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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Afghans to Knit Crochet, Coats Clarks Book 108

Coats and Clarks brought us - Afghans to Knit and Crochet, Book 108 in 1959.   Just as you would expect, for this time frame, the photos are black and white, except for the cover, and a fair number of those are not great quality.   But, if you look close, you'll find there are a couple classics and well as some other intriguing projects.   There are 13 patterns in all.  A couple Knitting, and of course Knit / Crochet combos, along with Crochet and Afghan Stitch and there's a little embroidery tossed in, and just to keep us on our toes, they added in a handwoven afghan.  For the most part, this booklet is a promotion for their Red Heart Knitting Worsted.     So ... for your viewing pleasure ....

The front covers (back cover) gives us a color preview of three of the patterns. 

C-454 Palette Afghan - Crocheted in afghan stitch with multi-colored yarn - 49 x 65 inches.  I really like these multi-color yarn effects.  May the same afghan for every one in the family and they will all be different. Seems like it would be another great way to use up complimentary color scraps.  

B-129 Greek Key - Crocheted blocks, alternating between solid color and the Greek Key motif - 50 x 70.  The pattern calls for two colors.

B-130 Rosebud Ring - Crochet, Puff Stitch 4 1/2" motifs made up this 44 x 60 afghan.   This is a good example of a potentially nice afghan, but lousy selling photography by C&C. 

B-131 Mexicana - A Colorful Crocheted Afghan made up of 5 1/2 inch hexagonal motifs - 49 x 72.   This is another one using variegated yarns.

B-132 Chequerboard knitted afghan is Quaker stitch in triangles of knitting worsted - measures 47 x 64.

B-133 Ship's Cable - Knitted bulky afghan, bold and elegant at the same time, is worked in strips and has lush fringe - 42 x 64.

B-134 Symphony - Crochet Afghan - 48 x 69.  Look close; this is an attractive piece, but I'd think that it's calling on little fingers (or even larger ones), pulls on, or slipping things through, those textural loops. 

B-135 Shepherd's Plaid - Woven Tapestry - 44 x 55.  This masculine piece is created by drawing a long tapestry needle through curtain scrim.

B-136 Henry Clay Wheel - Crochet Geometric afghan.  The design is based on an Early American quilt pattern - 41 x 61.

B-137 Pompon Posy - Afghan Stitch with embroidery details and little pompons - 47 x 67.

B-138 Lattice Lace - Knit with Crochet; a lovely afghan with alternating strips of openwork lace and diamonds - 45 x 66 .  This pattern was also featured in a Coats & Clark's leaflet, as well as making an appearance in the Workbasket Magazine.  

B-139 - Cottage Garden - Created with an afghan hook and enhanced with a delightful embroidery motif - 51 - 65. 

B-140 - Sugar N Spice - Crochet afghan blanket of dainty pastel colors - 46 inches square.   This motif is designed for a baby blanket or carriage cover.

B-141 Carriage Trade -  A knitted cable for baby, perfectly sized for carriage or cribs - 32 x 42. 

Truth be told, with the exception of the Cottage Garden, which just isn't my style, I like all of them.   I find Ship's Cable close to perfect in a stately simple standpoint.   And, I find myself taking a second peak at Chequerboard; it's quite interesting.     I checked each pattern, and they done an above average job with this booklet getting all the charts and graphs included.

Now that I've officially shared this one ... I can now move it from my pending review box and onto the Official 'Finished' drawer.

Thanks for dropping by,

Friday, July 21, 2017

Knitted Afghan Patterns with Leaf Motif

Most everyone loves an afghan on the couch and or bed. It's a piece of comfort just waiting to be called upon. Wrapped around our shoulders, or feet; it is warm and soothing. I have a fair number of knitted afghans in the shop, but I think of all of them, I like the ones with the leaf motif the best. Whether plain or complex, there is just something so organic about the leaf that calls to me. Let me share a couple of my favorites with you.

Nantucket Afghan from Spinnerin: This design is also one of the shops favorite. The thick texture and diamond blocks are such a pleasing combination.

Leaf Afghan from Columbia Minerva: This design has an understated beauty, knit in contrasting shades with leaf and cable panels.
Laurel Leaf Afghan from Bertrand: This design is a colorful bit of simplicity, knit in three colors in an almost geometric way.

