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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Lily Daisy Book 102 Crocheted Bedspreads Tablecloth and Novelties

Next up in my stack of pattern books is a delightful selection, in a lacy sort-of-way, from Lily Mills.  This pattern book goes back on 1939 and has a nice collection of home decor accessories.   They have a quite vintage feel, as should be for designs that are now 77 years passed

For reasons that I've not yet discovered, this pattern book was released with two different patterns covers.  All other factors are the same.  The book in my collection is on the left.

Lily Mills Daisy Book No 102 - Crocheted Bedspreads, Tablecloth and Novelties

Lacy Bedspread No 620 - An intriguing 10- inch medallion bedspread design with fill-in and a pointed scalloped border.  

Imitation Armenian Lace Bedspread No 621 - Another lovely medallion bedspread with long fingers of fringe.  The instructions include a variation border design for scarves. 

Star Bedspread No 623 in Two Colors  - This motif spread, with flowers in a contrast color, has unusual breaks in the motif design, presumable whether the design meets the table edges.  The motif here could also be easily used to create cloths of other sizes. 

Daffodil Bedspread No 624 - This pretty filet crochet design is worked old style ... without charts.  The size of hook is not designated; you control the size.  

Three Piece Buffet Set No 625 - A small medallion pattern that can be joined to make mats, scarves, etc., in sizes of your choice with a nice chain and treble border. 

Rose and Daisy Design No 626 - Two easy crocheted medallion designs to be joined to form mats or cloths is sizes of your choice.  

Filet Tablecloth No 699 - This lovely cloth, worked to chart will measure 64 x 72 inches.   This pattern was also released as Lily Leaflet 64A.  

Refreshment Doily Set No 628- Features 5 different filet and crochet designs to use as drink mats. 

Rose Pillow Top No 629 - The outer motif of this pretty block forms an attractive diamond motif. 

Chair Set No 630 - Another small medallion design that can be used to create a variety of items.

Handy Pot Holders No 631 and 632 - colorful kitchen accessories in 6 and 8 colors of Crochet Cotton. 

Set of 6 Medallion Squares -- Crochet in desired quantities to form scarves, spreads and cloths.

Crocheted Edgings - Three exquisite edgings worked in Crochet Cotton with a No 12 hook.

And, that is the entire book.   All the patterns are crochet, with three filet selection.  I felt the designs in this particular book were much more intricate than many of the other designs in this time period.  My guess is the styles originate from an earlier time period, however, I have nothing concrete to base that on.   

Okay, I've now finished this book, time to move on.   I think I'll try one of the Smart Knitting Magazines next. 

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Ruffled Doilies Pattern Book No 306

I needed something light to work on for a couple days and selected a small doily leaflet from the awaiting stack.  The pattern book takes us back to 1954, post war-era, when life and economy were booming.    The leaflet, just 16 pages, is called Ruffled Doilies and is Coats & Clark's Book No 306.  The book was issued as a marketing promotion for their Mercerized Crochet Cottons - Best Six and Big Ball.
Gracing the front cover ....
S-582 Sunburst (top) - What a unique way the designed the rays for this Sunburst.  Small pineapples turn into ruffles, which lead to larger pineapple rays.
S-583 Whirlpool - This, unusually enough, is a knitted doily with not only a lovely whirlpool, but a
floral display and the final scalloped border of ruffles.

And, on the inside cover is this bit of prose.  I particularly like the 'in your hearts of lavender".

S-584 Bride's Doily (Top) is a lovely 20 inch crocheted design that has a center of small flower medallions that is bordered by wide ruffles --- yes; just like a brides bouquet!
S-585 Wedding Ring (Bottom) is a nice combination of crochet and hairpin lace in contrast colors.

S-588 Grape Doily (upper left), is a grand and colorful piece in 5 colors.  Don't let the picture fool you; this doily is 17-1/2 inches in diameter.
S-589 - Fruit Mats are a trio of choices.  Square, oblong or round.   Strawberry, lemon or cherry.
S-592 Rock Pool is an exquisite affair with a center wheel and celtic knot, all made whole with the lace ruffle.

