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Friday, February 1, 2013

Knit Geometric Afghan Pattern, Alice Brooks 6542

This one is special - it is a mail order delight - Alice Brooks 6542, Vintage 1939.

When I obtained possession of this pattern, it had this advertising page clipped to it.   I love that.  
The knitted afghans are made of 5 inch squares that are overcast together.  The changing directions gives it that greater degree of contrast. 

Mail Order 6542, Knitting Geometric Afghan Pattern

  The squares can then be arranged to form four different afghans.  
The first two are in two color combinations and the second two are four color designs.  That's the shame of black and white photos; but what do I want from 1939.  

Geometric Knitted Afghan Pattern, Alice Brooks 6542

The paper was fragile and yellowed, but I was able to restore it to a clean crisp PDF document.   If you'd like to give it a try, it is available in my shop.     There are, of course, a number of other knit afghan patterns, as well. 

Thanks for dropping by, 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Aran Knitting Patterns

One of the most viewed items in my shop is an Aran Knitting Pattern.   Interestingly enough, it is also a pattern that does not often sell.  I can absolutely understand why on both counts.

American Thread Knitted Aran Afghan Pattern

This is indeed a fabulous design,  Patterns containing the 'Aran' name will contain any number of different stitches - cables, moss, honeycomb, braid, diamonds, etc.   It is made in panels that are stitched together.  They do not bear fringe or pompoms as they would just be too much.   But, what does this mean ... well ... it's a fair amount of detail work with an over changing pattern stitch.    I have heard some say that it is a good beginner to intermediate pattern though, in that is gives one practice on may different stitches.  

Vintage Aran Knitted Sweater Pattern

This lovely Aran is on the 'simpler' side - featuring diamonds and seed stitch.  The entire design concept is reported to date back to the early 1900s in Ireland with the knitting of sweaters.

And this Mother / Daughter Dress is a beauty.  

Womens Ara Knitted Socks Pattern, Vintage 1950s

And hundreds of variations of socks, I'm sure.  

The complexity of design, texture, dimension will continue to be a draw for knitters forever, I'm sure.  There are a number of other Aran designs in the shop, should you care to browse further.    I'm sure there will be many more in the three dresser drawers of patterns I've yet to complete.

Thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Afghans Pillows Coats Clarks Book 505

Is it too soon to present you with another of the Coats and Clarks books?   I hope not, as I have it ready for you.    This one is Book No. 505, going back to 1954.  All but two of the patterns are crochet.

Afghans and Matching Pillows
Vintage Afghans Pattern Book 505 from Coats Clarks
C-237 - Peacock is illustrated on the front cover.   The crocheted and matching pillow is created with Plastic Crochet Hooks No 3 and No 5.    The afghan measures 45 x 66 inches and the pillow is 18 inches square.   AND, did C&C call it Peacock?   Well, I have no idea. 

This pattern leaflet was issued as promotion for Chadwicks Red Heart Knitting Worsted.   I've included the promo page as it is simply delightful.   

Vintage Crocheted Afghan Patterns, Coats & Clark's

C-229 - Polka Dot (upper left) is crocheted with a Plastic Hook No 6.  Each motif measures 5.5 inches square.  The finished piece measures 44 x 66 inches.   
C-230 - Chevron (upper right)  is created with a Plastic Crochet Hook No 6.  Each Chevron measures 3.4 inches across.  The afghan measures approx. 45 x 62 inches.   
C-231 - Blue Diamond (lower left) measures approx. 50 x 65 inches.   It is created with a Plastic Crochet Hook No 6.
C-232 - Honeycomb (lower right) is stitched using a Plastic Crochet Hook No 5.  When completed, it measures approx. 45 x 66 inches. 

