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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mens Knitting Pullover Sweater, Free Pattern, Coats & Clark B-657

I just finished working my way through Coats and Clarks Book 185 -  detailed in a blog post here at Todays Treasure Shop Talk.      Whenever I list a PDF booklet in my shop, I like to offer a pattern or two as a freebee.   In this case, I've selected one for the men in our lives ....

Mens Two Skein Knit Vest Pattern
Now, isn't this a handsome young man !   He reminds me a bit of Wally on The Leave It To Beaver show .... popular back in the same time frame as this pattern - late 1960s.  But, I'm getting sidetracked there.

I've reworked this pattern, transferred to PDF format and listed in my shop, on a free basis.   If you'd like to stitch up one (or two) for the men (young or old) in your life, stop on by for the free download.

The Design is :  B-657 - Mens Pullover Sweater.  This one is sized 40 - 44 and requires 3 skeins of yarn and both size 6 and 9 knitting needles.  

 Thanks for dropping by,

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  1. I love pullover sweaters. And I love vintage designs. Love to collect these kinds of sweaters and classic men's overcoats as well.