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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Star Baby Book 88, Wardrobe Tricks 1 to 6

Now, there are not a lot of patterns in this book, but most of them are quite sweet designs that just may call you to pick up your hooks and needles.   The book ....

Wardrobe Tricks from 1 to 6; Star Baby Book No 88, Vintage 1951
The front cover covers all the patterns in the book.  

For the aesthetics of it all, pattern pictures are typically nice coordinated with each other.   Not in the case here.  We've four different unrelated patterns.  But still, sweet designs they are.  
This Knot Stitch baby set is beaded with ribbon ties.  The set is almost Christening quality.

Here's an early touch of the American Thread 1960's whimsy.  Yes, it's a crocheted clown head, complete with embroidered facial features and a bell on top of the Pixie hat.  
These knitted accessories are for your little Girly-Girls.  

This knitted Baby Sacque and Bonnet has a lacy appeal with small embroidered flowers for the feminine touch. 

American Thread official name this design "Pink Baby Set".   Of course, you can knit it in any color you choose.   The set is sized 6 to 12 months.

This sister and brother set gives us a basic pullover and cardigan with a cute elephant motif.   The set is written for Size to, with changes for 4 and 6.  Although the book itself is named 'from 1 to 6', this is the only pattern set aimed towards the toddler. 

And that's it.   A short and sweet story that was a combination of the American Thread Yarns popular for baby in this time period.   

And for one additional touch of promotion, American Thread let's us know of their other books currently available in the market.  

Thanks for dropping by.  

Monday, January 6, 2014

Pointers for Crocheting and Knitting

This book, magazine style, came to me in a lot of goodies I purchased off of Ebay some time back.   I logged it in and placed it in the ever growing stack of my collection.   Over the last couple months, I find I keep moving it back towards the top of the stack; believe it's something about the bright red cover that kept grabbing my attention.
Tips and Patterns for Knitting and Crochet, a Needlecraft Magazine

This is a bit of a mystery book it's not really branded, nor a specific magazine.  You know, like American Thread or Bernat ... long time yarn manufacturers that put out pattern books to support their yarn sales, or Smart Knitting Magazine.

This pattern booklet says its published by successors to Home Arts and Needlecraft Magazines and the publisher is Newbold Ely.  Published by successors?   There's also reference to this being a companion pattern book to the Knitting Knowledge book series, also published by Newbold Ely.

Pointers for Crochet and Knitting, Knitting Knowledge

This pattern booklet was issued in 1947.   Although there are some good patterns here, as well as some delightful photos, it was not a high quality publication.   The pictures are a bit grainy and overall dark, and I'm sure the 50 some years have not been that kind as well.

There are around 45 patterns in the book.   I put 30 some in the shop; the rest were not up to muster.  Most the patterns are for sale, however, a small handful are listed as free downloads.  It's a usual selection for a magazine style offering of this time period ... doilies, children's wear, pullovers, afghans, etc.  Here, let me show you a few.

Vintage Plaid Jacket Pattern for Little Girls

Knitted Childs Sleeveless Pullover Pattern

Knitted sleeveless slip-over for our little girls with twin cable stripes down the front.  Toddler size 4 and girls size 8.  

Vintage Crochet Flower Medallion Pattern, flower motif

Floral Medallions for bedspreads and scarves - 5-1/2 inches each, with small fill piece.

Vintage Beginners Afghan Crochet Pattern, Easy Stripes with Fringe

 Cartoon of woman knitting from 1930s

And, tucked onto one of the pages, is this marvelous clip of a woman knitting for her (probably away) military husband.  ((Remember, the year here is 1947 )). 

Another feature in the back of the book was a small section of the knitted and crochet pattern stitches used in the book.   I've added an album to my facebook pages to start capturing the pattern stitches.   If you'd like to see, here is the Crochet Pattern Stitch Link, and this is the Knitted Pattern Stitch Link. 

If you'd like to some of the patterns that I listed, follow this link .... Pointers for Crochet and Knitting.   I went out and Google'd the companion books, and Geez ... would I like to have them as well.   But, maybe one day, there are still a good 200 other books in my collection waiting for me to do something with them !

