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Monday, May 9, 2016

American Thread Star Book 11 Bedspreads and Tablecloths

It's been some time since I've done a pattern book recap, and the current book I'm working on appears to be a great candidate for a review.    1940 was a tough year in which WW11 was in full force and women on both continents stayed behind.  One relaxing activity enjoyed was crocheting and knitting items for the forces, as well as items for their home, of course.

This book was issued in 1940 by The American Thread Company, is promotion to their Puritan and Trojan Brand Threads.

Book No 11, Star Book Bedspreads and Tablecloths

Windmill graces the front cover.  Frequently also referred to as a Pinwheel, or Whirlwind, this design is created in 6 inch blocks. 

Weathervane - a 7-inch square block that creates a pleasing geometric effect.

Lacet Stitch Bed Spread is worked in panels with an interspersed diamond motif and extra long fringe edges. 

Crib Cover is 46 x 58 inches.  It is worked in 6-1/2 inch blocks in a variety of (you choose) 

Knitted Spread is worked in 5 inch blocks that take on a textured diamond motif.  

The Puritan, a flower block motif, measures 5 inches.  

Irish Crochet is a lovely cloth that is created with rather large -- 9 inch

Log Cabin - This class design is two toned in 4 inch blocks with a wide shell border. 

Large Mesh tablecloth, with a floral hint, is made up in quite large - 9 inch - blocks.

Snowflake Medallion at 3 inches each are joined to form scarves, runners, cloths sin sizes of your choice. 

Moonbeam Medallion is just 3 inches in diameter.  An easy medallion to keep your hands busy.

Two Toned square block measure 5 inches.  An attractive motif that lends plenty of potential.

Cluny Designs Tablecloth is created with 3 3/4 inch flower medallions, and a small joining motif.

And that's it;  one knitting pattern and 12 crochet patterns enclosed in the 32 pages.  Well, not quite - on the last page is the typical advertisement promotion ... 

And so, what's so unusual about this?  Well, not a single pattern in this book calls for Rug Yarn.  Typically pattern books were issued as a promotion for a new brand of yarn.  

The designs here, are all quite lovely, and deserve consideration in your upcoming projects and heirloom considerations. 

Thanks for dropping by, 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Bedspreads and Tablecloths Crochet Patterns Book No 301

For this review, let's take it all the way back to 1953.  (I don't know about you, but that's before even I was born!).  In this time, the flight to the suburbs continues, many women continue to be stay-at-home mothers, and fashions are on the sleek side, which were termed Modern.  (Relating to the present or recent times as opposed to the remote past).    The book is ....

J&P Coats & Clark's Book No 301 Bedspreads and Tablecloths
The inside cover promotion:  AMERICAN MODERN ... the prettiest, most practical style of home decoration that flows more and more popular every year.  To prove that creative crochet is always charming, we have chosen representative examples of contemporary American furniture and have designed harmonizing bedspreads and tablecloths.  And, as an outlet for your imagination, we give you a selection of motifs, to make whatever you desire in the thread of your choice - which, of course, will be the best -- Coats and Clark's O.N.T. Crochet Cottons.  

S-435 California Modern is made of 4" medallions.

S-436 Pennsylvania Modern - The two color display gives this design a bit of a geometric look.  Square are 3 1/2 inches.

S-437 Maryland Modern is the first 'fitted' spread I've seen in any of the pattern books.   It is accompanied by a 10 inch bolster.  The medallions are 3 inch.

S-483 Texas Modern is a 6 inch medallion in an octagon shape with a circle center.  A quite appealing design.

In the middle of the book, Coats & Clark's decided to take a bit of a shortcut and give us samples of the medallions only, with a small sketch next to it to further imply possible uses.  The theme .. let your imagination to wild; use these for cloths, chair sets, whatever.  Note that the bottom left square is actually a hairpin lace panel.  (P.S. -- I'd imagine most of these, crocheted in knitting worsted, would make great afghans).   These motifs are scattered among the crochet squares/medallions category.

And the back cover is graced by the stunning S-447 Oregon Modern.   This beauty, in wheat motif, measures 66 inches in diameter and will become the central focus in any room.

And, that's it.  At first I though it was light on tablecloths until my thinking cleared and realized the medallions in the center of the book were all multi-purpose.

There's some nice selections in here.   Those of you who may have inherited some of these designs ...
what a delight.  For the rest of you, perhaps you should get those hooks ready and create future heirlooms.

Thanks for dropping by,

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Bedspread Patterns to Knit and Crochet, Book 232

Taking us all the way back to 1947, is Spool Cotton Book 232 - Bedspreads.  Other than a dab of color on the front and back  cover, the pattern pictures are all lower quality black and white.   This fact (what did we expect of 1947), certainly does not, however, detract from the exquisite designs that are in this pattern leaflet.

There are 11 patterns, two knitted and the rest crochet.  The book was obviously issued as a promotion to Clarks O.N.T. Mercerized Crochet Cotton, as that is the material called for in each of the patterns.   None of the patterns were identified by name, just by their assigned number.   (In some cases, I've identified the name).

Pattern No 6132 graces the front cover ... and appropriately so, being a splendid piece of Irish Crochet.  The designs is made of raised floral hexagon motifs that measure 12 1/2 inches each.   I've seen references that this pattern was called Marguerite in other publications.

