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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Star Baby Book 88, Wardrobe Tricks 1 to 6

Now, there are not a lot of patterns in this book, but most of them are quite sweet designs that just may call you to pick up your hooks and needles.   The book ....

Wardrobe Tricks from 1 to 6; Star Baby Book No 88, Vintage 1951
The front cover covers all the patterns in the book.  

For the aesthetics of it all, pattern pictures are typically nice coordinated with each other.   Not in the case here.  We've four different unrelated patterns.  But still, sweet designs they are.  
This Knot Stitch baby set is beaded with ribbon ties.  The set is almost Christening quality.

Here's an early touch of the American Thread 1960's whimsy.  Yes, it's a crocheted clown head, complete with embroidered facial features and a bell on top of the Pixie hat.  
These knitted accessories are for your little Girly-Girls.  

This knitted Baby Sacque and Bonnet has a lacy appeal with small embroidered flowers for the feminine touch. 

American Thread official name this design "Pink Baby Set".   Of course, you can knit it in any color you choose.   The set is sized 6 to 12 months.

This sister and brother set gives us a basic pullover and cardigan with a cute elephant motif.   The set is written for Size to, with changes for 4 and 6.  Although the book itself is named 'from 1 to 6', this is the only pattern set aimed towards the toddler. 

And that's it.   A short and sweet story that was a combination of the American Thread Yarns popular for baby in this time period.   

And for one additional touch of promotion, American Thread let's us know of their other books currently available in the market.  

Thanks for dropping by.  

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Lily Mills Book 1300, 42 Crochet Patterns

I've been so busy transferring the shop from Todays Treasure to Vintage Knit Crochet that I haven't taken much time to process patterns since June.    But the transfer is close to complete, and I'm going to relax a bit and resume processing a couple patterns each day.    I went to the 'pending cabinet' and out came ....

Lily Mills Book 1300  - Crochet - 42 Items of Beauty and Lasting Quality. 
Illustrated ... Explicit Instructions 

I've had this book in my collection for several years.  I recall when I first received it receiving a good chuckle from the "Illustrated Explicit Instructions'.

This pattern book takes us back to 1945.   It's a bit of a 'no-frills' muted black and white book, as would be typical for being in the middle of WWII.  Surprisingly enough, there are no WWII war bond advertisements.    The book offers us a bit of this and that ... something for everyone, and then a little more.   I'm not going to add all 42; in fact I processed just 20, but even that's just too much of a blog post, put I'll put in a few and supply a link to see the rest.    Ready?   Here we go.

Hit Parade - Baby Set No 1:   This easy knitted baby set includes a jacket, bonnet and sweet little socks.  I like the addition of the socks, versus the typical booties.

Baby Talk :   This little set includes a baby bonnet and matching mitts.  Both are ribbon laced and sized for baby at 3 - 6 months
This Crochet Flower Picture is an unusual piece.   The flowers and separately crocheted and then tacked in place to fabric covered cardboard and framed.   Perhaps an extension of crewel work that was so popular in this time period.    I've not processed this pattern, but if you just 'must' have it, let me know.  

Doily Set - Place Mat and Glass Doily - This graceful mat set is certainly out of the ordinary.  Flower petals and leaves surround a linen center.  
Darned Filet Centerpiece, 14 x 24 inches, in the marvelous rose scroll motif and be worked in Filet Crochet as well.  

Handbags and Coin Purses are billed as a Mother Daughter set ... perfectly sized for each, and a quite easy pattern.  

Fascinator Head Scarf ... as 1940's as it gets!  The flowers on this design are crocheted separately and sewn in place.  

Gay Espardilles - Crocheted House Slippers and attached to cork bases.   They are sized to fit and do indeed look comfortable, as well as fashionable (with those ankle ties). 

This cute piece is a hat shaped pincushion with lattice edge and ribbon ties.  In the 1940's, pincushions were for hat pins as well.   

This pattern book was issued as a promotion for Lily Sil-tone Mercerized Crochet Cotton and Lily Pearl Cotton.   All of the patterns call for these threads.  

There are a few other beauties in this book, if you'd care to take a look.  The patterns I did not process were primarily edgings and insignificant bits (like the hat pin heads pictured above) .... that's how they go all the way to 42!.  

Hope you enjoyed the pattern book review. 
Thanks for dropping by. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Knit Crochet Patterns for Your Baby

The year was 1949, Harry Truman was president, cable television debuted, Milton Berle hosted the first telethon for cancer research, a postage stamp was 3 cents and needlework arts continued to be immensely popular.

In promotion for their line of Dawn Baby Yarns (Baby Yarn, Infants Wool, Pompadour, Medium Weight Pompadour, Anti Shrink, Paradise and Zephyr), American Thread issued their Star Book No 67 - For Your Baby.

