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Monday, May 12, 2014

Mink Stoles Knitted in Mohair, Mail Order Designs

This afternoon I was working on Design Pattern 828, when I had another one of those 'I know that pattern' moment.   (Now, I've processed close to 2800 patterns for the shop, so, believe me, these moments are starting to happen more and more frequently).    The case at hand today is a knitted stole or capelet pattern.
A quick browse through the shop quickly identified the similiarities.

Now, each of these stole are the same knit / purl pattern stitch, knit in either knitting worsted or mohair, with the emphasis being on the mohair.  When knit in mohair, you are instructed to brush briskly to duplicate a mink look.   All are knit on big needles with two strands.

Knitting Pattern, Mink Stole in Mohair

Mail Order Design 584 - A simple stole wrap.

Capelet Knitting Pattern Design 828

Mail Order Design 828 - This capelet has the appearance of a loop closure - it's actually a hook and eye.

Knitting Pattern Mail Order Cape Pattern

Mail Order Design 7112 - This design has a lovely fold over shawl collar. 

Now, this is quite a typical thing for designers to do.  Start with a base pattern and then make a change to the closure or the collar, or the length and there you go ... a new pattern.   

Okay, my "I know that pattern" moment is over ... back to work.  

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Knit Geometric Afghan Pattern, Alice Brooks 6542

This one is special - it is a mail order delight - Alice Brooks 6542, Vintage 1939.

When I obtained possession of this pattern, it had this advertising page clipped to it.   I love that.  
The knitted afghans are made of 5 inch squares that are overcast together.  The changing directions gives it that greater degree of contrast. 

Mail Order 6542, Knitting Geometric Afghan Pattern

  The squares can then be arranged to form four different afghans.  
The first two are in two color combinations and the second two are four color designs.  That's the shame of black and white photos; but what do I want from 1939.  

Geometric Knitted Afghan Pattern, Alice Brooks 6542

The paper was fragile and yellowed, but I was able to restore it to a clean crisp PDF document.   If you'd like to give it a try, it is available in my shop.     There are, of course, a number of other knit afghan patterns, as well. 

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