Lattice Leaf Afghan from Coats & Clark's: This beauty is panels of leaves worked in rows that give a lattice type effect. The design is knit in one color and has full lush fringe.
There are a few others, of course, but these are four definitely my favorite.
Thanks for dropping by,

Friday, February 1, 2013

Knit Geometric Afghan Pattern, Alice Brooks 6542

This one is special - it is a mail order delight - Alice Brooks 6542, Vintage 1939.

When I obtained possession of this pattern, it had this advertising page clipped to it.   I love that.  
The knitted afghans are made of 5 inch squares that are overcast together.  The changing directions gives it that greater degree of contrast. 

Mail Order 6542, Knitting Geometric Afghan Pattern

  The squares can then be arranged to form four different afghans.  
The first two are in two color combinations and the second two are four color designs.  That's the shame of black and white photos; but what do I want from 1939.  

Geometric Knitted Afghan Pattern, Alice Brooks 6542

The paper was fragile and yellowed, but I was able to restore it to a clean crisp PDF document.   If you'd like to give it a try, it is available in my shop.     There are, of course, a number of other knit afghan patterns, as well. 

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Aran Knitting Patterns

One of the most viewed items in my shop is an Aran Knitting Pattern.   Interestingly enough, it is also a pattern that does not often sell.  I can absolutely understand why on both counts.

American Thread Knitted Aran Afghan Pattern

This is indeed a fabulous design,  Patterns containing the 'Aran' name will contain any number of different stitches - cables, moss, honeycomb, braid, diamonds, etc.   It is made in panels that are stitched together.  They do not bear fringe or pompoms as they would just be too much.   But, what does this mean ... well ... it's a fair amount of detail work with an over changing pattern stitch.    I have heard some say that it is a good beginner to intermediate pattern though, in that is gives one practice on may different stitches.  

Vintage Aran Knitted Sweater Pattern

This lovely Aran is on the 'simpler' side - featuring diamonds and seed stitch.  The entire design concept is reported to date back to the early 1900s in Ireland with the knitting of sweaters.

And this Mother / Daughter Dress is a beauty.  

Womens Ara Knitted Socks Pattern, Vintage 1950s

And hundreds of variations of socks, I'm sure.  

The complexity of design, texture, dimension will continue to be a draw for knitters forever, I'm sure.  There are a number of other Aran designs in the shop, should you care to browse further.    I'm sure there will be many more in the three dresser drawers of patterns I've yet to complete.

Thanks for dropping by.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chevron Strip Afghan, Free Knitting Pattern

If, 1) you have a good imagination, and 2) you are looking for a Chevron Afghan Knitting Pattern, have I got a deal for you.      Here is the imagination part.

1)  This afghan, a vintage 1960s Coats & Clark pattern, is knitted with big needles in two colors.   This pattern is calling for Tangerine and Baby Yellow.   Go ahead, skint your eyes.    Can you see it? A mix of bold and mellow, casually tossed over the arm of your couch, or perhaps the end of your bed.   Now, of course, you could imagine it in any color combination you like.   

2)  And, if you are looking for an knitted chevron afghan pattern, this one is free !   And, it's super easy as well, knit on big needles, with just a bit of crochet detail.

If you'd like to give it a try, I've listed it as a FREE DOWNLOAD in MY SHOP.

Want to see more Crochet Afghan patterns?    I have bunches of them in my shop.

Thanks for dropping by. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Afghan Patterns, Columbia Minerva 742

Columbia Minerva have graced us with at least 7 or 8 different afghan books over the years.   This one, simply called Afghans by Columbia Minerva, contains 17 patterns.    The majority of the patterns are crochet, although there are 4 that are knitted.    The book has not dating or copyright references, however, I place it (public domain) in the early 1960's based on picture styles (props) and use of color.   Any later and it would have copyright references, and any older, it would not be in all color pictures.    Plus, the ultimate reference - the $1.25 original purchase price.    Several of the patterns are heavy on the embroidery, placing them right into that Heirloom quality.  

I'm pleased to share the book with your.

Rose Crocheted Tapestry Afghan Pattern

Taking center stage on the front page is the Rose Afghan - a crocheted afghan measures 47 x 69, made up of a center and side panels with a marvelous rose motif embroidered.  I particularly like the sparse use of the lush tassels on this one.