Crochet Block Afghan Pattern, Pennsylvania Dutch
 C-233 - Pennsylvania Dutch is created with a Plastic Crochet Hook No 5.  Each square ins 6.5 inches.  The finished afghan measures approx. 52 x 78 inches.
Triangle Block Crochet Afghan Pattern, Candy Cane
 C-234 - Candy Cane Afghan measures 40 x 60 inches when completed.   It is stitched with a Plastic Crochet Hook No 5.  Each motif measures 4 inches in diameter.

Vintage Crocheted Afghan Pattern, Maltese Cross
C-235 Maltese Cross - This attractive motif is quick and simple enough for any beginner to undertake.  It is stitched with a Plastic Crochet Hook No 5.  The afghan measures approx. 44 x 66 inches.  The matching pillow is 14 inches square.  

Crochet Patchwork Pillow Pattern

C-236 - Patchwork - An afghan stitch square with a tweedy texture and subtle colorings, in a stylized design.  It is crocheted with a Plastic Crochet Hook No 6.  It measures 50 x 67 inches.  The matching pillow is 18 inches square.  

Satin Ribbon Stripped Afghan Knitting Pattern
 C-238 - Satin Stripe - This simply beauty measures 45 x 65 inches with matching pillows in both the 18 and 14 inches square size.   It is knitted with one pair No 8 Pins.  You will also need 38 yards of satin ribbon that is 1.5 inches wide. 

Blue Black crochet block afghan pattern
 C-239 - Checkmate Afghan measures 45.5 x 66.5 inches and has matching pillows either 14 or 18 inches square (with great tassels).  Crochet is with a Plastic No 5 Hook.

Vintage Jacobs Ladder Crocheted Afghan Pillow Pattern
C-240 - Jacob's Ladder is made with a Plastic Crochet Hook No 5.  It measures 45 x 63 inches and has a matching pillow that is 18 inches square.   

Lollipop Crocheted Afghan Pattern in small square blocks
 C-241 - Lollipop - This sweet baby blanket is crocheted with a Plastic Crochet Hook No 2.  It measures approx. 32 x 47 inches.  Each motif measures 1.5 inches square.

Lagoon - No Crocheting and no knitting in this afghan.  
This pattern is available for free in another Blog Post,

C-243 - Shaded Stripes (upper left) is Crocheted with a Plastic Crochet Hook No 6.  It measures approx. 40 x 60 inches.
C-244 - Navajo (bottom right) -is Crocheted with a Plastic Crochet Hook No 6.  It measures 45 x 60 inches.
C-245 - Mardi Gras (bottom left) is Crocheted with a Plastic Crochet Hook No 3.  Each motif is 4 1/2 inches square.   The afghan measures approx. 48 x 67 inches.
C-246 - Lazy Daisy (upper right) measures approx. 48 x 60 inches.  Crochet it with a Plastic Crochet Hook No 6. 

C-247 - Pineapple is highlighted on the back cover.   This piece is knitted with one pair No 5 knitting pins.   It measures 50 x 64 inches. 

If you are of the 50 or more age category, you may remember these marvelously boring furnishings of the 1950s shown in the pictures .. either as furniture you owned or the hand-me-downs given to you as a young adult.    They (the furnishings) do make the afghans stand out as the highlight.   Did you catch the phone cord in the Candy Cane photo, or the man in the smoking jacket (smoking of course) in Checkmate?

I think the Pennsylvania Dutch Afghan is truly lovely, although I'll admit right here that the Patchwork Afghan is my favorite.   How about you? 

I've scanned these patterns individually to PDF files and they are available in my shop (I'm entering them over the next day or two).    If you are interested, just click on the pattern number under the corresponding picture.  

Hope you enjoyed the book.    Thanks for dropping by,

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Afghan Patterns, Spool Book 140, Vintage 1939

This book is a beauty.   The illustrations are domestically whimsical, cheerful and fun.   The decor is perfectly 1930s, just as it should be with a book published in 1939.   This issue, Book 140, Afghans is from Spool Cotton Company, who were the original publishers of American Thread Booklets.  This pattern booklet was a promotion for Chadwick's Red Heart Afghan Wool and all of the patterns, as you might expect, call for this yarn.   In all there are 13 pattern; 10 Crochet and 3 Knitting. 

