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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cotton Accessories, Knit and Crochet Pattern Book 180

The next book up in my stack was an oldie (but goodie, of course), from the Spool Cotton Company.  Named Cotton Accessories for Town and Country, Book No 180.  The pattern book, dated 1942, was issued to promote their (then) line of J&P Coats Cotton Lines - Mercerized Crochet Cotton, Bedspread Cotton and Knit-Cro-Sheen.   The patterns are geared towards the adult female and even include a pair of crochet shoes.

If you are interested in seeing the contents, well .... grab some tea or coffee, get comfortable and .... let's go.

Spool Cotton Pattern Book 180, Accessories for Town and Country
Gracing the front cover, 

The second page is a cute promotion for the patterns that follow. 

Yoke and Frill Crochet Detachable Collar Patterns
Here are the first two of three collars featured in this book. 
The Frilled Yoke, a squared design with small frill at the neck and border.  
The Scalloped Yoke has soft and pretty scallops forming rows and a small notched collar. 
Striped Fitted Vest Crochet Pattern
This Checked Vest is quite an attractive piece.  Crocheted in three shades; checked on the front and solid on the back.  It is sized for misses 14, 16 and 18.

Vintage Stripe Pullover Sweater and Easy Vest Knitting Pattern
The Striped Shirt and Cap is a three color affair in as bright or demure colors as you might wish.  The pattern includes the stocking cap. 
The Sleeveless Pullover is knit, with some crochet detail.  It's a quite easy pattern in garter stitch that a beginner could easily tackle.  

Three Crochet Hat Patterns, Vintage 1940s styled Turbans
Three hat designs -- all very easy. 
Pattern 2607, Striped Turban (top left), is a wrap & go design in three colors.
Pattern 2608, Square Mesh (top right) is a crocheted band folded into the attractive shape.
Pattern 2620, Mesh Turban, is crocheted in a triangle pattern stitch and tied into a bow.   This pattern is offered as a free download in the shop.

Crochet lapel collar, hat and handbag pattern
Hat and Handbag Pattern No 2594 are easy designs with plenty of ribbon adornment.  They are worked in an attractive star stitch.
The standout (bottom) is a set of Collar Lapels No 2589 that have velvet ribbon laced along the edges.   This pattern is also offered as a Free Download in the shop.

Knitted Lace Blouse Pattern, Short Sleeves

This Classic Blouse, No 1266, has a delicate lace stripe pattern stitch with fitted short sleeves and a notch collar.  A perfect dressy compliment to many an outfit.

Brimmed Hat No 2623 (top) has a jaunty brim and fun over-sized tassel.
The Lingerie Calot No 2621 is a simple, yet elegant affair with eyelet flower and grosgrain ribbon bow. 

They are calling these cute wedgies Play Shoes No 214.  Sized small, medium and large and worked in heavy rug yarn.

I always enjoy going through these old pattern books.   This book has plenty of accessory designs that can be as useful to your wardrobe as they were in 1942.     I particularly like the Striped Pullover and Cap.   You?  What is your favorite?  

Thanks for dropping by, 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Crocheted Rug Patterns, Star Book 106

The year was 1950 when American Thread issued their pattern book - Crocheted Rugs.   The book, 32 pages in all, is half and half color to black and white in a glossy format.  The book is issued in promotion to the Aunt Lydia's Heavy Rug yarn, which is called for in each of the patterns.    There are 14 patterns and I'd rate them all as easy.  All are crocheted, a couple are woven or have added embroidery.

American Thread Star Book 106, Crocheted Rugs

Gracing the cover is Home Sweet Home, with a base of crochet and strands of black and white woven through.   Finished, it will measure 19 x 30 (without the fringe).

Vintage Crochet Checked Rug Pattern

Dot Dot Dash, worked in white and green on a black base is an easy design to put together, and would prove a complimentary factor to almost any decor.  Make in a large (23 x 48") or smaller rug.

Crochet Pattern, Checked area rug

The Young Modern Rug, also worked in three colors, will measure 24 x 40 inches.   This will be an easy design to increase or decrease size, should you desire.

Vintage Crochet Area Rug with embroidered blocks

This pretty two tone rug is named Biarritz (for the city in France?).   It's a nice block motif with the center of each block embroidered in cross stitch.

Crochet Granny Square Block Rug Pattern

I'm not sure what the old Granny looked like, but this "New Granny" is quite appealing worked in four colors of 6 x 6 inch blocks to make a finished rug of 24 x 36 inches.

