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Friday, October 6, 2017

Smart Stoles to Knit and Crochet

I'm taking a short break from fine-tuning the shop to work a few leaflets.

Coats Clarks Leaflet W-547 Smart Stoles

Here we have three pretty stoles, The middle in knitted, the beauty of the left is a combination of knit/crochet and the one on the right is crocheted.   It was when I turned the leaflet to the backside and saw the pattern titles  -- Judy C-154, Deborah C-155 and Donna C-156 that I realized I'd seen this line-up before.

A quick browse around quickly identified it  ... the models and the naming conventions line up with Coats and Clark's Book 296  -  Festive Stoles and Blouses.     In this booklet, the pattern numbers start up with No C-157.

This leaflet / book combination is just a bit out of the norm.  Most often, pattern leaflets carry the same number designation as the corresponding book.  And .. the leaflet pattern is typically a design from the book itself. 

I wonder, if perhaps, this Leaflet W-547 was positioned near the Pattern Book 296 as a promotion. 
A question I'll never know the answer too (this is vintage 1952 ... older than me).   Perhaps one of you know.

Thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hand Knit Fashions in Tweed, Bernhard UllmanVol 32

This pattern book, Volume 32, is just the 4th book that I've worked through in the Bernhard Ulmann collection, and I must say, it's quite delightful .... as well as a nice deviation from the doilies and bedspreads I've mostly been working through lately.

This book takes us back to 1957; designs have not yet taken on the mod colors of the 1960's, but are not entirely the form fittings styles of the earlier 1950's.  

Knit Pattern Books Coats Sweaters Jackets
Hand Knit Fashions in Tweed - Volume 32

Volume 32 was created as a promotion tool for Bernhard Ulmanns Tweed brand yarns, Bear Brand Tweedmoor and Fleishers Glen Tweed, as well as Bear Brand Sport Tweed and Fleishers Sport Tweed.  That goes to say, then, that all of the patterns in this book will feature these specific yarns (a quite attractive selection!). 

Tweed Knitted Suit Pattern No 668

No 668 Windbreaker Suit - The skirt, as is typical, is a straight design and quite standard fair.  But, what a splendid jacket.  

Knitted Rib Dress Pattern
No 667 - Box Coat is made an above standard design with the fabulous collar and fold-back cuffs.  This loose fitting design is one that would be so comfortable. 
No 679 Ribbed Sheath Dress is an elegant design that became quite remarkable with the all over rib pattern stitch, then taken over the top with the contrast collar.  

Lace Stole Knitting Pattern No 673
No 672 - Ribbed Stole is a quite easy design that is simple rib stitch with long fringe ... a warm and elegant choice.  
No 673 - Lace Stole is also an 'extra easy' design perfect for beginners.   This pattern is offered as a free download. 

Knitted Cable Cardigan Pattern, Bernhard Ullman
No 681 - Cable Cardigan gives bold and broad cables that definitely pop out on the tweed background.  The back is cabled as well.

No 676 Girls Clock Socks .... remember this term?  (Clock socks have a narrow pattern (not usually clocks) that runs up the leg and along the foot. Looks like clock hands when viewed from the side).  

Vintage Knitted Westkit Pattern, Two Tone Checked

No 674 - Two-Tone Weskit.  This fitted vest has the marvelous checked pattern stitch on the front and a striped motif (created by the tweed yarn), on the back.  This design yells 'Fun'. 

Vintage Jacket Knitting Pattern, Waist Length
No 675 - Jiffy Knit Jacket:  How cute it this?   Chunky and Bulky and, well, cute!  And it's an easy design that beginners could tackle.
No 678 - Fringed Shortie - Another cute design with the subtle patterning of the tweed.  The fringed collar adds that bit of 'fun' as well.

No 677 - Men's Classic Socks - a marvelous tweed for the professional man.
No 666 - Sleeveless Pullover for our men features the grand argyle design on the tweed background with extra wide ribbing at the bottom.

