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Monday, March 26, 2012

Easy Crochet Stocking Cap, Free Pattern

My semi-career here in the pattern business has entailed alot of rework.  It goes like this.  

- Decide to do something
- Do It for Awhile
- Realize there is a better way to do.  
- Rework everything already done 

That's my case here with this pattern.    Previously I was scanning public domain knit/crochet patterns to PDF files and listing in my shop.   A straight scan of a PDF file is not necessarily attractive, so I played around with different formats, until I arrived at a document with a clean crisp look.   Worthy, in my opinion, of being sold in my shop.   So, in addition to all the new entries being in the new format, I'm reworking all of the patterns that are already there. 

And, that brings me to here ... over the last couple days, I've been reworking the Bernat 165, Hats Hats Hats book to the new format.  In the book, there is an attractive, yet simple, crocheted stocking hat.

It's perfect to those learning to crochet as well as fun for those with years of experience to knock off in an afternoon.   You could, perhaps make one for both yourself, as well as a friend!.    In case you'd like to give it a try, I've listed on a Free Basis with immediate download over in my shop.

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