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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Star Book 213, Dress Sweaters Knit Crochet, His and Hers

I am (very) slowly working through my box of vintage crochet and knitting books.  The original goal was one book a day, which is very doubtful, but we'll see.    It's a slow process .. each page is scanned to a document file, proofread, and then scan each of the picture (to show you), get the pictures processed  ... etc, etc. etc.   

So, here is my next completed booklet - Star Book No 213, American Thread 
Star Book 213
Dresses Sweaters, his and hers
American Thread Pattern Book contains Sweaters and Dress Patterns for Knit and Crochet
Cover picture, featuring His and her Diamond Patterned Pullover and Cardigan.   

As shown on the cover, this pattern book was issued as a promotion to  American Thread Yarn brands Dawn Antron and Dawn Wintuk.

Long Sleeve Blouse Crochet Pattern with Low Neckline
The official name of the blouse -- The Lady is a Vamp !  (Definition:  a seductive woman who uses her sex appeal to exploit men).  This is a crocheted Picot Sweater, soft and so feminine, sized S-M-L.     Remember this hairstyle !

It's a Daisy - Crocheted Pullover Sweater, in pretty shells, with long sleeves and below hip length.  This is sized S-M-L. 

Chevron Knitted Tunic with rolled neckline, extended shoulders and scalloped mini-length.  It is sized S-M-L.   Believe this style would have been referred to as a go-go.   Not that far from todays' fashion; substitute the tights for leggings and a shorter style of boot.   

More Raz Matazz - this one knitted.   The striped dress has short sleeves, a front and back yoke and mid thigh length.   
The Lacy Eton is Knitted and is sized 32, 34 and 36.   Did you know the Eton was named for the style of jackets worn by the young women at Eton College, Windsor?   

Diamond Stitch Knit Mans Pullover Pattern
Mens Diamond Cardigan Pattern. 

She Shell Cardigan - This cardigan features that wonderful cowl neckline, three quarter sleeves and the delicate shell pattern.   This is a crochet pattern sized S-M-L.

Crocheted Dress Pattern in Small Medium Large
And, gracing the back cover -- Raz Matazz Dress (didn't you always wonder how to spell that !).  This is a crocheted dress with a square neckline, elbow length flared sleeves and above knee length, sized S-M-L.

The book gives us just 8 patterns, but patterns with great potential they are.  I hope you enjoyed the fashion show in this delightful American Thread, Star 213.  If there is a link under the picture, the pattern is available in the shop, should you be interested.  

I'd love to hear your thoughts ... just leave a comment !   (I spend a considerable amount of time talking to myself here and always welcome some company).

Thanks for dropping by, 

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