Vintage Jumper Knitting Pattern

No 669 - Jumper is a simple, attractive design perfect for everyday wear.  The tweed yarns give the design just a bit of texture.

And, that's the complete book.   The book cover being the same as the front.   I found it interesting the socks pattern did not contain a size, but I'm not a knitter, so perhaps it's a knitting skill that one just knows when to add on or subtract (?).    

My favorites here are the Ribbed Dress and the Jiffy Knit Jacket; either of these would be a welcome addition in my closet.   You; what are your favorites?  

These patterns, complete with listed material requirements, are listed in the shop should you be interested.  

Thanks for dropping by, 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cotton Accessories, Knit and Crochet Pattern Book 180

The next book up in my stack was an oldie (but goodie, of course), from the Spool Cotton Company.  Named Cotton Accessories for Town and Country, Book No 180.  The pattern book, dated 1942, was issued to promote their (then) line of J&P Coats Cotton Lines - Mercerized Crochet Cotton, Bedspread Cotton and Knit-Cro-Sheen.   The patterns are geared towards the adult female and even include a pair of crochet shoes.

If you are interested in seeing the contents, well .... grab some tea or coffee, get comfortable and .... let's go.

Spool Cotton Pattern Book 180, Accessories for Town and Country
Gracing the front cover, 

The second page is a cute promotion for the patterns that follow. 

Yoke and Frill Crochet Detachable Collar Patterns
Here are the first two of three collars featured in this book. 
The Frilled Yoke, a squared design with small frill at the neck and border.  
The Scalloped Yoke has soft and pretty scallops forming rows and a small notched collar. 
Striped Fitted Vest Crochet Pattern
This Checked Vest is quite an attractive piece.  Crocheted in three shades; checked on the front and solid on the back.  It is sized for misses 14, 16 and 18.

Vintage Stripe Pullover Sweater and Easy Vest Knitting Pattern
The Striped Shirt and Cap is a three color affair in as bright or demure colors as you might wish.  The pattern includes the stocking cap. 
The Sleeveless Pullover is knit, with some crochet detail.  It's a quite easy pattern in garter stitch that a beginner could easily tackle.  

Three Crochet Hat Patterns, Vintage 1940s styled Turbans
Three hat designs -- all very easy. 
Pattern 2607, Striped Turban (top left), is a wrap & go design in three colors.
Pattern 2608, Square Mesh (top right) is a crocheted band folded into the attractive shape.
Pattern 2620, Mesh Turban, is crocheted in a triangle pattern stitch and tied into a bow.   This pattern is offered as a free download in the shop.

Crochet lapel collar, hat and handbag pattern
Hat and Handbag Pattern No 2594 are easy designs with plenty of ribbon adornment.  They are worked in an attractive star stitch.
The standout (bottom) is a set of Collar Lapels No 2589 that have velvet ribbon laced along the edges.   This pattern is also offered as a Free Download in the shop.

Knitted Lace Blouse Pattern, Short Sleeves

This Classic Blouse, No 1266, has a delicate lace stripe pattern stitch with fitted short sleeves and a notch collar.  A perfect dressy compliment to many an outfit.

Brimmed Hat No 2623 (top) has a jaunty brim and fun over-sized tassel.
The Lingerie Calot No 2621 is a simple, yet elegant affair with eyelet flower and grosgrain ribbon bow. 

They are calling these cute wedgies Play Shoes No 214.  Sized small, medium and large and worked in heavy rug yarn.

I always enjoy going through these old pattern books.   This book has plenty of accessory designs that can be as useful to your wardrobe as they were in 1942.     I particularly like the Striped Pullover and Cap.   You?  What is your favorite?  

Thanks for dropping by, 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mink Stoles Knitted in Mohair, Mail Order Designs

This afternoon I was working on Design Pattern 828, when I had another one of those 'I know that pattern' moment.   (Now, I've processed close to 2800 patterns for the shop, so, believe me, these moments are starting to happen more and more frequently).    The case at hand today is a knitted stole or capelet pattern.
A quick browse through the shop quickly identified the similiarities.