Provincial Crocheted Woven Rug Pattern

The Provincial Rug is another woven design.  Crochet the base and weave through colorful strands of heavy rug yarn to achieve pleasing effect.    I've added this pattern to the shop as a Free Download.

Crochet Happy the Clown Rug Pattern

This rug design is perfect for the childs room; be that on the floor or even the wall (without the fringe).   Happy the Clown is crocheted and the clown embroidered in cross stitch.

Fringed crochet rug pattern in hexagon shape

The Country Home design is a hexagon crocheted in six different shades and finished with long fringe all the way around.   It measures 25 1/2 inches in diameter.

Southwest Motif Crocheted Rug Pattern

With a Southwestern American Indian motif in 3 colors, the Cliff Dweller area rug can be worked in two sizes - 26 x 50 or 16 x 26 inches.

Beginners Crochet Rug Pattern

The Regimental Stripes rug is crocheted in 5 colors of heavy rug yarn, making it a bright and welcome addition to almost any room.  The rug is 24 x 40 inches.

Vintage Oval Rug Crochet Pattern

Funny that American Thread named this Oval area rug Round and Round !   It is worked in four colors, employing three different pattern stitch and, of course, the loop stitch.  The rug will measure 25 x 37 inches.

Easy Crochet Rug, Free Pattern

7 skeins each of black and white Heavy Rug Yarn, and a few hours of time, and you will have the Day and Night rug to place ... well, anywhere you like.   The rug will measure 24 x 40 inches.   This pattern is offered as a Free Download in the shop.

Colorful Round Pinwheel Rug Pattern, Vintage 1960s

This sweet rug design will be a color spot wherever it resides.  Pinwheel is an easy design that measures 24 inches.

Crochet Contemporary Rug pattern

The Contemporary is made of 15 blocks, each featuring one of two sizes of block cubes worked in loop stitch.   I has a quite nice dimensional effect.  The directions calls for one color,  but I think two to three colors would be equally as interesting.

And, that's it .. that back cover is the same as the front.   All in all, there are attractive selections here, and just as American Threads' goal would have been ... something for everyone.   I'd think that still holds true.

These patterns are listed in my shop; just follow the links under the respective pictures.   There's a couple free patterns there as well.   If you want to see more rug patterns, there's a bunch in the shop

Thanks for dropping by,

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Vintage Crochet Bread Basket Doily

I would venture a guess that the standard bread basket has been around thousands of years.   Out of curiosity, I did a couple Google searches to see if there was any history out there ... and, not much.   I suppose it was such a basic concept (something to hold the sharing of bread), that no history was required.  Several slight references to the bread basket itself, and then the rest talking about midwestern United States being referred to as the bread basket of the country.   I'll  have to suffice that it was probably in use B.C.

In early stages of table decoration, the bread basket would have been adorned with a simply cloth.  Entering into the 1930's and beyond, with the growing interest in doilies and handwork designs continued to explode, a variety of crochet patterns entered our lives.    Here are four patterns that I've processed (so far) for my shop.

Service Frills - Filet Crochet Base with tall ruffled border from 1939

Ruffled Bread Doily - This one has a oval base, with tall ruffles - 1940s.   The pattern is available as a Free Download in the shop. 

Pineapple Bread Basket - For those who just love the Pineapple motif. 

Staff of Life - Another filet crochet selection with just the right amount of ruffle.

For apparent reasons, the designs have a tendency towards the large ruffles.  It's easy to picture the basket full of bread surrounded by these pretty ruffles.    

Now, I've yet to sell a single bread basket doily pattern, however, as I come across them, I'll continue to process and put in the shop.   Curiosity calls, you know ... just how many different vintage pattern designs are there?     

Thanks for dropping by, 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Floral Doily Patterns for Crochet Book 268

The year was 1950, and the Spool Cotton Company issued a bright and colorful pattern booklet, making the grand step from the slightly earlier times where only the front and back covers were in color.  Of course, there was a definite reason for this.  It was the introduction of a line line of bright and colorful, as well as varigated threads under the Coats and Clarks Brand Name.  
Coats & Clark's Thee Cord Crochet Cotton Thread Size 20
The book contains just 11 patterns .... and very nice patterns they are. 