Again, the artwork here is delightful; enjoy the show !

Afghans, Book No 140 
Striped Afghan Crochet Pattern
697 - Fleetwood:   This beauty is a blend of cool and warm blended color shades worked in panels with contrasting tufts of fringe at the ends.   Finished, it measures 62 x 75 inches. 

Vintage Diamond Block Crochet Afghan Pattern
No 676 - Carnival Granny:  "A new (for 1939) version of an old favorite and a design as new as tomorrow.  Gay."  Made up of 5 3/4 inch blocks in a diamond motif, it measures 48 x 65 inches.  

Hexagon Flower Crochet Pattern
No 6000-A Morning Glory:  Feminine and glamorous, crocheted flower motifs blossom into an enchantingly delicate pattern.   It takes 145 individual hexagon blocks with tufts of fringe here and there.
Vintage Stripe Crochet Afghan Pattern
No 698 - Moderne:  Introduce a note of richness with subtle shaded colors, dramatic texture and simplicity of design.   This is made with 5 wide strips, 4 narrow and edgings all the way around.  It measures approx. 50 x 73 inches.

No 699-A - Primrose Path:  The Charm and elegance of Dresden china is captured in pastel flowers on a porcelain white background.  The finished piece measures approx. 48 x 66 inches. 

Crocheted Pennant Afghan Pattern No 696
No 696 - Pennant A gay companion for home or outdoors ! Make it up in your
favorite school colors.  The finished size is approx. 55 x 68 inches.

Calico Crochet Afghan Pattern No 6005
No 6005 - Calico:  As gay as old-fashioned calico, square crocheted motifs join to make a charming colonial design.  This is made up of 257 motifs, making an afghan that measures approx. 52 x 72 inches. 

Crocheted Afghan Green Pastures No 6001
No 6001 - Green Pastures:  Crochet this versatile afghan in a jiffy using a smart solid color.   The finished piece measures approx. 47 x 67 inches and is created with a Milwards Steel Crochet Hook No 2/0 (double zero). 

Vintage knit crochet ripple afghan pattern

No 6006 - Trophy (on left);  Crocheted with a Milwards Steel Crochet Hook No 2/0 (double zero).  Finished size is approx. 50 x 72"
No 693 - Greenwood (on right):  Knitted with 1 pair No 6 Milwards Phantom Knitting Pins.  Finished size is approx. 52 x 78 inches.

Crochet Tartan Afghan Pattern No 691-a
 No 691-A - Tartan:  A debonair plaid flaunts gay-colored comfort and adds an extra dash to outdoor terrace or room.  The afghan is crocheted and yarns are woven through for the Tartan effect.   
It measures approx. 47 x 67 inches. 

 No 6008 - Victoriana:  The afghan, approx. 47 x 67 inches, is crocheted with a Milwards Casein Crochet Hook No 4. 

Regimental Crocheted Afghan pattern no 678

No 678 - Regimental:  An easy-to-do knitted stitch finds smart expression in this sturdy military-striped auto robe.  The finished size is approx. 52 x 72 inches.  It is knitted with 1 pair, No 4, Milwards Phantom Knitting Pins.

And, the front cover is exactly the same as the front. 

As I worked through these, I'd think, this one is my favorite, and then I'd get to the next one.   Then, I had to start evaluating whether it was the afghan or the picture that I liked the best !   Ummm ... both.   Most particularly the lounge chair with the top that resembles a baby stroller and the last picture with the afghan out the car door.     How about you? 

I've reworked most of these patterns and they are available individually in my shop, should you be interested (just follow the links below the pictures).