Hope you enjoyed the brief review.   Thanks for dropping by.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Knit Mittens Earmuff Pattern - What were they thinking?

This is going to be my last Modern Knitting Rant ... at least as related to the Spring 1949 issue.   This is the pattern in question - a knitted set - mittens and earmuffs.

Free Vintage Childs Mittens Crochet Pattern

The first issue - There is no stated size in the pattern; not even a hint in the pattern name (you know, mens, misses, childs).   Now, I assume they are intended for a child based on the pattern design and visual size.   Okay, so these companies will add 'fillers' here and there in their magazines, but would it be too much to expect a size range?

As for the mittens - the design is a braid that is stitched into place.   Ya right !   Gives these to almost any child and they are going to pull at those braided threads until they exist no more.

And, moving right along to my largest grievance - the earmuffs.  To make these, we are going to cut 48 strands that are two yards each and braid them together, folding over and securing the ends.  Then, we will roll up the ends to form the circular muff part and stitch together.  Done.   DONE???  How are these supposed to stay in place on the head ???  Usable as earmuffs - definitely not !!!

Modern Knitting -- what were you thinking?

Thanks for dropping by.

P.S.   I've listed this pattern in my shop as a FREE DOWNLOAD, in case you'd like to give them a try anyway.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Knit a Hat for your Boy Girl and Baby Too !

I've been working on a couple patterns for the shop from Bernat 127, Learn to Knit.   It's one of those basic learn-to-knit (like ya ... that's why they named it that).   Half of the book is how-to instructions and the other half are fairly simple patterns designed to give us beginners some experience on something we'll hopefully be able to wear.  

Among these patterns, are a couple hat selections that are a good start.  Something a beginner might like to may for their children ... be that child a boy, a girl, or a baby.    

Pompom Childs Beanie Cap Knitting Pattern

Beanie Cap with a nice foldover band and a pompom for our boys. 

Vintage Knitted Childs Cap Pattern

And cute cap with neckties for our girls. 

Baby Knitted Dopey Pixie Cap Knitting Pattern

And, this little Dopey Hat for the babies; be they boys or girls.  

I've put these three knitting patterns in my shop as Free Downloads.  Just click the links and follow through checkout and they will be sent to your email almost instantly.  

So, what do you think.  Are you going to give one of them a try ? 

Thanks for dropping by, 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Jiffy Knit Patterns, Book 158

In 1965 Coats and Clarks put out their Book 158, which they called Jiffy Knits.   There are 18 patterns in the book, all, just like the title implies, Knitted.  It's one of those family pattern type books .. a few things for mom, a few for dad, a couple kid garments or accessories and a couple toys.  Here, let me show you.

Jiffy Knits, Book 158
The front page gives us a preview of the first three patterns in the book.

Vintage Raglan Cable Sweater Knitting Pattern
.  B485 - Womans Raglan Cable Pullover is a quick knit garment worked from the neck down.   It sized small, medium and large. 

Mans Knitted Raglan Pullover Pattern
B486 Mans V-Neck Raglan Pullover - This piece is also worked from the neck down, with cales emphasizing the easy-fit raglan sleeves.  Sized Small, Medium and Large - fitting chest sizes 36 to 46. 

Knitting Pattern Childs Petal Cardigan
B-487 Child's Jiffy Petal Cardigan - Girls knit sweater with a petal motif across the yoke and shoulders.   Coats & Clarks put out the exact design in a misses sized pattern in their Book 185, Quick Knits

Vintage Shell Knitting Pattern
 B488 - Jiffy Spiral Knit Shell - This shell is knit on the diagonal - called a spiral knit.  It is sized small, medium and large.
Knitted Strip Beret Pattern for Mother Daughter

B489 Mother & Daughter Berets - This colorful beret of multi-color yarn is sized Small and Large, thus the mother/daughter designation.   I have to admit, the hanging tassel is cute.

One Skein knit boots pattern
B490 One Skein Boot Socks - These pretties are knitted and feature lace up ties that end with pompons.   I would think these would especially be loved by the tween set!