The Newest in Floral Doilies 
Book 268
Vintage Tulip Crocheted Doily Pattern is vintage 1940s
Gracing the front cover is the incredible lovely ...
FD-437 Tulip Varieties with 16 variegated tulips bordering spiderweb mesh at either 
15 or 17 inches.

Rose Crochet Doily Pattern with Scalloped Edge
FD-440 Wild Rose Scallops, brightly colored with pink roses and border on a green lace background.   It measures either 10-1/2 or 12 inches. 

Rose Placemat Pattern in Filet Crochet
FD-448 Rose Bouquet, worked in Filet Crochet with full page chart, measuring 
11 x 17-1/2 or 12 x 19-1/2 inches.

Vintage Flower Doily Crochet Pattern
FD-441 Flower Cartwheel designs radiates from the wheel to brightly colored flowers at the ends of the spokes.   Make it up at either 10 or 11 inches. 

Tri-Color Flower Crochet Doily Pattern called Temptation
FD-446 Floral Temptation has a bit of it all; pretty flowers, scalloped border that forms a ruffle at the points, a wheel type center... and more !
Vintage flower edging crochet pattern
FD-436 Heavenly Blue is pretty 2-1/2 inch crocheted flowers stitched to linen for place mats and napkins. This pattern is offered as a Free Download in my shop. 

Daisy Doily in Spiderweb Pattern is Vintage 1940s
FD-443 Daisy Web gives a spiderweb ad large tiered center daisy, with a border of repeating
 daisies and leaves.   Make it at either 14 or 16 inches. 

Linen Doily Edged with Viola Flowers
FD-447 Viola Cornuta is the crocheted motif around a linen center creating 
a runner up to 14-1/2 by 40 inches, 

Crochet Sweet William Ruffled Doily Pattern
FD-439 Sweet William is made up of 1-1/2 inch doilies, in bright colors, with a deeply 
ruffled green border

Petunia Pinwheel Crochet Doily Pattern
FD-442 Petunias has a nice compact pinwheel central motif that is surrounded by
16 individual petunias.  

Crocheted Doily with Coreposis Flowers
FD-445 Coreopsis has bright yellow and while flowers nestled at the ends
of the long narrow leaves. 

Crocheted Floral Doilies Book 286 Back Cover
And, the back cover .. the last three doilies, of course. 

I personally think it is a delightful collection of doilies.  Now, I know that white and beige are the norm, but I'm fond of colorful.  My particular favorite being the Petunia Pinwheel design.   You?  Have you a favorite? 

Thanks for dropping by for my pattern book review, 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Crochet Hot Mit Potholder Pattern, Meet Handy Andy

We all know that the old issues of The Workbasket are historical for their lousy pictures.   They were lousy way back then and they, of course, have not approved with age.   But, some of them are just so fun that we must look beneath the grain to see the prize.     Like this one from 1956.

Vintage Mans Face Crocheted Oven Mitt Pattern
Meet Handy Andy.   He's has an extra long face and a really thick neck, which are nicely matched in size by those big ears.   

And then, using this chart (or branching out on your own) and some felt, you create his facial features.  

This would be a fun project to work with your grade school sized kids.  You crochet, they help decorate !  

If you'd like to make a Handy Andy of your own, he is available as a Free Download in the shop.   There are also a fair number of other potholders in the shop as well  (some free, some not).

Thanks for dropping by, 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Scandinavian Afghan, Free Crochet Pattern

This pattern, vintage 1960s from Fashioncraft is officially called Scandinavian Afghan.

Free Afghan Crochet Pattern, Scandinavian Stripes

(I know that it's a lousy picture, but truly, when it comes to old magazines, we get what we get).  This afghan is crocheted with big hooks - size Q and K and it's a colorful piece, employing stripes of Mocha Heather, White, Tangerine, Celery Leaf and Gold.   Being a big needle design, it's going to be a fast and easy project to complete.

I was listing in my shop and found myself wondering, is this design representative of a Scandinavian afghan.  So, off to Google images I headed.  (Feel free to take a look).   What did I find?  Well, there are a fair number of afghans, but nothing really in common.   So I went back to Google and searched for 'define Scandinavian Afghan' and found ... not a thing.    So, apparently, Scandinavian Afghan is not a defined style, it's just what someone decided to call it.   I always get these images in my head.   Like, Marge submits Grandma's pattern and the publishers calls her back and says 'Marge, we need a name.  What's it called'.   Marge gives it a quick thought ... 'Well, Grandma came from Scandinavia, so let's call it Scandinavian'.

