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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bravo Mexico, Columbia Minerva, Knitting Crochet, Sweater Dress Patterns,

This particular pattern booklet, Columbia Minerva 761, Bravo Mexico is full of Spanish Flair.   This means bold colors, floral accents and design surprises that are out of the ordinary.  There are also a number of 'out of the box', or perhaps I should say 'over the top' designs, but fun in a lighthearted sort of way,   The majority of the patterns are knitting, many involve crochet details as well.

Here we go .... picture by picture ....
Columbia Minerva, Bravo Mexico
Knitting Patterns Columbia Minerva Book 761
 The Banderillas Pullover (761-1) and the Banderillas Dress (761-2) are shown on the front cover.   This pattern set is knitted with the edges and flowers crocheted.  They are sized 10, 12, 14 and 16. 

Vintage Matador Knitted Pullover Pattern
761-3 - Matador Pullover:    This striking piece is appropriately called the Matador Pullover and will make a bold accent piece for slacks and skirts.  This pattern is knitted (the ball fringe and buttons are purchased). 

Quetzal Pullover Knitting Pattern, Free Download
761-4 Quetzal Pullover Sweater:  This pattern definitely yells FUN.  (can you hear it)?   You can, of course, leave off the tassel fringe, but why would you want too !    This pattern is available as a free download in the shop.  

Knitting Pattern, Poncho Pullover from Columbia Minerva
  761-5 - Poncho Pullover:   It's definitely not a poncho, but it is attractive. The crocheted pullover has a marvelous keyhole neckline surrounded with colorful embroidery.

 761-6  Conchero Poncho is more tabard in style with open sides and ties.
761-7  Embroidered Conchero is an easy knit shell with colorful embroidery and ball fringe.

 761-8 Malinche Jacket - A lovely open front jacket, knit with crochet edges and purchased braid and lace.
761-9 Boda Dress is a two piece affair with long tunic with boat neck and long raglan bell sleeves.  Crocheted lace form rows.  It is paired with a straight skirt. 

 761-10 Torero Pullover has delightful floral front yoke detail, with full cuffed sleeves and a tie at the neck.    
 761-11 Malaguena :  This ribbed dress is not only fashionable, it looks downright comfortable.   

 761-13:  The Tamrinda Pullover is knitted with a crocheted Greek Key design at the hemline and sleeves at elbow level.  

 761-12:  The Soleares Pullover is a 60's smock top of sorts, with an accompanying straight skirt.

 761-14:  The Algerias Dress is perfect for summer.   It is a straight dress with a lowered neckline, shoulder straps and a interesting large scale floral embroidery 

 761-15 Acapulco Pullover:, with round collar and long belled sleeves has a touch of bold
whimsy with the crocheted trim.
 761-16 Toluca Pullover jumps out with the closed bell elbow length sleeves and floral
detail across the yoke.

 761-17 Azteca Pullover:  A simple pullover sweater with long sleeves and crochet motif on the front.
761-18 Corrida Jacket:   This simple knitted jacket gains WOW factor with elaborate crocheted trim.

And, the back cover is the same as the front. 

Typically, I scan a complete book (only those in the public domain) and make them available in PDF format in my shop.   The Columbia Minerva Books, however, are quite large scale and would create such a huge PDF file, that these patterns are listed individually.    Should you be interested in any of them, there is a separate link for each under the picture.    In case you missed it, the Quetzal Pullover is available as a free download.

So, what do you think?   Did Columbia Minerva exceed themselves on this booklet?    I sure wouldn't mind having the magluena dress .. in several colors, as a major part of my winter wardrobe.

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