Crocheted Block Afghan Pattern, Fruit and Flower Blocks
Flower and Fruit Afghan is crocheted in blocks and then embroidery of applies, grapes, pear, cherry,  pansy and black-eyed susan's are added.

Vintage Feather Fan Striped Afghan Knitting Pattern
 Officially, this is the Feather and Fan Knitted Afghan.   It is one of the classics, measuring 45 x 67 inches when completed.

Fringed Three Color Afghan Ripple Pattern
This tri-color design is a gentle Crocheted Ripple, measuring approx. 49 x 54 inches.

Patchwork Afghan Crochet Pattern, Four Colors
Four motifs made a block; 7 3/4 inch squares make up this 49 x 64 inch  Crocheted Patchwork Afghan. 

Vintage Crochet Rosebud Afghan Pattern
This is an ongoing delight.  The Rosebud Afghan features Cables and small embroidery rosebuds along with triple knot fringe.   I'm surprised they did not name it an heirloom.  

Flower Medallion Afghan Crochet Pattern
This easy-to-crochet piece - The Daisy Afghan, is made with 305 motif flowers and blocks and put
together a 44 x 60 inch piece.  

Fringed Red White Striped Panel Afghan Pattern
The Red and White Afghan, made up of 7 strips, ends with triple knot fringe and measures 46 x 68 inches

This piece, the Blue and White Afghan, has a strong cable in a two toned striped and a nice finishing touch of fringe at the end of each cable.  

Popcorn Square Crochet Afghan pattern
The Two-Toned Afghan is put together with 5 1/4 inch blocks of complimentary colors.  It measures 46 x 68 inches. 

The Black Afghan with Rose Motif has that lacy and flowery feel.  When finished, it is 54 x 72 and bound to become a 'couch' favorite.

Leaf Afghan Knitting Pattern
This piece, Leaf Pattern Afghan, is made up of three panels with a raised leaf pattern running through and tufts of fringe to finish it off.

Knit Panel Afghan pattern in Garter Stitch
A brightly colored, yet masculine, Garter Stitch Afghan.  Note the tassels are of varying colors. 

Here is yet another stripe.   This piece, The Knitted Stripped Afghan, has a subtle blending of 5 shades.  It is a large piece - measuring approx. 57 x 72 inches.

Crochet Loop Stitch Granny Afghan pattern
Made up of 4 1/2 inch flower (my interpretation) motifs, surrounded with a border, the Crochet Loop Stitch Afghan measures 50 x 67 inches.

And, last but not least, bold selections.  First, on the right, a Crocheted Striped Afghan,   And, on the left, a Knitted Plaid Afghan with triple knot fringe.

Whew !   Now, that is at lot of afghan choices; 17 in all.  I spent two days working through this book and found my favorites changed as I went along.  At first, I was stuck on the Blue and White for it's simple elegance, then the Knitted Plaid (after all, how could you not love plaid), but, in the end, it was the Daisy Afghan that attracted me most.   How about you?

I've listed these patterns separately in my shop, noted by the links under the pictures,  should you be interested.  There are, of course, dozens of other knitted and crocheted afghan in the shop as well.

Thanks for dropping by,

Friday, December 2, 2011

Bernat 64, Knit Crochet Afghans, Golden Treasury

Bernat issued their Golden Treasury, Book 64, Afghans to Knit and Crochet in 1958.   The book contains 24 patterns.   There are a fair sprinkling for different experience levels.  The majority of the patterns are crocheted or afghan stitch; there are two or three that are knit   And, there are a couple exceptional beauties that require medium to extensive embroidery.  

I particularly like part of their opening statement, and I quote "What makes an afghan masterpiece?  To begin with, an Afghan is much more than a patterned robe or comforter.  An Afghan is a work of art - a work of home-making art that can light up an entire room with its particular beauty.  Lake a painting, an Afghan can create a mood.  Like a statue, it adds grace and form.  Like sunlight through stained glas, it softly glows with color.  An Afghan stands out as something special in an age of standardized decoration; an Afghan is always the unmistakable personal touch of the woman who made it".

Since 28 pictures is takes a lot of load, I've consolidated most of them in a two afghan per slide type format without cropping down the original pictures ... they are a delightful display of late 1950s fashion that I think you might enjoy.
The front cover previews 4 of the afghans in the book.   This book is during that cost era where only the front and back covers are in color; everything within the pages are in pure classic black and white. 

