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Friday, March 15, 2013

Hats, Bags, Bets Crocheted with Gimp

Here's the next pattern book up.   It is called Hats, Bags, Belts Crocheted.  It was issued by Russel Fraser Wire Co in 1938.  I did a few searches and found out very little about this 'obviously defunct' company from Brooklyn, New York.

The leaflet does indicate No. 3, so there must at least two more booklets out there.  

Vintage 1930s Crochet Robin Hood Hat Patterm
The Robin Hood is previewed on the front cover.  Classic 'feather in your cap' style with the side folded back creating a partial brim. 
The Sophisticate has a flat topped crown with both sides folded up and pinned with ribbon. 

Popcorn Crochet Hat Pattern is Vintage 1930s
The Tasselette  has a wide band of slanting popcorns, flat top and long tassel. 
The Looped Turban, just like you might expect, has a lush display of loop stitches all the way around.

Sports Hat Crochet Pattern in Gimp
The Sport Hat with beaded band. 
The Roundabout is shell stitched, and if made in a rug yarn, versus the gimp, might almost be a beret. 

Short Crown Crochet Hat Pattern in Gimp
The Cocktail Hour with short crown and medium brim that can be nicely pinned back with an ornament of your choice. 
Frame Shell Bag is lined with a 7 inch hinge frame.

Crocheted Shell Pouch Bag Pattern
The Hillcrest is nicely lined, frame closure and plenty of popcorn detail. 
Slanting Shell Pouch  with both a frame and an 8' zipper. 

Crocheted Handbag Pattern in Gimp Corp
The Pouch is another bag made in shells; these are further spaced, allowing the lining to show. 
The Up-To-Date is a great little handbag to carry those essentials. 

The Fan Bag employs a single, double and cross stitch, and an interesting design. 
The Spider Web is a cute little wristlet, even if you don't have a spider ornament. 

The Shopper is a large handbag for those that must carry a lot of stuff.
The Monte Carlo is another smaller clutch bag in a checkerboard design using single,
 double and popcorn stitches.

The Sport Belt in Waffle and Single Crochet is an attractive choice.   This pattern is available as a Free Download in my shop.
Cartwheel Belt, an attractive choice, closes with snaps.
And the back page is a promotion of the Raphael Brand Yarn called for in these patterns.

This is a nice lot of vintage designs.   The patterns here are all sturdy, stay in shape pieces, which would easily be accomplished with the Gimp.   

Now, the product gimp is not something you are going to find in your local shop ... using this name.   This is a heavier weight cord.   You should be able to find suitable product among, perhaps, the macrame or braiding materials at your local craft store.   Heavy rug yarns might function as well, but would certainly not have the same degree of stiffness. 

These patterns are available individually in my shop; just follow the links under the pictures, should you be interested.  

Now, after all of this, I'm ready for a break !   Hope you enjoyed the photo journal. 

Thanks for dropping by,  

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