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Friday, June 17, 2011

Jack Frost 4716 Free 5 Piece Baby Set

I picked up a crochet book to start evaluating what to do with it ... list in store as is, scan to a PDF file, give to a friend, etc., and out fell a piece of paper referencing pattern 4716.   After a bit of research online (what did we do before Google?) I learned the pattern appears to line up with Pattern 4716 from Jack Frost Baby Book.

Crocheted Baby Set, Jacket Bonnet Blanket, Layette Free Pattern

Now, this is not a very good picture, however, we a nice little jacket (referred to as a Sacque), a cap, booties and a blanket (referred to as a carriage cover).   

It's obvious that someone sat down at their typewriter and carefully typed out the pattern.   Perhaps the book was their friends.   Perhaps the friend typed it out.   (I sure wish folks would leave notes behind with the real story for other folks ... like me).

But, since one friend was obviously sharing it with another (AND, it's not under copyright), I'd like to share it with you.     (Wish you could sit the striker marks on the paper .... brings back such fond memories of those typewriters in my past).
Again, I cannot attest it to be absolutely correct, however, I'm betting it would be.   (One would certainly check something carefully when copying it out of the book).    If you make it up, I'd appreciate your forwarding a picture so I can replace the very old book image. 

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