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Friday, June 17, 2011

Learn How Crochet Knitting Coats Clarks Book 170b

This is Coats and Clark's Learn How Book, No 170-B, going back to 1959.   This 'Learn How' is far reaching.   It includes crochet, knitting, embroidery and tatting.

Learn to Crochet Pattern Book 170 from Coats & Clarks
It has detailed how-to for the crochet and knitting with lead to beginner patterns that allow you to create a finished piece with the skills just learned.   The tatting is a little less comprehensive, but would be a good refresher.   The embroidery section is basic and is gives instructions to add embroidered effects to a couple of your finished pieces.

So if you are looking for a basic beginner book, you might find this useful.   If you are a beginner looking for some basic starter patterns, you'll find them here.     Here, I'll show you .... (now remember, the time was 1959) ...
Crochet Patterns 
Place Mat - Single and double crochet with a size 10 hook.  The finished mat measures 12.5 x 20

Filet Edging - Applied to a pillowcase.   It uses a No 12 crochet hook.

Doily with Treble Crochet - Created with a No 10 crochet hook.
Shell Stitch Tote Bag.  Dimensions are not given.  You'll need a steel crochet hook no. 1/0

Crochet Afghan - The finished pieces measures 50" x 68".   You'll need an Afghan Hook No 8.
Knot Stitch Sacque - Sized for infants.   It requires a size E crochet hook.

Knitting Patterns
Rib Stitch Hat - Requires knitting needles No 7.

Classic Pullover and Cardigan with Stockinette Stitch - Sized for bust 32.5 - 38.  You'll need 2 sets of knitting needles, No 3 and No 6.

Mittens - Size Medium, created with Double Pointed Needles, Size 3.

Anklets - Size Medium.   You need one set of double pointed needles, size No 2

Boys or Girls Cable Stitch Sweater - Sized 8 - 14.   It's created with one pair each of No 4 and No 6 needles.

Tatting Patterns
Tatted Edges for Napkins and Towels using a Tattle Shuttle.

Tatted Round Doily - This pretty pieces measures 7" in diameter.

Embroidery Patterns
Embroidered Mittens - Here embroidery is added to the Mittens from the knitting section.  Chart is given.

Embroidered Bridge Cloth - chart is given

It's pretty clear what's covered in the lessons by the scope of the patterns.   I enjoyed looking through the booklet.   It's always fun to see what patterns represent the given time period.   One of these days I'll work some of these patterns up for the shop.   When I do, I'll come back and insert some links.

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  1. I learned how to knit from this book, the instructions were wonderful!


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