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.    Thanks for dropping by,

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vintage Afghan Patterns, Star Book 239

Now, there are some lovely patterns in this book.     There is, of course, a standard Chevron version and a version of the classic Granny Square.  But then, there are a few others I've not seen before (realize that does not mean much !).   This pattern booklet is vintage 1948 from The Spool Cotton Company, who were the publishers for American Thread Company.  This is Star Book 239.      Should you be interested, I'm making the patterns available individually, or the whole book, in PDF format.      Even if you are not interested in the patterns, enjoy the Vintage 1940s Afghan show .....

Embroidered Afghan Crochet pattern
 Star Book 239
6137 - Roses-in Bloom is featured on the front cover.  This afghan measures approx. 50 x 70 inches (including fringe).  It is created using Knitting Worsted and a Bone Afghan Hook No 6.  Diagrams are included for the floral embroidery.

Geometric Flags Crocheted Afghan Pattern

No 6145 - Modern Mood Afghan measures 52 x 70 inches.  To make this masculine, and stately piece, you will need Red Heart Knitting Worsted (or equivalent) and a Bone Afghan Hook No 6.

 6144 - Royal Splendour Afghan is crocheted using a Bone Afghan Hook No 6 and Red Heart Knitting Worsted.  The charts are included for the embroidery details.   This finished pieces measures 50 x 70 inches (including fringe)  

Ripple Crochet Blanket Pattern

6133 - Chevron Afghan measures 52 x 75 inches.   It is crocheted using Red Heart Knitting Worsted (or equivalent) and a Plastic Crochet Hook No. 6.

6142 - Fireside Formality Afghan is crocheted using Red Heart Knitting Worsted and a Bone Afghan Hook No 6.   The Embroidery Charts are included.  The finished afghan is approx. 49 x 68 inches. 

No 6140 - Tally-Ho Afghan measures 46 x 66 inches and is created with a Plastic Crochet Hook No 5 and Red Heart Knitting Worsted.  

6139 - Rhythm in Cables Afghan is Knitted using 1 part of No 5 knitting pins and Red Heart Knitting Worsted.   The finished afghan is approx. 45 x 63 inches. 

6143 - Turkish Delight Afghan is crocheted with a Plastic Hook No 6 and Red Heart Knitting Worsted.  It measures 45 x 67 inches.  
(Footnote:  This pattern was also released by The National Needlecraft Bureau as a leaflet under the same number - 6143).

No 6146 - Ancestral Favorite measures approx. 51 x 72 inches.   It is crocheted with a Plastic Hook No 7 and Red Heart Knitting Worsted. 

No 6141 - Petal Drops Afghan graces the back cover.   The lovely piece measures approx. 45 x 70 inches.   It is knitted with 1 pair of No 5 Knitting Pins and Red Heart Knitting Worsted. 

This booklet gives us eight crochet and two knitting patterns; 10 in total.  This booklet was issued as a promotion for the Chadwicks Red Heart Knitting Worsted Yarns, which you may have guessed since each pattern calls for it specifically.    I don't know if this yarn is still manufactured (after all, 53 years is quite a long time), however, I'd think you'd be able to locate a suitable equivalent.    

I'd have to say that my favorite would be the Rhythms in Cable; it's closest to our dark New Orleans type style we seem to consistently decorate.   But, I don't mind if you happen to like the others more.    

I've listed the patterns in my shop, just follow the links under the pictures, should you be interested.  Or, should you not be interested in any of the patterns, I hope that you enjoyed browsing the patterns and will visit again sometime. 

Thanks for dropping by, 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pennsylvania Dutch Afghan Free Knitting Pattern

This Pennsylvania Dutch Knitted Afghan (shown on the left)  is from American Thread Dawn Book 181 - Afghans and Pillows.     It's a lovely afghan that builds upon the classic Pennsylvania Dutch with a central motif leaf design.   This is surrounded by varying borders.   It is knit in strips that are joined together to from the 54 x 72 inch afghan.   It has a medium length row of fringe all the way around

Although worked in just one color, the texture and dimension here give it a tone on tone feel.    If you'd like to give it a try, I've listed in as a Free Download in my shop.

