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Friday, July 21, 2017

Knitted Afghan Patterns with Leaf Motif

Most everyone loves an afghan on the couch and or bed. It's a piece of comfort just waiting to be called upon. Wrapped around our shoulders, or feet; it is warm and soothing. I have a fair number of knitted afghans in the shop, but I think of all of them, I like the ones with the leaf motif the best. Whether plain or complex, there is just something so organic about the leaf that calls to me. Let me share a couple of my favorites with you.

Nantucket Afghan from Spinnerin: This design is also one of the shops favorite. The thick texture and diamond blocks are such a pleasing combination.

Leaf Afghan from Columbia Minerva: This design has an understated beauty, knit in contrasting shades with leaf and cable panels.
Laurel Leaf Afghan from Bertrand: This design is a colorful bit of simplicity, knit in three colors in an almost geometric way.

Lattice Leaf Afghan from Coats & Clark's: This beauty is panels of leaves worked in rows that give a lattice type effect. The design is knit in one color and has full lush fringe.
There are a few others, of course, but these are four definitely my favorite.
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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Bedspread Patterns to Knit and Crochet, Book 232

Taking us all the way back to 1947, is Spool Cotton Book 232 - Bedspreads.  Other than a dab of color on the front and back  cover, the pattern pictures are all lower quality black and white.   This fact (what did we expect of 1947), certainly does not, however, detract from the exquisite designs that are in this pattern leaflet.

There are 11 patterns, two knitted and the rest crochet.  The book was obviously issued as a promotion to Clarks O.N.T. Mercerized Crochet Cotton, as that is the material called for in each of the patterns.   None of the patterns were identified by name, just by their assigned number.   (In some cases, I've identified the name).

Pattern No 6132 graces the front cover ... and appropriately so, being a splendid piece of Irish Crochet.  The designs is made of raised floral hexagon motifs that measure 12 1/2 inches each.   I've seen references that this pattern was called Marguerite in other publications.

No 6124 - This interesting medallion design has nicely supplemented detail in large and small flower fill-in motifs. 

No 6130 - Knitted Bedspread  This design is worked in attractive 2 1/2 inch strips and finished with long tufts of fringe.  

No 6131 - Crocheted Bedspread is worked in large - 8 inch - blocks with an 'almost' geometric motif.
No 682 - Crocheted Bedspread featuring pinwheel medallions in popcorn stitch. 

No 6128 Crochet Bedspread.   This 5 inch rose motif has appeared in a number of SPC pattern books and is typical known as Rambling Rose.

No 6133 Crochet Bedspread - Worked in 10 inch panels in diamond and popcorn stitch. 

No 6123 Crochet Bedspread made up in lovely raised flower block centers surrounded with petals edged in popcorn stitch. 

No 6129 - Knitted Bedspread is an elegant design of staggered raised leaf and plain 10 inch blocks. 

No 6126 Crochet Bedspread is created in 6 1/2 inch hexagon blocks in a floral motif

No 6127 Crocheted Bedspread in 4 3/4 inch pinwheel medallions goes beyond to an almost geometric effect.

And that it ... all 11 patterns.   All quite exquisite and all worthy of heirloom quality.    

The opening jacket statement : "Every woman loves the feminine touch in her home ... Why not add to your bedroom a beautiful handmade Bedspread that would express your individuality?  In this book we have designed a variety of Bedspreads ... one to suit every taste .. they are simple and decorative.  Choose the one that best serves your purpose, and you will be proud to say that you have made it yourself".  

Although these designs are 1947, no reason you can't still crochet your future heirloom. 

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Womans Day Knitting Pattern Leaflet HH-46

Tucked away, in the September 1946 issue of Woman's Day Magazine  .....
September 1946 issue of Womans Day Magazine
....  is a three page spread across pages 39 - 44.   Here, the reader is shown a number of knitting patterns for the home.

Womans Day Leaflet HH-46 Magazine Pattern Offer
 Starting with three afghans ... all of relative standard fair, however, perfect knitting projects for the beginners among us. 