S-586 Poinsettia is a larger design at 18 inches with the marvelous Poinsettia leaves and flowers followed by mesh and a smaller ruffled border.
S-587 Mosaic is a pretty filet crochet square doily that measures out to 16 inches

And, there you have it ... 11 patterns, which included one that is filet crochet.   Although the book is called "Ruffled Doilies", not all of these designs are ruffled.   The all do, however, have the commonality of a well defined border.   Rock Pool is by far my favorite of the group.

Well, this book is now finished; guess I'll have to open up the cabinet and decide what to work on next.

Thanks for dropping by,

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Filet Crocheted Kitten Pattern

I was processing an Mail Order Design pattern with a kitten motif, and went off to check and make sure it wasn't already there.   I call those 'haven't I already seen this one' moments.   The answer was ... kittens, yes ... this kitten, no.

I currently have four kitten filet crochet patterns in the shop.  I find it quite interesting that all four are Mail Order Designs.  

This is Design 7248, It gives us two kittens playing in a basket of flowers, with a spray of the flowers in the arm rests. 

Laura Wheeler 502 also gives us two kittens playing in a basket.  This time, the kittens are carrier over to the arm rests.

In the Anne Cabot 5741 version, wee have a solo kitten, cute as can be, with a butterfly and smaller floral display.  A larger flower arrangements are on the arm rests, which take on the shape of a vase.  

And, American Weekly 3119 got in on the kitten action as well.  I must say, however, in comparison to the other 'sweet kitties', this is a rather tough looking selection.   Perhaps better suited to a name of 'grumpy cat'.   But, wait, no ... that can't be.   Look at the lovely rose display around Sir Kitten and on the armrests.   They certainly don't say grumpy.  

All four of these patterns are in the 1950 - 1952 range.  Apparently kittens were quite a popular selection for our armchairs.   Each pattern covers that they may also be used as buffet sets and the arm rests as ends to linen scarves.   I'd like to add that the chair backs might also be lovely framed on black velvet.  

Now, of course, I'll mention that I've not sold a single one of these.  But, that's not really the point.  They are still a few of these patterns 'out there'; they are a part of our history and heritage; and they deserve to be preserved.   

I guess I'd better get back to work now.  
Thanks for dropping by, 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Rose Filet Crochet Patterns

I believe the most popular of flower motifs for the Filet Crochet motifs is the Rose.   What do I base this on?  Well, the number of Rose Filet Crochet patterns I've processed so far for the shop.   Now, I'll say that pansies may be a distant second, followed by a number of generic flowers.   But, the Rose ... well, it is definitely number.

It was this particular pattern that got me thinking about this.   I picked up this pattern this morning for processing and said 'oh, another Rose design.  

Alice Brooks 7098, Rose Filet Crochet Square Pattern
Alice Brooks 7098, Filet Crochet Square joins together to form a most appealing cloth.  The Design pattern is vintage 1950. 

Rose Filet Crochet Chair Set Pattern, National Needlecraft
This larger than typical Rose motif chair set was released by National Needlecraft Bureau in the 1940s.   

Filet Crochet Rose with Pineapple Border, Design 7364
Another Design pattern, Alice Brooks 7364 gives another version of the Rose.   This one a lovely center motif with columns of pineapple leaves down the edges.  

Centerpiece Rose Doily in Filet Crochet

This Round Rose Cloth is vintage 1950s from Lily Mills.   Whether worked in 17, 19, or 22 inches, it remains absolutely lovely. 

Filet Crochet Mats Pattern in Rose Motif
The Rose Bouquet Place Mat comes to us, vintage 1950s, from the Spool Cotton Company.  Simple in it's design, but devine. 

Another Alice Brooks Design 7347, with a central rose motif and pineapples all the way around.   (Don't even get me started on the pineapples!) 