No 6124 - This interesting medallion design has nicely supplemented detail in large and small flower fill-in motifs. 

No 6130 - Knitted Bedspread  This design is worked in attractive 2 1/2 inch strips and finished with long tufts of fringe.  

No 6131 - Crocheted Bedspread is worked in large - 8 inch - blocks with an 'almost' geometric motif.
No 682 - Crocheted Bedspread featuring pinwheel medallions in popcorn stitch. 

No 6128 Crochet Bedspread.   This 5 inch rose motif has appeared in a number of SPC pattern books and is typical known as Rambling Rose.

No 6133 Crochet Bedspread - Worked in 10 inch panels in diamond and popcorn stitch. 

No 6123 Crochet Bedspread made up in lovely raised flower block centers surrounded with petals edged in popcorn stitch. 

No 6129 - Knitted Bedspread is an elegant design of staggered raised leaf and plain 10 inch blocks. 

No 6126 Crochet Bedspread is created in 6 1/2 inch hexagon blocks in a floral motif

No 6127 Crocheted Bedspread in 4 3/4 inch pinwheel medallions goes beyond to an almost geometric effect.

And that it ... all 11 patterns.   All quite exquisite and all worthy of heirloom quality.    

The opening jacket statement : "Every woman loves the feminine touch in her home ... Why not add to your bedroom a beautiful handmade Bedspread that would express your individuality?  In this book we have designed a variety of Bedspreads ... one to suit every taste .. they are simple and decorative.  Choose the one that best serves your purpose, and you will be proud to say that you have made it yourself".  

Although these designs are 1947, no reason you can't still crochet your future heirloom. 

Thanks for dropping by, 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Tips on Tables, Vintage Crochet Book 167 from Spool Cotton

Okay, the title here gives us a great start.    In the evenings I like to rework these vintage (public domain) patterns while watching TV with my husband.   Well ... he's actually the one watching TV ... I'm just sitting on the couch with him !    This week, I've been working on my issue of ....

Crochet pattern Book 167 Tablecloths Scarves Doilies
Spool Cotton Company Book No 167 - Tips on Tables.   This book was published in 1941 (yep, 76 years ago), in promotion of their current lines of threads.

No 7385 -  Dance of the Flowers - graces both the front and back cover.   This delightful large floral medallion with smaller fill-in work is worked in two colors.

The threads, well that would be "Clark's O.N.T. or J&P Coats Best Six Cord Mercerized Crochet Thread.   Remember, this is a time period before Coat's and Clark's were merged together into one brand.
No 7391 - Sorcery - Another medallions design (5 1/4 inches) with smaller fill-in motifs.  The finished cloth measures 53 x 73 inches. 

No 7363 - Richelieu - This (first) filet crochet selection carries a bold mosaic motif in the extra long size of 65 x 93 inches.
No 7444 - Peacock Tails - This four piece luncheon set was a quite popular design during the 1940's, appearing in five (that I know of) different Spool Cotton pattern books.

No 7414 - Snowfall - A delicate luncheon set with place mats and runners made up of small 2 1/8 motifs in a snowflake design.

No 7386 - Princess Charming - Dainty floral and leaf motif  in octagon motifs.  The finished cloth is the standard 60 x 80 inches.

No 7387 Forest Flowers - A larger motif at 5 inches, with fill-in, that resembles an opening flower bloom.

No 7416 - Family Affair - This Dogwood trimmed beauty, worked in Filet Crochet, measures 70 inches in diameter.

No 7185A - Spring Song - This exquisite lace mat is perfectly sized for trays.   The pattern includes the 'A", which means there is a corresponding piece out there.   I've not yet found it, but rest assured, I'll be on the watch.

No 7433 - Rusticana - A round Mat set densely crocheted using Knit-Cro-Sheen in three colors.
This pattern is offered as a free download in the shop.

No 7389 - Summer Sun - Another round medallion cloth; quite different but equally as lovely as the others.

No 7388 - A Square-A-Day - This third filet crochet selection is made of large 17 inch square blocks in a somewhat geometric flower motif.

No 7415 - True Love - Small Posy Flower motifs (a lot of them!) create this marvelous cloth - also 60 x 80 inches.
No 7408 - Rosy Posy - Our last filet crochet selection gives us a delightful luncheon set in rounded shape.

No 7328 - Brighter Star - The 5 1/2 inch round star motifs, with openwork joinings create a lovely cloth that is 65 x 90 inches.   A smaller version of this would almost make a lovely runner.

No 7392 - Gingerbread House - A tri-color mat set that has great potential; not only in browns but the colors of your dining room.

No 7390 - Flower Girl - This cloth is created in 4-1/2 inch medallions that are a 6-petal flower with small fill-in.   A grand design for your dining table.

No 7413 - Frolic - This sweet motif cloth starts with a linen center surrounded by a wide and whimsical squirrel and floral border.  Termed a tea cloth, is measures 44 inches square.

The book closes with a promotional advertisement for the other Spool Cotton pattern books of similar release dates.

And, there we go.  True to the title - Tips on Tables - all seventeen cloths or mats pattern are geared to the dining table.  I like that they put in five filet crocheted motifs; certainly more than the average vintage pattern book.

It took me almost a week to get through this one, but it's now listed in the shop for vintage historical value.  Time to move on to the next set ... perhaps a magazine this time.

Thanks for dropping by,