Mail Away Bedspread Knitting Patterns
 Standard fair ... as is the diagonal rug and the baby crib cover.   But there standard fair stops.   I've seen many knitting patterns, and as for the lap blanket and the four knitted doilies .... all quite unique design motifs.   I was thinking I'd never seen these before ... anywhere ... so I went out and did a few Google image searches and found nothing.  These two bedspreads. ... the same.  Now, the top bedspread is somewhat similar to a design called Evensong, but the same ... nope.  

Bedspread Mail Away Knitting Pattern
 And then, on the third page is this lovely knitted design ... a pinwheel bedspread.   Now, the pinwheel itself is not that unique, but this particular one, I didn't find in any search.

Typically the patterns that appeared in the magazines were sponsored by one of the advertisers and just who was alway obvious by the brand of thread or yarn called for.   In these designs, the threads are generic - no brands listed.

These patterns were the mail-away variety and not included in the magazine.  If the reader wanted them, they had to send a Self Addressed 3 cent stamped envelope and they were mailed back.   A teaser, you might say.

Should you be interested, I've listed several of these designs in my shop.

For just a little more fun, on the back page of the pattern set, was this promotion ....

How about those prices !!

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Ruffled Doilies Pattern Book No 306

I needed something light to work on for a couple days and selected a small doily leaflet from the awaiting stack.  The pattern book takes us back to 1954, post war-era, when life and economy were booming.    The leaflet, just 16 pages, is called Ruffled Doilies and is Coats & Clark's Book No 306.  The book was issued as a marketing promotion for their Mercerized Crochet Cottons - Best Six and Big Ball.
Gracing the front cover ....
S-582 Sunburst (top) - What a unique way the designed the rays for this Sunburst.  Small pineapples turn into ruffles, which lead to larger pineapple rays.
S-583 Whirlpool - This, unusually enough, is a knitted doily with not only a lovely whirlpool, but a
floral display and the final scalloped border of ruffles.

And, on the inside cover is this bit of prose.  I particularly like the 'in your hearts of lavender".

S-584 Bride's Doily (Top) is a lovely 20 inch crocheted design that has a center of small flower medallions that is bordered by wide ruffles --- yes; just like a brides bouquet!
S-585 Wedding Ring (Bottom) is a nice combination of crochet and hairpin lace in contrast colors.

S-588 Grape Doily (upper left), is a grand and colorful piece in 5 colors.  Don't let the picture fool you; this doily is 17-1/2 inches in diameter.
S-589 - Fruit Mats are a trio of choices.  Square, oblong or round.   Strawberry, lemon or cherry.
S-592 Rock Pool is an exquisite affair with a center wheel and celtic knot, all made whole with the lace ruffle.

S-586 Poinsettia is a larger design at 18 inches with the marvelous Poinsettia leaves and flowers followed by mesh and a smaller ruffled border.
S-587 Mosaic is a pretty filet crochet square doily that measures out to 16 inches

And, there you have it ... 11 patterns, which included one that is filet crochet.   Although the book is called "Ruffled Doilies", not all of these designs are ruffled.   The all do, however, have the commonality of a well defined border.   Rock Pool is by far my favorite of the group.

Well, this book is now finished; guess I'll have to open up the cabinet and decide what to work on next.

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Star Book 34 - Bedspreads

Having just finished working my way through an entire magazine, decided to take a bit of a break and work on something a bit smaller.   Pulled open the 'pending' cabinet, and next up in the stack is this delightful book

Book No 34, Star Bedspreads from The American Thread Company.  This collection of 13 patterns was released in 1944 and is displayed over 27 pages.

 On the inside cover is the typical promotion.   This booklet was a promotion of their product - Puritan Cotton Thread.    Here, we also learn that the patterns in this book are all Cecilia Vanek designs.  There's an interesting note, that should you have a problem with a pattern, you can write to her directly.   Now, that's certainly an offer we don't see anymore.  

No 3401 - Hollywood - Cinematic glamour from just two pairs of dotted swiss curtains, with added filet crochet.

No 3402 - Capitol Hill - A delicate filet crochet to lent that touch of splendor to a formal bedroom.

