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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Crochet Stole Shawl Pattern That Looks Like Knit

While I have the May 1953 issue of The Workbasket out, I might as well add in one more pattern to my blog.    I like this one.    The lead-in says it is perfect for those folks that want a knitted stole, but only know how to crochet.   So, the pattern allows you to crochet a knitted (look) stole.   Now, I neither knit or crochet so I don't know if learning to knit is more complicated than crochet, but it is nice to know that there's a pattern than can give you knit, when you only crochet.   (Was that ever a lot to say !).

If this applies to you, or not .... here's a vintage pattern to create the 'Knitted Effect Crocheted Stole'.

Free Crochet Stole Pattern with fringed ends.  A knit look-alike

To print, click pattern to enlarge and then copy / paste to your computer. 

In December we are going to spend a couple days in the car gong to and from a vacation stint, and there .... (drumroll please), I going to learn how to crochet .... try anyway.    

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