 2 and 4

This pattern set was also featured in the 4th Edition  (1948) issue of Smart Knitting Magazine.

5313 - 4 Piece Knitted Baby Set - Sized 6 months, includes sweater, booties, mittens and a cap.

Covered from every angle - tie'em in and keep 'em warm
5314 - Crib Sleeper is crocheted.

5316 - Infant's 4 Piece Crocheted Set includes the jacket, bonnet, booties and mitts.

Every Baby Needs a Cable !
5317 - Baby Cable Set is sized 6 months to 1 year and includes the sweater, cap, booties and mittens.

Shavers won't shiver in this !
5318 - Knitted Snow Suit is knitted with crochet finish and sized 2 and 4.

5319 - Four Piece Crocheted Baby Set is crocheted.   It includes a jacket, bonnet, booties, mitts.  The size is not stated, but (since baby is sitting) I'd assume to 1 year.

5319a - Knitted Cable Carriage Cover measures 27" by 31" and is part of the Baby Cable Set shown right above.

5320 - Boys Beret is crocheted and is size 5
5321 Girls Beret is crocheted and size 5
5322 - Baby Hood is crocheted
5323 - Infants Bonnet is crocheted and sized 3 to 6 months.

5324 - Braided Cuddle Doll
5325 - Crocheted Doll
5326 - Crocheted Bottled Holder

So, did you enjoy the sketches surrounding the pattern photos?    I found them delightful.    This booklet is dated 1949, and for the time period, I imagine this would have been the current whimsy.  I enjoyed the use of the 40's vocabulary as well.   You know, soakers for diaper covers and carriage cover for blanket.    I had to include the diagram for the crib sleeper, as if you were like me, I thought it was a blanket from the picture alone.   

I'd say, at least so far, this is my favorite Baby Book from American Thread. 

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  1. Patricia ThompsonMay 21, 2013 at 12:08 PM

    I am looking for American Thread Co. Star book No. 167, I would like to be able to purchase this book is that ever possible? This is the book my elderly Mom used to learn how to knit. Thank you Patricia Thompson


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