Now, each of these stole are the same knit / purl pattern stitch, knit in either knitting worsted or mohair, with the emphasis being on the mohair.  When knit in mohair, you are instructed to brush briskly to duplicate a mink look.   All are knit on big needles with two strands.

Knitting Pattern, Mink Stole in Mohair

Mail Order Design 584 - A simple stole wrap.

Capelet Knitting Pattern Design 828

Mail Order Design 828 - This capelet has the appearance of a loop closure - it's actually a hook and eye.

Knitting Pattern Mail Order Cape Pattern

Mail Order Design 7112 - This design has a lovely fold over shawl collar. 

Now, this is quite a typical thing for designers to do.  Start with a base pattern and then make a change to the closure or the collar, or the length and there you go ... a new pattern.   

Okay, my "I know that pattern" moment is over ... back to work.  

Thanks for dropping by, 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Stoles and Cover-ups to Knit and Crochet

Let's go back to 1952.  The war is over, Harry S Truman is president, Winter Olympics were held in Oslo, the Honeymooners debut on TV and the average cost of a new car was $1700.    And while all this prosperity was happening, ladies (and some gents) continued with their knitting needles (just like in war-times) to create marvelous items for themselves.

 To keep those needles clicking, and yarn sales in action, Bernhard Ullman continues to publish several pattern books.  One of which is New Stoles and Cover-ups -- To Knit and Crochet.   It's volume 27, and sold for 20 cents (the same as a tank of gas).

Crocheted Stole Pattern with extra long fringe
No 650 - Crocheted Stole is attractively stitched in two complimentary colors graces the front cover.  

Shawl or Stole Knitting and Crochet Pattern
No 649 - Knitted Stole (on left) in thick and thin yarn
No 646 - Hairpin Lace Stole (on right) is made in strips on a 3 inch loom and highlighted with metallic thread.

Shrug Stole Shawl Knitting Patterns in Jumbo Yarn
No 655 Knitted Shrug (middle top) with three quarter sleeves and ribbed banding.
No 647 - Old Fashioned Feather Fan Pattern Stitch with long fringed ends.
No 652 - Triangle Shawl knit in jumbo yarns.

Big Needle Knitted Stole Pattern
No 653 - Ribbed Stole dotted with Pearls measures 20 x 68 inches.
No 648 - Quick Knit Stole in Jumbo Yarn or Knitting Worsted

No 651 - Evening Camisole and Cover-up (center top); perfect evening attire. 
No 645 - Crazy Daisy Stole is crocheted with 365 crazy daisies. 
No 644 - Crocheted Triangle Stole with randomly placed sequins

Crocheted Shawl in Angora Yarn
No 654 - Angora Cape Stole - wraps you like luxury itself.

And that's it.  Twelve patterns in all; 8 knitted and 4 crochet.  Stoles and Cover-ups were coveted accessories in this time period, and Bernhard did a very job indeed.   

These patterns are listed in my shop individually, should you be interested.   Either way, I hope that you enjoyed the photo journal of this vintage book. 

Thanks for dropping by, 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Knit Mittens Earmuff Pattern - What were they thinking?

This is going to be my last Modern Knitting Rant ... at least as related to the Spring 1949 issue.   This is the pattern in question - a knitted set - mittens and earmuffs.

Free Vintage Childs Mittens Crochet Pattern

The first issue - There is no stated size in the pattern; not even a hint in the pattern name (you know, mens, misses, childs).   Now, I assume they are intended for a child based on the pattern design and visual size.   Okay, so these companies will add 'fillers' here and there in their magazines, but would it be too much to expect a size range?

As for the mittens - the design is a braid that is stitched into place.   Ya right !   Gives these to almost any child and they are going to pull at those braided threads until they exist no more.