And, there you go ... Scandinavian Afghan.   It's available as a Free Download in my shop should you like to give it a try.

Thanks for dropping by,

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Crocheted Utility Bag Patterns

It seems that I've updated a couple different patterns lately that are Crocheted Knitting Bags.   Each time I find myself thinking - isn't that an oxy-moron.  You know, a crocheted knitting bag.   Okay, I know that is a stretch, but one can't help what they think.      They are, trully, great bags, perfect for hauling around a whole variety of smaller stuff.

Crocheted Knitting Bag Pattern
This striped bag has a bit of a zig zag pattern going on.   I particularly like the knitting pins - how the ends making that clacking sound. 

Vintage 1950's Crocheted Utility Bag Pattern

This crocheted bag looks on the smaller side.  I'd think a younger girl would love this for hauling Barbies. 

Crochet Pattern, checked utility bag

Going back into the 1940s, they called this a Utility Bag.  And, you guessed it, 
there are knitting needles in the picture.  Nice pattern stitch here. 

Vintage Striped Utility Bag Pattern

Here's another striped bag with the wood handles. 

Crocheted Utility bag pattern with round handles

And, to be just a bit different, this one is diamond shaped with round handles. 
This pattern is available as a Free Download.

The bags with the knitting pin handles are my favorite.  And, when I learn how to crochet, I'm just might make one to hold some of my sewing supplies.

Why do you think they don't have Knitted Crochet Bags ?

Thanks for dropping by.  

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Butterflies in Crochet, Coats Clarks Book 272

There probably has never been a time that butterflies were not a favored motif for crochet.  They are bright and colorful and just the sight, be it the real thing, or portrayed in art, gives us that feel of long summer days and pretty flowers.    No wonder that butterflies have also remained a popular motif in crochet.

Way back in 1951 - 62 years ago - Coats & Clark put out a book celebrating Butterflies in Crochet.    Now, there were certainly no groundbreaking design ideas, but each of their butterflies are attractive motifs' with plenty uses.  Let me show you.

Book 272 - Butterflies in Crochet 
The front cover gives real life examples of some of the butterflies portrayed in the pattern book 

Vintage Butterfly Gloves Crochet Pattern

Hat and Gloves S-36 :  Here we have big butterflies stitched to a fabric cloche and the matching 
motif built into a pair of crochet mesh gloves.   This set is pure fun.  

Butterfly Handkercheifs S-44 :  Three pretty butterflies and edgings to stitch to handkerchiefs,
 or items of your choice. 

Vintage Crochet Butterfly Applique Patterns

Butterfly Blouse S-34 :  Just a bit misleading, this pattern includes instructions for one butterfly that can be made to a variety of items and stitched to a blouse, as they suggest, or to anything you might like. 
This pattern is available in my shop as a Free Download. 

S-37 Butterfly Runner.  The pattern includes both a large and a small butterfly motif 
for stitching to runners (or items of your choice). 

Vintage Butterfly Appliques for Luncheon Cloth

S-65 Butterfly Luncheon Cloth:  Another attractive motif for stitch to cloths - in this case a 
pretty pink luncheon cloth. 
Butterfly Trimmed Mats Pattern
S-43 Butterfly Luncheon Set :  A loose butterfly design is attached as edging to place, 
bread and butter and glass mats.  

Butterfly Crocheted Doily Pattern

Night Table Doily S-55 :  This 15 inch square Night Table Doily is mesh with 
a raised butterfly motif. 

Bedspread Ensemble S-66 :  This is an inspiration pattern picture.  Make up the different butterfly motifs in the book and attach bedspreads, curtains, lamp shades in a colorful array. 

Crochet Butterfly Luncheon Set in Pink and Green

Luncheon Set S-61 :  In three sizes, using this mesh mats with butterfly edge
as luncheon mats or doilies.  

And, there you go.  These 9 patterns constitute the book.   I think there is a nice assortment in here.  Although I'm not sure about putting these on blouses, I would image there would be many a person, especially young girls, that would love the butterfly gloves and hat, and I certainly wouldn't mind the runner cloth myself.   You - do you have a favorite ?  

I reworked this book into sharp clean individual patterns, which I have listed in my shop, should you be interested.  The links are below the pictures.     I hope you enjoyed the book review. 

Thanks for dropping by,