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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Star Book 34 - Bedspreads

Having just finished working my way through an entire magazine, decided to take a bit of a break and work on something a bit smaller.   Pulled open the 'pending' cabinet, and next up in the stack is this delightful book

Book No 34, Star Bedspreads from The American Thread Company.  This collection of 13 patterns was released in 1944 and is displayed over 27 pages.

 On the inside cover is the typical promotion.   This booklet was a promotion of their product - Puritan Cotton Thread.    Here, we also learn that the patterns in this book are all Cecilia Vanek designs.  There's an interesting note, that should you have a problem with a pattern, you can write to her directly.   Now, that's certainly an offer we don't see anymore.  

No 3401 - Hollywood - Cinematic glamour from just two pairs of dotted swiss curtains, with added filet crochet.

No 3402 - Capitol Hill - A delicate filet crochet to lent that touch of splendor to a formal bedroom.

No 3403 - Pennsylvania Dutch - Now you have found it .. a knitted bedspread with hex design.      The design here is not exactly the same, but quite similar to the Pennsylvania Dutch Afghan.

No 3404 - Manhattan - This solid crocheted spread with blocks and vertical stripes is tailored simplicity at its best ... perfect for a modern setting ... perfect for 'his' room.

No 3405 - Hot Springs - A lacy piece with dainty beading - delight your daughter and make this for her own special room.

No 3406 - Louisiana Bayou - The raised Water Lily design brings to mind the flora and fauna of the rich Southland.

No 3407 - 20TH Century Chicago - For a room with a new idea, solid crochet, applique and lacy border.
No 3408 - Peach Tree Street - A spread Scarlet would have chosen for her home with Rhett ... a popcorn pinwheel variation.

No 3409 - Texas Ranch - A knitted spread in herringbone pattern.  Make the stripes as narrow or as wide and in as many colors as your room can take. 

No 3410 - Connecticut Yankee - This popcorn stitch spread is a must to complete your old maple and pine bedroom .. great grandmother loved this simple beauty too. 

No 3411 - Ohio Farmhouse - Large filet block design, looks as if the spread were made all in one piece.  One of the simplest designs to do.

No 3412 - Land of Nod - Whimsical .. elfin .. and so simple to make; a block of filet crochet and then a block of fabric.  Little tots will adore it.

And that's it ... all 12 patterns.   There are a couple classics in here ... such as the Pennsylvania Dutch and the Louisiana Bayou and then, of course, the absolute charmer of Land of Nod.  The first time I came across the Pennsylvania Dutch bedspread it was in a magazine with incomplete instructions, so I was quite happy to find it in this booklet.  

Okay, now on to the next project .... 
Thanks for dropping by, 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bucilla Hand Crocheted Bedspreads, Book 136

This is a short and sweet little pattern book - Book 136, Old Favorites, Bucilla Hand Crocheted Bedspreads.    The pattern book was issued in 1940 by Bernhard Ullman.   By short I mean the book contains just 6 patterns.   But, it must be said that all 6 are quite interesting, perhaps even dazzling for a crocheted bedspread.
Water Lily Block Motif Bedspread Pattern
No 553 - Water Lily Bedspread made of 13 1/2 inch hexagon motifs that have a central water lily; surrounded by rows of tall popcorns and finished with extra long fringe.

No 554 - Pastel Bedspread has blocks measuring 6 inches between points with lovely pastel shades in the center).  The pointed ends are finished in long fringe.

No 552 - Popcorn Square is made up from 14 1/2 inch blocks to size of your choice.  When joined, the square form an 8 point star motif.

No 550 Diamond Popcorn Bedspread features 9 1/4 inch hexagon blocks with a strong diamond flair in popcorn stitches.

No 414 Swedish Popcorn  - The individual block motifs form an attractive Swedish flower design when joined.

And, that all 5 of the designs.   The design motif here is quite clear, with all but the Pastel Bedspread being worked in popcorn stitch.  I'd think that two of these spreads, the Pastel Bedspread and the Swedish Popcorn might be equally wonderful as an afghan.  

I've listed these patterns individually in my shop (links below the picture) should you be interested in stitching one for yourself.   Either way, hope you enjoyed the photo journal, and thanks for dropping by.