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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Scandinavian Afghan, Free Crochet Pattern

This pattern, vintage 1960s from Fashioncraft is officially called Scandinavian Afghan.

Free Afghan Crochet Pattern, Scandinavian Stripes

(I know that it's a lousy picture, but truly, when it comes to old magazines, we get what we get).  This afghan is crocheted with big hooks - size Q and K and it's a colorful piece, employing stripes of Mocha Heather, White, Tangerine, Celery Leaf and Gold.   Being a big needle design, it's going to be a fast and easy project to complete.

I was listing in my shop and found myself wondering, is this design representative of a Scandinavian afghan.  So, off to Google images I headed.  (Feel free to take a look).   What did I find?  Well, there are a fair number of afghans, but nothing really in common.   So I went back to Google and searched for 'define Scandinavian Afghan' and found ... not a thing.    So, apparently, Scandinavian Afghan is not a defined style, it's just what someone decided to call it.   I always get these images in my head.   Like, Marge submits Grandma's pattern and the publishers calls her back and says 'Marge, we need a name.  What's it called'.   Marge gives it a quick thought ... 'Well, Grandma came from Scandinavia, so let's call it Scandinavian'.

And, there you go ... Scandinavian Afghan.   It's available as a Free Download in my shop should you like to give it a try.

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