No 3403 - Pennsylvania Dutch - Now you have found it .. a knitted bedspread with hex design.      The design here is not exactly the same, but quite similar to the Pennsylvania Dutch Afghan.

No 3404 - Manhattan - This solid crocheted spread with blocks and vertical stripes is tailored simplicity at its best ... perfect for a modern setting ... perfect for 'his' room.

No 3405 - Hot Springs - A lacy piece with dainty beading - delight your daughter and make this for her own special room.

No 3406 - Louisiana Bayou - The raised Water Lily design brings to mind the flora and fauna of the rich Southland.

No 3407 - 20TH Century Chicago - For a room with a new idea, solid crochet, applique and lacy border.
No 3408 - Peach Tree Street - A spread Scarlet would have chosen for her home with Rhett ... a popcorn pinwheel variation.

No 3409 - Texas Ranch - A knitted spread in herringbone pattern.  Make the stripes as narrow or as wide and in as many colors as your room can take. 

No 3410 - Connecticut Yankee - This popcorn stitch spread is a must to complete your old maple and pine bedroom .. great grandmother loved this simple beauty too. 

No 3411 - Ohio Farmhouse - Large filet block design, looks as if the spread were made all in one piece.  One of the simplest designs to do.

No 3412 - Land of Nod - Whimsical .. elfin .. and so simple to make; a block of filet crochet and then a block of fabric.  Little tots will adore it.

And that's it ... all 12 patterns.   There are a couple classics in here ... such as the Pennsylvania Dutch and the Louisiana Bayou and then, of course, the absolute charmer of Land of Nod.  The first time I came across the Pennsylvania Dutch bedspread it was in a magazine with incomplete instructions, so I was quite happy to find it in this booklet.  

Okay, now on to the next project .... 
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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Crochet Doily Patterns, Star Book 145

The last leaflet of the year -- 2014 -- that I've processed for the shop is  lovely American Thread Book 145.    This book takes us back to 1956, when the ladies were crocheting away while perhaps listening to the most popular songs 'Don't be Cruel', 'Hound Dog', or 'Blue Suede Shoes'.   No, on second hand, who would be able to sit still with The King of Rock and Roll on the record player!   The leaflet is 32 pages and offers up 16 different patterns for our enjoyment.   There is something for all here - knit, crochet and tatting.
American Thread Co., DOILIES, Star Book 145

Pinky:  A crochet fern center that radiates out to floral border.  

Swan Tatted:  American Thread named this piece Swan .. perhaps thinking the pineapples fold out like feathers?   It can be worked at 14-1/2 or 15-1/2 inches.

Sunburst :  These are a colorful affair that should have no problem finding a display point in many a home.  An easy crochet. 

Pansy (on left):  Another variation of the always popular pansy motif.  This colorful bordered piece is 11 or 12 inches in diameter.
Fan (on right):  A pretty flower center that fans out to a delightful shell border.

Dove : A splendid Pineapple doily with wide shells and lace border.

Ivy :  This doily, with Ivy type leaves and yellow flowers is centerpiece quality at 21 or 25 inches in diameter.

Chelsea :  A small set of pineapples, followed by those much larger, surrounded by mesh, culminate at 16 inches.

Violets - Crochet with pink or purple flowers.  Add a second display of  violets for a large doily.

Golden Citrus - A grand display of pineapples and shells.   It is quite glorious in yellow, but I have no doubt equally nice in any color of your choosing.

Quill- Four quadrangles of pineapple motifs make up this pretty 13 or 14 inch doily.
 Marigold:  Starts and ends with pretty marigolds, with pineapples in between.

Valley Lilly:  A proud floral centerpiece doily at 21 or 22 inches.

Cluster Stitch:  Not as petite as it looks at 12 or 13 1/2 inches.

And that's it ... Star Book 145.   What do you think?  The Sunburst design is my personal favorite of the offerings.  And, I think the flowers on the Ivy Doily could be adjusted to make marvelous trim.  

Okay ... on to the next batch of patterns, which will be miscellaneous leaflets and Mail Order Designs, for a week or so. 

Thanks for dropping by,