And, moving right along to my largest grievance - the earmuffs.  To make these, we are going to cut 48 strands that are two yards each and braid them together, folding over and securing the ends.  Then, we will roll up the ends to form the circular muff part and stitch together.  Done.   DONE???  How are these supposed to stay in place on the head ???  Usable as earmuffs - definitely not !!!

Modern Knitting -- what were you thinking?

Thanks for dropping by.

P.S.   I've listed this pattern in my shop as a FREE DOWNLOAD, in case you'd like to give them a try anyway.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Knit Stoles Pattern, Botanette Vol 1 from Botany Mills

This little pattern book from Botany is titled Botanette, Vol 1 - Hand Knit Stoles.   Why Botanette?  Well, this book is about 4 x 6 inches in size.  There concept was a booklet for women on the go.   Compact enough to tuck into your bag.     The booklet contains just 5, quite great, patterns; four knit and one crochet.

Their official write-up:   "Why not bring new glamour to your everyday and party dresses by teaming them with stoles -- elegant accessories, so popular with today's fashions ... so wonderful for heightening the effect of the figure .. so marvelous for accenting your face".

Let me show you.
Vintage Pattern Book for Knitted Stoles
BBM-100 Botany Lassie :  This pretty shawl is knit and then color strands are woven through, giving it an almost plaid affect.   

Stole Knitting Pattern with Pocktes
BBM-101 Commuter :  This knit piece is both functional and decorative.  Extra wide width keeps you warm down to your elbows, and those marvelous pockets are buttoned. 
Crocheted Lace Stole Pattern
BBM-102 Splendor is more than a suitable name for this lovely crocheted stole.   A lacy striped pattern stich with rounded, slightly scalloped edges. 

Vintage Belted Stole Pattern with Pockets
BBM-103 Charm :  This garment is vest like, with open sides and held with a belt.   It features patch pockets made extra fun with button adornment. 

Vintage Fringed Triangle Stole Pattern
BBM-104 Carmen :  This triangular shawl has a lovely pattern stitch and just the right amount of fringe all the way around.  

Woman Knitting Clip Art Picture
And, for just a bit of added Whimsy, we have this little sketch that went along with the booklet introduction.   And, to go along with the theme of traveling with a small, easy to carry booklet, our fiber artist is obviously knitting on a train or bus.

And, that is it.   Five patterns, all quite wonderful, in one little mini book.  I've reworked these patterns into PDF files, which are available in my shop should you be interested in giving one a travel.

Thanks for dropping by,

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Knitted Stole Pattern from Zelta Yarns

Awhile back, I got in a whole stack of war era knitting and crochet patterns.   About 200 in all, it was great fun sorting through them.   There were the usual companies that one would expect, Spool Cotton, American Thread, Lily Mills, and a couple that I have never heard of.     Like this one  - Zelta - a stole pattern.
Vintage Knitted Shawl Pattern, Tassel Trim

It's an easy two row pattern stitch, repeated for some 72 inches and then finished off in nice tufts of fringe.
Beginners Knitted Lace Stole Pattern

The yarns called for are Zelta Nylon Pompadour, Zelta Baby Yarn, Zelta Nylon or Zelta Baby Pompadour.

Never having heard of Zelta, my curiosity took me straight to a Google search, where I learned ... almost .... absolutely nothing.  No referenced to Zelta Corp, New York U.S.A.   The yarn types here, however, are fairly common across brands.   Just select any one that meets the gauge of  your individual pattern. 

I'll now be on the lookout .... that's how collections start ... for additional patterns and/or information from Zelta.    Perhaps you know something you'd be willing to share !

I've listed this particular pattern in my shop.   There are, of course, quite a few other stole patterns as well, should you are to browse.

Thanks for dropping by,

Monday, February 4, 2013

Wyco Knit Stole Patterns

For tonights review, let's talk a little bit about Wyco Yarns.  Some of you may remember this brand.

The yarn first made its appearance in 1947.   The brand was part of the Wissahickon Yarn Company, which I believe desolved back in 1992.   I've only one of their pattern books -- Volume No 2, which was put out in 1953.   This being volume 2 implies there was a volume 1, but I've searched internet land, and find no record.     I'v come across a number of patterns in vintage magazines that call for Wyco Yarns.