Do you suppose the heavy use of the rose is it's simplicity of design, or the way we associate the rose with romance and love, or the way the image can bring the bouquet of smell to our memory?    Or, perhaps it's just the Rose is the most favored flower.    What do you think? 

Now, there are more filet crochet rose selections, as well as many others, should you like to look further ... MORE FILET CROCHET.  

Thanks for dropping by, 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Filet Crochet Apron Pattern No 9666

Some time back I purchased a big lot of loose pattern leaflets on an Ebay auction.   I remember them coming in and oohing and awwing over them as a sorted through the prize and then putting them in the drawer with all the others waiting their turn.   Well, now it the time ... I'm going to concentrate on these loose leaflets and the mail order patterns for the next month or two.

Third down in the stack is this prize.

Vintage Crochet Lace Apron Pattern

It is identified only as 9666 Crocheted Apron and written across the top -- This is your Free Gift.  This is a clear sign that it would have been a handout gift, which frequently happened as part of a thread promotion.  But, a quick view of the materials list turned out to be entirely generic.   (Use a No. 4 steel hook and mercerized, fast-color, string weight thread.  You will need about 580 yards of cream thread (the basic color), 100 yards of pink, 22 yards of green, 25 yards of yellow, and 23 yards of blue).   Well, that rules out the thread maker as well as the hook brand.    So, I have no current idea who presented this pattern.    I do know, based on the paper and print, that is will date to the mid/late 1940s.

It's a delightful piece, certainly not written for the beginner as it contains no charts.   It does give a decent basic description of gauge, spaces and blocks that would get one through ... and definitely feel the accomplishment when it comes time to wear.   It is a half apron, with crochet ties, bottom flower band and 4 vertical floral panels.

This pattern is available in the shop.   There are more in the filet crochet category

If you know more about the No 9666 Crocheted Apron .... please do share.

Thanks for dropping by,

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lily Mills Design Book 76 - Doilies

It seems, of late, I've not been to great at blogging.  I'd recently said I was going start talking a bit more about individual patterns, or perhaps pattern categories and not detail so many of the pattern books themselves.   AND, that did hold for a few minutes, and then I processed another book for the shop that just needed to be shared.    Here is it ....

Front Cover of Lily Mills Design Book 76

Daisy Ring Linen Doily, with crocheted wheel edgings and individual flower insertions in pastels 
graces the front cover.   

The pattern booklet itself, is just 15 pages.   It was obviously issued to promote their Mercerized Crochet Cottons, and Lily Mercrochet, which all the patterns call for.    Although the title indicated Doilies, there are a place mats in here, as well as a couple squares that could nicely be made in multiple to form larger cloths.

Ruffled Hairpin Lace Doily Pattern from Lily Mills
Ruffled Hairpin Lace Centerpiece -  A delightful combination of circles within circles, all worked 
with a hairpin staple and crochet hook.  The green and white combination just yells Spring. 

Crochet Centerpiece Doily Pattern, Rose Ruffled
Rose Ruffled Centerpiece - This is a most delicate rose doily with a unique interpretation 
of a ruffled edge. 

Lily Mills Crochet Squares and Mats Pattern
Square Filet - Four floral diamonds form a larger diamond that is surrounded with plenty lace - 17 inches
Bell Lily - A swirl of bell lilies that's not quite square and not quite round. - 17 inches
Medallion Doily - A charming 15 inch square doily with small flower squares.
Empire Doily No 7 - A bit like a wheel with spoke edges - 14-1/2 inches 

The Square Filet and Medallion Doily, although a bit on the large side, have potential to become cloths and runners if created in multiples and joined. 

Count Cross Stitch  Leaves on Crocheted Placemats Pattern
Moderne & Eucalyptus Placemats are embroidery (counted sts) on a crochet base. 

Irish Cluny Crocheted Doily Pattern with Scalloped Edge
Cluny Doily, presumably for an area in Eastern France with a famous Abbey.  It is indeed a lace delight.