3798-64 (on left) - Crochet Afghan Stitch - 50 x 62 inches.
3985-64 (on right) - Crochet Afghan, floral piece featuring the puff stitch has rounded edges.  Approx. 48 x 63 inches.

3797-64 (on left) - Crochet afghan measuring 50 x 72 inches.  It's a fun starfish pattern, 7 inch squares, placed diagonally.   There is a matching 11 inch pillow.
3922-64 (on right) - This leaf embroidered beauty is first worked in Afghan Stitch.  It measures 57 x 70 inches.  

3982-64 (on left) - This afghan has a flower motif (a daisy perhaps?) that is added to certain blocks before connecting it all together.   It measures 50 x 65 inches.
3835-64 (on right) - Here's an attractive wheel pattern that you can match up with a larger wheel for throw pillows.  The finished afghan is 54 x 72 inches and the pillow is 14 inches in diameter.  

3813-64 (on left) - a large geometric design on blocks and stripes set on a diagonal, creating diamond shaped ends.   This afghan is crocheted and measures 54 x 70 inches. 
3043-64 (on right) - Here we have a crocheted afghan made up of hexagon blocks with a lovely rose motif cross stitched onto specific blocks.  There are also small tufts of fringe at the side points.   This afghan is 56 x 84 inches.  

3183-43 (on left)  - This piece is one of those, that when completed, should become a family heirloom.   It is crocheted in afghan stitch and then has rose floral motifs sauntering down the panel rows.   The finished afghan measures 52 x 86
3191-64 (on right) - Here's is another afghan this tops the scale of heirloom quality.   The piece is worked in afghan stitch and then extensive embroidery work is done.   There is so much embroidery work, that the charts were not printed with the pattern.    If this one becomes a must have, I found a link that you can get the charts through, and then, if you'd let me know, I could work the pattern up.  

3059-64 (on left) - This manly piece is subtle and wonderful.   It is worked with an afghan stitch and the plaid striping is embroidered.   The finished piece is 58 x 72.  
3323-64 (on right) - Here a bold and proud cable, that alternates rows.   It will present both a sense of style and elegance to any room.   It is knitted, with crochet edges.  The finished piece is 66 x 72

3921-64 (on left) - A marvelous panel, afghan stitched, made up of thin solid and patterned panels as well as the large tulip motif panel int he middle and a small scallop border.   There is a fair amount of embroidery work here on this 46 x 58 inch piece.
3812-64 (on right) - Here's a classic Popcorn Stitch Block Motif Afghan.  Simple and lovely; it measures 42 x 68 inches. 

3979-64 (On left) - Wide color panels with lush fringe make up the 50 x 65 inch beauty. 
3984-64 (On right) - A bold motif (wagon wheel, helm?) makes up this afghan.  It takes 95 - 6 inch motifs to create the 48 x 66 inch masterpiece.

3983-64 (on left) - Horizontal and vertical panels, in multi-colors make up the pleasing design in this knit / crochet afghan.   The finished piece measures 50 x 70 inches.   And, there is a matching pillow as well.  
3981-64 (on right) - A crochet afghan with in a solid color with thin colorful stripes running through.

3811-64 (on left) - It's a block checkerboard afghan; one set of blocks solid and the other set patterned.   It's a nice effect for this 56 x 80 inch afghan.
3803-64 (on right) - 9 crocheted panels in 4 shades with a faux cable look going on.   The finished piece is 50 x 62 inches.

3802-64 (on left) - Geometric flags make up this crochet afghan, measuring 54 x 76
3804-64 (on right) - This Cluster crochet afghan almost resembles a braided rug.   It employs 4 colors and measures 50 x 72 inches.

Crochet and Knitted Afghans Pattern Book, Bernat 64
And, then, the back cover.

I process these books very carefully, which is an absolute must when creating PDF files.  But, still, I see that I've skipped two of the patterns, which I've made note of and will come back and add.   

Did you enjoy the show; or were there just too many?   Did you take the opportunity to enjoy the late 1950's furniture styles, as well as the afghans.  My personal favorite has to be the leaf embroidered afghan, 3922-64.  It is on my dream list to make one.   

Most of these are listed in my shop (links under the pictures) should you be interested.  

Thanks for dropping by,