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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Filet Crocheted Kitten Pattern

I was processing an Mail Order Design pattern with a kitten motif, and went off to check and make sure it wasn't already there.   I call those 'haven't I already seen this one' moments.   The answer was ... kittens, yes ... this kitten, no.

I currently have four kitten filet crochet patterns in the shop.  I find it quite interesting that all four are Mail Order Designs.  

This is Design 7248, It gives us two kittens playing in a basket of flowers, with a spray of the flowers in the arm rests. 

Laura Wheeler 502 also gives us two kittens playing in a basket.  This time, the kittens are carrier over to the arm rests.

In the Anne Cabot 5741 version, wee have a solo kitten, cute as can be, with a butterfly and smaller floral display.  A larger flower arrangements are on the arm rests, which take on the shape of a vase.  

And, American Weekly 3119 got in on the kitten action as well.  I must say, however, in comparison to the other 'sweet kitties', this is a rather tough looking selection.   Perhaps better suited to a name of 'grumpy cat'.   But, wait, no ... that can't be.   Look at the lovely rose display around Sir Kitten and on the armrests.   They certainly don't say grumpy.  

All four of these patterns are in the 1950 - 1952 range.  Apparently kittens were quite a popular selection for our armchairs.   Each pattern covers that they may also be used as buffet sets and the arm rests as ends to linen scarves.   I'd like to add that the chair backs might also be lovely framed on black velvet.  

Now, of course, I'll mention that I've not sold a single one of these.  But, that's not really the point.  They are still a few of these patterns 'out there'; they are a part of our history and heritage; and they deserve to be preserved.   

I guess I'd better get back to work now.  
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Friday, May 2, 2014

Rose Filet Crochet Patterns

I believe the most popular of flower motifs for the Filet Crochet motifs is the Rose.   What do I base this on?  Well, the number of Rose Filet Crochet patterns I've processed so far for the shop.   Now, I'll say that pansies may be a distant second, followed by a number of generic flowers.   But, the Rose ... well, it is definitely number.

It was this particular pattern that got me thinking about this.   I picked up this pattern this morning for processing and said 'oh, another Rose design.  

Alice Brooks 7098, Rose Filet Crochet Square Pattern
Alice Brooks 7098, Filet Crochet Square joins together to form a most appealing cloth.  The Design pattern is vintage 1950. 

Rose Filet Crochet Chair Set Pattern, National Needlecraft
This larger than typical Rose motif chair set was released by National Needlecraft Bureau in the 1940s.   

Filet Crochet Rose with Pineapple Border, Design 7364
Another Design pattern, Alice Brooks 7364 gives another version of the Rose.   This one a lovely center motif with columns of pineapple leaves down the edges.  

Centerpiece Rose Doily in Filet Crochet

This Round Rose Cloth is vintage 1950s from Lily Mills.   Whether worked in 17, 19, or 22 inches, it remains absolutely lovely. 

Filet Crochet Mats Pattern in Rose Motif
The Rose Bouquet Place Mat comes to us, vintage 1950s, from the Spool Cotton Company.  Simple in it's design, but devine. 

Another Alice Brooks Design 7347, with a central rose motif and pineapples all the way around.   (Don't even get me started on the pineapples!) 

Do you suppose the heavy use of the rose is it's simplicity of design, or the way we associate the rose with romance and love, or the way the image can bring the bouquet of smell to our memory?    Or, perhaps it's just the Rose is the most favored flower.    What do you think? 

Now, there are more filet crochet rose selections, as well as many others, should you like to look further ... MORE FILET CROCHET.  

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Jesus Crucifixion in Filet Crochet Pattern

Almost every day I go into my 'pending bin' of Mail Order patterns and randomly pull out one or two to process for the shop.   Today, as timing would have it, I pulled out Alice Brooks 7447 ... right before Easter.

This is Alice Brooks 7447, Crocheted Panel and Edging.  I spent a fair amount of time searching for timeline, but, interestingly enough didn't find any tracks.  Judging from the paper and print, I'd would estimate as mid to late 1940s.    

I did find, however, the pattern under a different identifier -- 

Filet Crochet Crucifixion Advertisement for Laura wheeler 2385

Laura Wheeler 2385 was issued in 1939 as a Reader Mail Limited Design.   

So, it was first marketed as Laura Wheeler 2385 in 1939 and then re-released as Alice Brooks 7447 in the late 1940s.   It's a splendid design, which I'm surprised was not released or duplicated in some aspect more frequently.  

Oh, as a sidenote, I frequently say 'based on paper and print'.   Where do I get this?  The late 1930s and 1940's were the war time era.   Paper sizes were very small with tiny print ... keeping publishing and mailing costs as low as possible.   Going into the 1950's, both the paper size (remember these are large fold out one page patterns), and print became larger.   

I've listed the Alice Brooks 7447 in my shop, should you be interested.   The charts are very readable in 8-1/2 x 11 inch sizing.  

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