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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Doily Pattern Book148, Old New Favorites by Request, Coats & Clarks

I do not know how to crochet, however, when I pick up booklets like this one, filled with lacy doilies, tablecloths and such, it makes me so wish to create this type of beauty.   Now, I'm not sure what I would do with them, once created, but they do call me.   All of the patterns in the book are crochet or tatting in mercerized thread, with the exception of one knit pattern, so the knitting fans are not totally left out.  

Here's your photo-journal of Coats & Clarks No 148  ...

Old and New Favorites, by Request
This is the Shining Star Tablecloth.  Each square measures 5" square and requires 40.5 yards of thread.  Instructions are given for a small cloth (63" square) and a large cloth (63" x 83"). 

 This is the Magnolia Blossom (A-476), A beautiful centerpiece with raised petals.  It's perfect on an end table, or as a daily under your most important lamp.   The Centerpieces measures 20" in diameter.

 The Rosewhirl Doily has Irish crochet roses surrounding a pinwheel center.    It measures 12" in diameter. 

 The two patterns that go with this picture are edgings.   The top is the Zig Zag edging and the second is called the Filigree Shell edging.  Both are designed for an 11" handkerchief. 

 This is the Fishnet Pillow.  First the background is crocheted in simple double crochet, then the mesh is crocheted over it, using chain stitch.   The finished pillow is 12" square.  The back can be either crocheted or fabric.  

 This is the Pretty Pineapples Chair Set.  The ever-popular pineapple is a design reminiscent of oriental bead curtains.   The chair back measures 13" x 19" and the arm pieces are 9" x 13". 

 The Victorian Nosegay Bedspread; a beautiful patter with all the charm of great-grandma's hand-pieced quilt.  Each motif measures 7 1/4" from point to point. 

 These picture represent 5 crochet patterns offered up as -- Chose Your Favorite Motif; Make What You Wish! ; crocheted or tatted, make of it what you will.  All are suitable for tablecloths, placemats, end table doilies, char sets and pillows.  We give you the size of the motif and the amount of thread it requires so that you can figure out how many motifs you will need for your purposes and how many balls of thread. 

Snowflake Tablecloth, One of the fastest-working designs you are ever likely to crochet !  Each motif measures 4" across center.  The finished cloth measures 60" x 76".

Polka Dot Potholder and Hot Plate Mat; easy to crochet and quick to catch compliments.

Baby Breath Tatted Edging.  An edging so dainty that, worked all in one in white, it it lovely enough for a bride on her wedding day. 

The Shell Stripes Potholder 6" x 7.25".  You'll also need a bone ring.

Honeysuckle Doily; An elegan design that makes a truly welcome gift.  The doily measures 14" in diameter.

Snow on the Mountain; for those who prefer to knit, a beautiful doily that challenges your skill, but gives a lasting reward of pleasure.  The doily measures 19" in diameter. 

And, last but not least, the back cover with a color picture of the Magnolia Blossom Centerpiece.

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