And that's it; just 11 patterns in all, but a good assortment of several disciplines .. standard crochet, hairpin lace, filet crochet, as well as some count sts embroidery.  Something for everyone, you might say.   The book carries no dating, however, based on some other Lily Books in this number series, I would place as 1956. 

I'd say that the Daisy Ring is my personal favorite.   Although I can't see using these a luncheon sets, I could employ the edging and these little flowers in so many different ways.  

Well, hope you enjoyed yet another book review.   Thanks for dropping by, 


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lily Crocheted Bedspreads, Book 8-B

True to the title, this pattern book is all bedspreads.   It is Lily Book 8-B; Crocheted Bedspreads.   The publication, as is typical with many of the vintage pattern books, has no indication as to release date.   I started the investigation and the first entry I found said 1915.  Well, I don't think so ... the color and paper quality alone would quickly rule that out.   So, I continued the hunt; the closest I got was Lily Book 7b, which was issued in 1937.  So, let's call this 1937 / 1938 time frame.   In this beauty are 10 patterns. 

Flower Star Block Motif Crocheted Bedspread Pattern is called Star and Wreath
No 809 Star and Wreath graces the front cover.  A floral delight with a star in the middle of each block.

Lily Mills No 800, Bedspread Crochet Pattern
No 800 Pattern Blocks and Bands is 78 x 104 inches.   Pretty pinwheel flowers, chevron bands, 
lush fringe; a lovely piece indeed. 

Crocheted Bedspread Pattern, Imperial Stripes
No 801 - Stripes Imperial Bedspread is 81 x 102 inches.  This motif comes off clean and simple; romantic in its appeal. 

Lily Mills Crochet Bedspread Pattern No 802, Tumbling Blocks
No 802 Tumbling Blocks is made of 16 x 20 inch blocks to form a spread 
that is 84 x 105 inches.  The design has a touch of 'fun' going on. 

Winding Path Crochet Bedspread Pattern
No 803 Winding Path or Bared Window, marvelous design right down to the fringed ends.   I don't know the history, but this design is know by two different name.  Such interesting staggered fringe. 

Triangle Bedspread Pattern No 804
No 804 Triangle Bedspread; three triangle motifs joined to form the 77 x 98 inch spread. 

Vintage Fans Motif Crocheted Bedspread Pattern
No 805 Fans Bedspread with delightful flower clusters is 81 x 102 inches. Victorian perhaps, but so interesting and dainty.

Tasseled Crochet Bedspread Pattern No 806 from Lily Mills
No 806 Spearhead is an interesting block motif at 86 x 106 inches - what an interesting mix of elements.

Block Filet Crocheted Bedspread Pattern No 807
No 807 Filet Medallion Bedspread.  Make to your desired size to add a touch of feminine to your bedroom.

Lily Mills Bedspread Pattern No 808
No 808 Flower Design Bedspread; perfect beginners project for your first bedspread that will give you pleasing satisfaction for years to come. 

And the back page gives us an advertisement for the threads called for in the spreads.  

Start to finish, the 10 selections here are excellent.   All intriguing and 'just have to take another look' designs.   Most of the patterns would easily be converted to tablecloths, runners and scarves.  One of the Wreath and Star Blocks, all alone, would be an attractive piece of framed wall art.    

Again .... lovely .... absolutely lovely. 
Thanks for dropping by, 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Vintage Crochet Tablecloth Patterns, Book 185 from Spool Cotton

Crocheted tablecloths were apparently quite popular in the early 1940s.    In my limited collection I have around 10 books which were all 1940 through 1944.   One of which is the Spool Cotton Co. Book No 185.   This was an ambitious book with 18 outstanding patterns.  I have no doubt that many of these beauties did become the heirlooms they proclaimed; not to mention the following generations that continue to work the designs  

For your viewing pleasure, here's a photo journal of all the patterns and their descriptions.