The book contains 14 patterns;  7 Knit and 8 crochet.  The pattern designs covers babies between 6 months and Size 3.

No 6701 - Crocheted Baby Jacket, Bonnet and Booties is worked in a delicate shell stitch with solid yoke and contrast stripes.   It is sized for baby 6 months to 1 year.

No 6702 Childs Nylon Cardigan:  This charming sweater is an easy knit and designed
 for little girls at size 2

No 6703 Nylon Knitted Soakers :  An easy diaper cover for your baby.   The pattern is 
offered as a free download in the shop. 

No 6704 Nylon Play Pants are knitted with suspenders affixed with buttons.
The short pants are Size 1.  

No 6705 Rayon Baby Set is crocheted in star stitch.   Perfect for a boy, without lacy frills,
but made interesting with side button appeal. 

No 6706 Rabbit Crocheted in Angora Wool.  This pattern is available as a
Free Download in the shop.

6707, 08, 09 - Crocheted Baby Bibs in three different styles.   A design here to suit every baby.

No 6710 Knitted Set for Baby sized 1.  These booties are more like socks; I'd
suggest making several pairs.

No 6711 Knitted Sweater and Cap will give baby that stand-out look in this knitted set.
It is sized for baby at six to twelve months.

Crocheted Dress No 6712 is sized for little girls 2 and 3.  She'll love the little Peter Pan collar and buttons, and everyone will love the way she looks.

No 6713 Childs Ducky Sweater is size two.  After knitting the sweater, the ducky motif
is cross stitch embroidery.

No 6714 Crocheted Baby Set has the lacy detail for a Girls Set.  Included is a
jacket, bonnet and booties; all size 1.

The back cover is the same as the front cover.   Although the pictures are not of great quality, all of the patterns are quite delightful.  If you are wanting to make something special for baby and you can't find something in these vintage designs .... well, what can I say !

I've listed the patterns in the shop, should you be interested.    There are, of course, many other knitted and crocheted baby toddler designs if you'd care to browse the categories.   

Thanks for dropping by to read my book report. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Pointers for Crocheting and Knitting

This book, magazine style, came to me in a lot of goodies I purchased off of Ebay some time back.   I logged it in and placed it in the ever growing stack of my collection.   Over the last couple months, I find I keep moving it back towards the top of the stack; believe it's something about the bright red cover that kept grabbing my attention.
Tips and Patterns for Knitting and Crochet, a Needlecraft Magazine

This is a bit of a mystery book it's not really branded, nor a specific magazine.  You know, like American Thread or Bernat ... long time yarn manufacturers that put out pattern books to support their yarn sales, or Smart Knitting Magazine.

This pattern booklet says its published by successors to Home Arts and Needlecraft Magazines and the publisher is Newbold Ely.  Published by successors?   There's also reference to this being a companion pattern book to the Knitting Knowledge book series, also published by Newbold Ely.

Pointers for Crochet and Knitting, Knitting Knowledge

This pattern booklet was issued in 1947.   Although there are some good patterns here, as well as some delightful photos, it was not a high quality publication.   The pictures are a bit grainy and overall dark, and I'm sure the 50 some years have not been that kind as well.

There are around 45 patterns in the book.   I put 30 some in the shop; the rest were not up to muster.  Most the patterns are for sale, however, a small handful are listed as free downloads.  It's a usual selection for a magazine style offering of this time period ... doilies, children's wear, pullovers, afghans, etc.  Here, let me show you a few.

Vintage Plaid Jacket Pattern for Little Girls

Knitted Childs Sleeveless Pullover Pattern

Knitted sleeveless slip-over for our little girls with twin cable stripes down the front.  Toddler size 4 and girls size 8.  

Vintage Crochet Flower Medallion Pattern, flower motif

Floral Medallions for bedspreads and scarves - 5-1/2 inches each, with small fill piece.

Vintage Beginners Afghan Crochet Pattern, Easy Stripes with Fringe

 Cartoon of woman knitting from 1930s

And, tucked onto one of the pages, is this marvelous clip of a woman knitting for her (probably away) military husband.  ((Remember, the year here is 1947 )). 

Another feature in the back of the book was a small section of the knitted and crochet pattern stitches used in the book.   I've added an album to my facebook pages to start capturing the pattern stitches.   If you'd like to see, here is the Crochet Pattern Stitch Link, and this is the Knitted Pattern Stitch Link. 

If you'd like to some of the patterns that I listed, follow this link .... Pointers for Crochet and Knitting.   I went out and Google'd the companion books, and Geez ... would I like to have them as well.   But, maybe one day, there are still a good 200 other books in my collection waiting for me to do something with them !

Hope you enjoyed the brief review.   Thanks for dropping by.