Here's a recap of Wyco - Volume 2 - Stoles by Wyco:

Flipping through the pages, I immediately noticed that each stole is numbered and followed by a name of the pattern creator.   There are several.   This is just a bit before my time, however, I've Google'd several of the names and they appear to be individuals that were located in various parts of the country.  I don't know this for a fact, but this leads me to think that perhaps Wyco put together their pattern books as a promotional contest.   Enter your patterns in a contest and maybe .... just maybe ... you'll make our book, thus gaining your moment of fame.    Of course, this is just my guess.  
  A good one for beginners and a breeze for all knitters. (Knit)

Vintage Fringed Stole Knitting Pattern
Stole 110 - An original by Sylvia Naiman - Nothing complicated here ... this glamorous stole will fairly fly through your fingers!   (Knit)

Knitted Stole Pattern with Gold Metallic Stripes

 Stole 125 - Created by Amelia Faylo. A gold striped stole for simple, speedy, knitting

Stole 261 - an Ona D Bloom creation.  Trim, tailored n tidy ... toasty warm too! 
(Knit with metallic thread as CC)

Vintage Stole Knitting Pattern, Loose Weave with Extra Long Fringe

Stole 128 A Selma Eagle Original - adds sophisticated charm to formal or casual wear (Knit)

Free Knitted Stole Pattern, Beginners

Stole 129 styled by Amelia Fayko - Airy and Light. (Crochet)
This pattern is available as a Free Download

Vintage Knitted Wrap Stole Pattern

Stole 130 styled by Amelia Fayko For day and Night (Crochet)

Wyco Knitted Stole Pattern No 131

Stole 131 fashioned by Selma Eagle.  Delicately styled ... distinctively different. (Knit)

Stole 132 - created by Helen Genther - a versatile stole with an unusual pattern. (Knit)

Vintage Lace Stole Knitting Pattern

Stole 133 by Rose Quigley - a glamorous eye-catcher for those special 
evening occasions .. (Knit/Crochet)

Vintage Knitted Stole Pattern with fringed ends

Stole 134 fashioned by Nellie Mull. At home with evening gown, street dress or
 summer cottons (Knit)

Stole 135, an original by Helen Hanna. A graceful fashion gem for most any occasion (Knit)

Stole 136 designed by Amelia Fayko. An easy block pattern all dressed up 
with glittering gold. (Knit).   This pattern is offered as a Free Download. 

Stole 137 a Helen Townsend creation. Pretty .. and easier to make than you would think (Knit) 

Stoles 138 styled by Renee of Bethlehem. Popular and graceful, this pattern lends glamour anytime. (Knit)

Stole 139 Designed by Pauline Epstein. A really special stole made on a hairpin lace loom. Ever used one?  Easy as pie? (Crochet)

Style 140 - by Renee of Bethlehem. A cozy shoulderette for TV watching, reading in bed ... or your leisure hours. 

And, gracing the back cover ....
Stole 127 designed by Theresa J Shauger - you'll like this delightfully gay
 pattern ... it's so easy to make !

And, that's it.  Although not something I typically wear, I really like a couple of the shawls, and even more than that, I love the styles overall.   I love their hairstyles and how the head must the somewhat tipped in every photographs.  And especially, I kept saying to myself .. Ms. Stole 134, you really shouldn't be sitting on the floor in that lovely dress.   What do you think?   You like the ladies of Wyco and their stoles.  

Now, I was also intrigued with the pattern creators. I looked up their names and found reference to most of them in the form of obits.  I've included their names here, and will add to the search strings.  Who knows, perhaps one day someone doing geneaology will do a search and land here and learn the person they were searching were also a published fashion designer !

I've reworked all these patterns to clean crisp documents and they are available in my shop - just follow the links.  A couple of them are available as free download.   

Thanks for dropping by.