Knitted Big Bulky Stole Pattern
B491 Big Bulky Stole is both attractive and super easy.   Knitted; when finished measures 24 x 75 inches.  Attractive in pictured in a 'wear-out' piece, this would also be a good wrap to sit on the couch with.

Vintage Rabbit stuffed animal knitting pattern

B492 - Sir Robinson Rabbit - Quick to knit in simple garter and stockinette stitches.

Vintage Knitting Pattern for Chanel Jacket
B493 - Two Skein Chanel Jacket - This beautiful jacket, chanel in every way, is sized 10 to 18.  

Vintage Knitted Doll Tissue Topper Pattern
B494 - Tissue Topper :  Pretty toppers, just like this, used to be the standards in our bathrooms.   Perhaps they deserve a return !   Just in case you'd like to start the revolution.  This pattern is available for free in my shop.
 Baby Sweater Knitting Pattern
B495 Baby Sweater - Officially called a Baby Sweater, this one is size 1, 2 and 3 - making it more applicable for the toddler.   Pair it up with pants or a skirt --- Cute !
Knitted fingerless gloves pattern, vintage 1960s
B492 - Mans Half or Whole Mitten - Perhaps an early version of the Fingerless Gloves ! The pattern includes the direction to finish the gloves to whole mittens. 
B497 - Childs Scarf - A perfect pattern for the true beginner - measures 8 x 34 inches. 

Fair Isle Knitted Mittens Hood Pattern
B498 - Fair Isle Hood and Mittens - Knit this set to be not only warm and toasty in winter,
 but fashionable as well.  

B500 Cable Scarf - Fast, and quite easy, worked in a reversible cable pattern.   This pattern is available for free in my shop.

Knitted Bed Socks Knitting Pattern
B501 - Womens Stretch Slippers - Sized small, medium and large, would also make great bed socks with the touch of elastic to hold them in place.

gingerbread man, knitted toy pattern
B502 Gingerbread Man Toy - This cute guy sports a buttoned vest of baby rick-rack, making it not suitable for very small children.  This pattern is available for free in my shop.

And, the back page gives us a colorful review of 6 of the patterns we've already seen.

So, something for everyone ... you think?   I have to say, that I like the knitted slippers the best.   Although, they might not look that cute when stretched to fit my feet !   Most of these patterns are available in the shop; just follow the link below the pictures.

I hope you enjoyed the preview.   Thanks for dropping by.  


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Family Sweaters, Knit Crochet, Coats Clarks Book 178

Family Sweaters was issued by Coats and Clark's back in 1967.   Although the 60s, it doesn't contain the typical Mod styles, but a nice solid selection of garments that one would still want to wear.   Here we have one dress and then a nice selection of sweaters for ... just like the title says ... the Family.

Family Sweaters, Coats & Clark's Book 178.  The front cover previews three of the patterns. 

B-627 -Aran Knit Cardigan  is childs sized 4 to 12 and designed to fit boys and girls.   

B-628 - Two-Color Crochet Cardigan.  An attractive sweater in a checked effect to
fit children sized 4 to 12.

B-629 - Sequin-Yoke Knit Sweater; so perfect for those dressier days (or nights).   It is misses size 10 to 44.

B-630 - Knit Golf Sweater.  This Sweater features a front zip and crochet edges.   It is sized Small, Medium and Large, fitting chest sizes 28 - 48.

The back cover features the last three patterns in the book. 
B-631 - Sequin Stripe Knit Shell -- Wow; sized 10 to 18
B-632: - Crochet Maternity Blouse, sized Small, Medium and Large.  Not to often you see maternity patterns!
B-633 - Bangle Trim Crochet Blouse.   Make it to wear when a little extra fun might be required.   Sized 10 to 18. 

And, that's it.   The booklet gives us seven knitting patterns and three crochet patterns with a nice mix for mens, misses and children.   I particularly like the bangle trimmed crochet blouse; it would be so fun paired with jeans for an evening out.  I think they did a nice job.  

These patterns have been reworked to bright clean copy and are available in my shop, should you be interested.     I hope you enjoyed the pattern show.