Vintage Crochet Tablecloth Pattern Book No 185
Book No 185; New Table Topics

Snowflake Crocheted Motif Tablecloth Pattern
No 7530 Summer Snowflake - Airily enmeshed in filmy festoons, the snowflake motif asserts its crisp beauty.

Crocheted Tablecloth in Iris Motif
No 7584 Iris Arrangement:  Each pattern square captures the fabled beauty of a stylized quartet or iris, in the perfection of shadow filet.   

Oblong Crocheted Tablecloth Pattern in a Polka Dot Motif
No 7526 Page Polka Dots - Myriads of solid white circles polka dot this cloth ... each petelled in colour .. a two-colour idea to please smart moderns.

Crocheted Sunburst Splendour Cloth Pattern
No 7533 Sunburst Splendour:  Win applause by making this beauty .. the sunburst splendour of its design filmy against a solid background.

Vintage Wheel Motif Doilies in three sizes
No 7558 Spinning Wheel : Delicate strands spin their gossamer way around the spokes .. the clustered edging is enchanting. 

Crochet Pattern for Spring Fantasy Doilies
No 7588 Spring Fantasy, a floral lace luncheon set with runner, placemats and lace corners for linen napkins.

Crocheted Checkerboard Place Mat Pattern called Country Counsins
No 7587 Country Cousins:  Gay and carefree .. for informal meals ... this Luncheon Set will be a joy to own in your two favorite colours. 

Lace Sherbert Crocheted Doilies Patern
No 7554 Good Companions:  Crisp little doilies set the pace for fastidious service .. a hostess Must.

Square Block Crochet Medallion Pattern for Tablecloths Runners
No 7486 Memory Lane - The glory that is Irish crochet ... displayed in all its elegance in this lovely design.  A cloth for very special occasions.

Crocheted Pineapple Tablecloth is Round
No 7592(M) Salute to the Pineapple  Salute to the Pineapple - The traditional symbol of good fortune .. the lordly pineapple lavishly used in a round cloth and Presto - Two cloths from one set of directions ... merely be a change of thread

Crocheted Tablecloth Pattern of Round Flower Medallions
No 7591 Flower Fable - Wreathing 'round its centre motif .. a garland of variegated color. 

Filet Crocheted Tablecloth Pattern called Todays Heritage
No 7531 Todays Heritage - For distinguished service this superlative filet cloth is unrivaled ... a new design in giant mesh that works up quickly. 

Crochet Four Leaf Clover Tablecloth Pattern
No 7525 Four Leaf Clover :  Here's a smart study of textures! The raised edges of clover petals silhouetted against a simple mesh background.

Round Pineapple Medallions for Tablecloth Pattern
No 7485 Early American : Each medallion boasts of a circle of tiny pineapple motifs ... elaborate heirloom to be your daughter's pride and joy. 

Pretty Linen Cloth with Crocheted Edging
No 7586 At Your Service! : An appetizing tray cloth ... snowy linen edged and cornered in 
celery crisp crochet.   This pattern is offered as a Free Download. 

Filet Crochet Edging Pattern for Tablecloth
No 7529 Trailing Vine :  Filet Crochet Edging

Crocheted Tablecloth Pattern in floral motif
No 7585 Lady Bountiful - A bountiful cloth that sings of warm hospitality ... it's handsome openwork motifs gracefully interlaced and arranged!

Crocheted Martha Washington Cloth Pattern
No 7583 - Martha Washington:  A bountiful cloth that sings of warm hospitality ... its handsome openwork motifs gracefully interlaced and arranged. 

Now, for those of you that actually made it to the end, if you think this was a lot to view, I'll just admit that between the scanning, reformatting, listing, etc. this book took me over a week !   There's a couple of the simpler patterns here that I've listed in the shop as Free Downloads.    All the patterns are available by following the links. 

Although not a table cloth, my personal favorite is the Spinning Wheel Mats.   Something with this design just pops out and grabs me.   You?  What is your favorite?

Thanks for dropping by,