Friday, March 8, 2013

Beehive Baby Book, Patterns To Knit & Crochet

I have been working on Columbia Minerva Beehive Baby Book for a couple days know.   I think I've finally got it to a stage where I can share it with you.     Like almost all baby knit and crochet books, this one - Beehive Baby Book Volume 723 - has the most adorable babies and toddlers.  

Shell Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern
723-29 - Star Shell Baby Blanket graces the front cover.  A perfect gift to baby, or in a different 
set of colors, a great addition to the couch ... perfectly lap size at 36 x 50 inches.

Columbia Stuffed Crochet Toys Pattern

723-1 & 2 :  Crocheted Bear Rug and Crocheted Animals - How cute is this !  The rug is 30 inches long and the stuffed dog, cat and rabbit are 9 inches tall.  

Infants Baby Set Knitting Pattern
723-3 Infants Knitted Set indicates the little hat, booties and a buttoned jacket.  
Notice the little bands and pompoms. 

Picture Coming Soon 
723-4 Infants Crocheted Set - includes a ribbed blanket, jacket and bonnet.  All have sweet scalloped edges.  The set is size 6 months. 

Knitting Pattern, Four Piece Baby Set

723-5 Infants Knitted Set, consisting of a hooded jacket, mittens, booties and blanket has a nice waffled type pattern stitch.  This set is also sized for 6 month old baby. 

Vintage Crocheted Baby Pattern Set
723-6 Infants Crocheted Set is certainly designed for a girl with crocheted in ribbon bow ties 
and a little round collar.  This set is size 6 months.
Vintage Baby Leggings Knitted Pattern Set

723-7 Infants Knitted Legging Set - The jacket, bonnet and mittens here are real sweet,
but the one piece legging is absolutely delightful. 

Baby Knitted Leggings Pattern with Jacket Bonnet

723-8 Knitted Legging Set with ribbed footie and buttoned shoulder straps have
matching jacket and bonnet. 

Columbia Minerva Knitted Baby Shawl Blanket Pattern

723-9 Knitted Shawl or blanket measures 40 x 40 inches and is nicely fringed.

Vintage Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern, Puppy Embroidery

723-10 Crocheted Blanket has 4 different puppy motifs embroidered and tri color fringe all the way around the 28 x 32 piece. 

Childs Knitted Cardigan pattern, vintage Columbia Minerva

723-11 Boys Cardigan with Matching Cap is sized 2, 3, and 4.  Bound to be a set that he won't object to wearing.
723-12 Girls Coat with flared skirt, front buttons and back belt band also sized 2, 3 and 4

Toddler Knitted Pullover Sweater Patterns
 723-13, 14, 15 - Three knitted slipovers toddler sized 2, 3 and 4

732-16 Knitted Cardigan with different embroidery and lace motifs.

723-17 Ribbed Cardigan is adorable with button down collar and patch pockets at the side edges.
 This one is also toddler sized at 2, 3 and 4.

723-18 Girls Dress and Bolero.  Empire dress with definition stripes, three quarter sleeves,
 and a cute bolero.
723-18 Boys Suit with long sleeve cardigan sweater and shorts.
Both outfits are great dress-up wear for the little ones sized toddler 2, 3 and 4.
Vintage Childs Cardigan Knitting Pattern

723-20 Childs Cardigan worked in stockinette stitch.  Rough and ready for your toddlers.

723-21 Raglan Sleeves Cardigan for a complete fashion statement.

Girls Crocheted Headband Pattern with Neck Ties

723-22 Crocheted Headband for little girls is lacy in the front with popcorns in the middle and held secure with neck ties.   This pattern is available as a Free Download.

723-23 Knitted Headband.  Here is a very similar headband than the one above, but knitted.
It is also available as a Free Download.

Girls Vintage Mittens Hat with Flowers
723-24 Knitted Cap and Mittens; a pretty accessory set for the girls.  Both the cap, with neck ties, and the mittens have flower embroidery. 

boys helmet knitting pattern with mittens

723-25 Childs Hood and Mittens keeps him all covered up and warm.

Vintage Baby Socks Knitting Pattern
723-26, 27 & 28 - Argyle, Plain and Cable Socks for boys and girls size 4 1/2 to 7 1/2

And the back page is the same as the front.

And, that's it -- the highlights of all 42 pages.  It's a well rounded book with equal offering for the babies and the toddlers (who, of course, we still consider our babies).   Typically I process as many patterns as possible for the shop, but in this case there were a numbers of sts references that I was not sure how to handle, and as such, I didn't.     The patterns that I did process have links under them, should you be interested.   The two girls headband patterns are offered as free downloads.   

My favorites here are the two sets of knitted leggings for the babies and the little girls coat is just too cute.   Your favorites ?  

Hope you enjoyed the review.   Thanks for dropping by,