Thanks for dropping by,

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Knit Crochet Patterns Baby Toddler Columbia Minerva 766

This is the 'Beautiful Baby Book - Infants to Four Years.   It was issued by Columbia Minerva in 1967 and it contains, just like the title says  .... patterns for infants.   The book is about a half and half type thing.   It starts out with cute little layettes of baby and then advances on with a series of patterns for our toddlers ... boys and girls, sized in the 1, 2, 3 and 4 range.   All of the patterns are knitting; the majority of them also have crochet edges or other details.   A couple of them involve some embroidery as well.  

Now, putting all these pictures in this post is one step closer to maxing me out, but they are just too adorable to side-step.     Warning though; there are 27 pictures here  if you are on dial-up, it might take awhile.   So, here we go ....
Beautiful Baby Book 
Vintage Romper Knitting Pattern with Embroidery

 766-03 - Snuggle Bunny Saque and Cap

 766-04 - Snow Flake - Hooded Jacket

766-6 Baby Breath - Layette with Cap, Jacket and Blanket
766-7 - Queen Anne's Lace - Baby Blanket ... WOW

766-8 Columbine - Layette; this one includes booties as well.

766-11 Primrose - Layette 

And that concludes the baby section of this book.   It gives us 7 layettes, a sacque, a blanket and a snap crotch top.   Overall, every single pattern is delightful and bound to become a keepsake.   I know, tucked away in a box, I have the knitted layette that was given as a present to my son some 23 years ago.    I know the only reason I save it is that it is so special that I could never part with it.       And here, a whole new level of fun starts.    Now, these are all toddler patterns ...  a few are 1T, all are 2T, 2T and 4T.  
766-12 & 13 - Two Little Elves :   A two pattern matching set features a little suit, a dress and matching panties.  

766-14 - Little Bo Peep : Little Dress with Embroidery detail and matching panties.  

766-15 & 16 - Little Girl and Boy Blue gives us a choice of a sweater and a pullover.  

766-17 & 18 Goldilocks and Little Jack Horner is a sweater and cardigan set - one for her and one for him.  

766-19 & 20 - The Little Patriots - Another his and here toddler set - a dress for her and a pullover, shorts and socks for him.   And, lets not forget the fun striped patriotic look.   Or, mix and match those colors to other seasons !

766-21 & 22 - Jack and Jill, a two pattern set with a skirt for her and short pants for him, suspenders and pullovers for both.
766-23 - Cinderella - Toddler dress with a cute little round collar, yoke and short sleeves.   Put tights under it and she is ready to go anywhere.  

766-24 & 24 - The Barnyard Twins - a pullover for her; a cardigan for him and nice bird embroidery motif for both.  

766-26 & 27  - Little Red Riding Hood and Jack Frost:  There's alot of pattern here.  For her, a coat, spats and hat; for him, leggings (pants) and a hooded jacket.

766-28 - Bambi.   Another cute dress with long sleeves, patterned motif and color bands.  

766-29 & 30 - Brigadoon.   Again, a his and hers pattern set ... of the argyle type.   A dress for her, a cardigan for him, socks and pullovers for both. 
766-31 - Jiminy Cricket - A quite handsome cardigan.  

766-32 - Puss in Boots - A girls winter suit with sweater, pants and a hat; all featuring double bands.

766-33 & 34 - Hansel and Gretel:  Another his and hers sweater and cardigan set.  

766-35 & 36 - Little Darling and Mignonete - Dress-up sweaters; one with a lacy neckline and one with flower embroidery.  

766-37 & 38 - Pussy Willow and Morning Glory - The last two patterns; one pullover and one sweater - both are something special.

So, was that a lot of patterns, or what?   When going through the book, I contemplated NOT putting it in the blog.  But then, how could I say I was going to put all these public domain in here for your viewing pleasure, if I didn't actually do.   So ... three days later ... finally finished.    

I've listed these individually in my shop, if you are interested.   The book was just to much for me (MB wise) to put out as a whole.   And, the truth is, no one probably wants to make more than one or two of them anyway.   

So, I think I'll take a break for a couple days .... 

Thanks for dropping by,