Happy Knitting, and thanks for dropping by,

Afghans Pillows Knit Crochet American Thread Dawn Book 181

This pattern book, American Thread Dawn Book 181 - Afghans and Pillows, has a really great Peacock pattern.   Of course, there are other really nice afghans (and pillows) as well. 

This book was put out by American Thread Company in the mid 1960s (my guess).  It was intended to be promotional material for their Dawn Yarn Line.  Of course, you can use other yarns.  Do they still even make Dawn Yarns?
Knitted Peacock Afghan Pattern, Vintage 1960s
 The Peacock - Embroidered Afghan Stitch This afghan is a beauty !  Three panels in afghan stitch, a marvelous scalloped edging and The Peacock embroidered.  What more could you want?   The afghan measures 50 x 70 inches. 

Hairpin Lace Crocheted Afghan Pattern
 Blue and White (on left).  This lovely afghan is a combination of hairpin lace and crochet - it measures 54" x 76" when complete.  
Purple and Blue Popcorn Squares (on right):  This subtly colorful afghan is crocheted with a No 10 wooden hook and measures 49" x 65".

Loop Stitch Ripple Afghan Crochet Pattern
 Loop Stitch Ripples (on left):  This delightfully textured ripple piece is crocheted and has a matching pillow.  To complete, you'll need an aluminum size J crochet hook, along with lining and filling for the pillow.   The finished piece measures 42" x 70".   
Solid Crochet Ripples (on right):  This is a colorful ripple ... make it up to match any decor.   The finished piece is 42" x 60" and requires a size J plastic hook.   

 Granny Afghan Pillow:  This is the matching pillow to the Granny Afghan shown below.  

Crocheted Ripple Pillow:  This is the corresponding pillow to the Ripple Pattern show above.  

Hexagon Crochet Afghan Pattern
 Knitted Ripple Afghan & Pillow (on left):  Finally, a ripple knitting pattern !  This one, in five colors, is 44 x 63 inches and has a matching pillow. 
Crocheted Hexagon (on right):  This lovely afghan sports a great hexagon block that has a floral motif and border worked in popcorn stitching.  It measures 48 x 80 inches, before the short fringe is added

Crocheted Ripple and Pillow (on left):  This extra special ripple has an overleaf design, adding great dimension to the design.
Crocheted Flowers and Squares (on right) This afghan sports a floral motif every other block and can be made up to match any decor.   It is 54" x 66" and is made with a Size H crochet hook. 

  Pennsylvania Dutch Knitted Afghan (on left):   This solid color beauty is full of pattern and textures as well as sports fringe all the way around.   It is knitted with size 8 needles and measures 54" x 72" when completed.   This pattern is available as a Free Download.
  Crocheted Granny Afghan: (on right)  This lovely (matching pillow above) is a classic and colorful Granny.   It measures 45" x 72" and is made with a size H plastic hook.

Loop Stitch Granny (on left):  This medium sized Granny afghan is large on detail.   the finished piece is 55" x 65" and is made with a size H plastic crochet hook.   
Knitted Block with crochet detail (on right):   Simple and lovely describes this afghan.   It measures 48" x 60" completed and is made with a size 8 pair of knitting needles and a size H plastic crochet hook.    Notice the little pillow in the corner.   Make one up for each color to hang out on the couch. 

The booklet gives us a nice selection of afghans, particularly heavy on the ripples, which will certainly be welcomed by all of you ripple lovers.    The Peacock is exquisite, of course, and I particularly like the Purple and Blue Popcorns.    I've restored all these patterns as individual PDF patterns (links below pictures) and they are available in my shop, should you be interested.

So, what do you think?   Has American Thread done it again ... creating an array of attractive and challenging afghans? 

Thanks for dropping by,