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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Decorative Tray Cloth, Free Crochet Pattern, Vintage 1960

Today I wandered through a vintage copy of The Workbasket, Number 9, Volume 25 from June 1960.   These little magazines are always fun .. a little of this and a little of that for the craft addict.   Before I put it away, thought I'd go ahead and share one of the (public domain) patterns with your.    This is very small picture in the magazine, which translate to it directly being not that great of a picture here. 

Decorative Tray Cloth  

Free Crochet Mat Pattern, Workbasket 1951
The official text -- "You'll find many uses for this attractive, unusual tray mat.  It is crocheted in motifs, which give you a nice over-all effect.  Each motif measures 2.5 inches square and requests about 15 yards thread.  The completed tray mat, trimmed with a crisp ruffle, measures approx. 13.5 by 21 inches.  We suggest you use Clark's Mercerized Crochet Thread, size 30, in which or ecru and a steel crochet hook no 11."  

I agree.   This is a nice looking doily mat.   It would look great on my front entry way table !

Well, here's the pattern ...
Free Ruffled Mat Crochet Pattern from Workbasket
If you make this one up, do stop back by and let me know how it comes out !

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