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Friday, January 5, 2018

The Crocheted Pineapple Cape

The pineapple stitch in doilies have been a favorite design for .... well, a very long time.   But clothing, that appears to be a different story.  I've processed over 5000 patterns for the shop, and of those, find that pineapple stitch in clothing became prevalent in the late 1950's, with the Mail Order patterns (Laura Wheeler and Alice Brooks) leading the charge.  

As was typical, the Mail Order patterns built on each design ... i.e., create a pattern and if it proves popular, start making slight deviations in another pattern .. repeat, repeat, repeat. 

Crocheted Pineapple Cape Pattern with small collar
Design 833 - "If you want a lovely cover for chilly weather, why don't you crochet one yourself.   This little cape in the lacy pineapple pattern is easy to crochet"  1955

Short Pineapple Cape, Capelet Pattern, Design 7249
Design 7429 - This crocheted pineapple cape is a close match with the variation being a different collar. 
Long Crochet Cape Pattern in Pineapple Stitch
Pattern 7329 - Multiple variations in this pretty design.  

Crochet Pineapple Cape in easy shell stitch
Design 617 - "Graceful cape to star atop fashions -- in pineapple design combined with easy shell stitch".  

Crochet Pineapple Cape Pattern with open yoke
Design 716 - "Rows and rows of pineapples topped by open crochet yoke and band collar - a pretty capelet for any season wear".  

I still have several hundred Mail Order Design patterns to process and, I have no doubt, there will be  more pineapple capes.  

Thanks for dropping by, 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Crochet Pineapple Dress; What a beauty

I found the newspaper clipping in a stack of pattern leaflets I'd purchased off of Ebay.

It's quite an elegant design, and obviously a fair amount of work in Mercerized Crochet Cotton.  But, what a beauty!.  

I've searched Google-land and can't find anything that matches to this pattern.   The pattern is PC 1021.  Now, I've seen this prefix series many times (PC), and it's typically a designation for 1940's/1950's from Spool Cotton Company.   On many occasions, SPC allowed the National Needlecraft Bureau to market their patterns as well.   Since this is obviously a mail ordered pattern, I'd assume it would be National Needlecraft.   

Of particular fun is the caption of unknown writer -- "Isn't this a pretty dress. I'd love to have one like this.  Wished I could crochet".  

Hope you enjoy the vintage advertisement.   Thanks for dropping by. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cotton Accessories, Knit and Crochet Pattern Book 180

The next book up in my stack was an oldie (but goodie, of course), from the Spool Cotton Company.  Named Cotton Accessories for Town and Country, Book No 180.  The pattern book, dated 1942, was issued to promote their (then) line of J&P Coats Cotton Lines - Mercerized Crochet Cotton, Bedspread Cotton and Knit-Cro-Sheen.   The patterns are geared towards the adult female and even include a pair of crochet shoes.

If you are interested in seeing the contents, well .... grab some tea or coffee, get comfortable and .... let's go.

Spool Cotton Pattern Book 180, Accessories for Town and Country
Gracing the front cover, 

The second page is a cute promotion for the patterns that follow. 

Yoke and Frill Crochet Detachable Collar Patterns
Here are the first two of three collars featured in this book. 
The Frilled Yoke, a squared design with small frill at the neck and border.  
The Scalloped Yoke has soft and pretty scallops forming rows and a small notched collar. 
Striped Fitted Vest Crochet Pattern
This Checked Vest is quite an attractive piece.  Crocheted in three shades; checked on the front and solid on the back.  It is sized for misses 14, 16 and 18.

Vintage Stripe Pullover Sweater and Easy Vest Knitting Pattern
The Striped Shirt and Cap is a three color affair in as bright or demure colors as you might wish.  The pattern includes the stocking cap. 
The Sleeveless Pullover is knit, with some crochet detail.  It's a quite easy pattern in garter stitch that a beginner could easily tackle.  

Three Crochet Hat Patterns, Vintage 1940s styled Turbans
Three hat designs -- all very easy. 
Pattern 2607, Striped Turban (top left), is a wrap & go design in three colors.
Pattern 2608, Square Mesh (top right) is a crocheted band folded into the attractive shape.
Pattern 2620, Mesh Turban, is crocheted in a triangle pattern stitch and tied into a bow.   This pattern is offered as a free download in the shop.

Crochet lapel collar, hat and handbag pattern
Hat and Handbag Pattern No 2594 are easy designs with plenty of ribbon adornment.  They are worked in an attractive star stitch.
The standout (bottom) is a set of Collar Lapels No 2589 that have velvet ribbon laced along the edges.   This pattern is also offered as a Free Download in the shop.

Knitted Lace Blouse Pattern, Short Sleeves

This Classic Blouse, No 1266, has a delicate lace stripe pattern stitch with fitted short sleeves and a notch collar.  A perfect dressy compliment to many an outfit.

Brimmed Hat No 2623 (top) has a jaunty brim and fun over-sized tassel.
The Lingerie Calot No 2621 is a simple, yet elegant affair with eyelet flower and grosgrain ribbon bow. 

They are calling these cute wedgies Play Shoes No 214.  Sized small, medium and large and worked in heavy rug yarn.

I always enjoy going through these old pattern books.   This book has plenty of accessory designs that can be as useful to your wardrobe as they were in 1942.     I particularly like the Striped Pullover and Cap.   You?  What is your favorite?  

Thanks for dropping by, 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Long Plus Size Crocheted Vest Pattern

Here's another example where the mail order pattern appears the same, but ends up 'not quite'.

I saw a post this morning over at Crochet Talk that prompted a look through my ladies crocheted vest patterns.   I was scrolling, when that 'wait a minute' thought occurred .... are these two Mail Order Designs the same, just under different numbers?    A second look as immediately called for.   ( Apparently, I am easily sidetracked and this is an excellent example of why I get so little accomplished in a day).

Mail Order Crochet Vest Pattern for Plus Size Women
Let's see, Mail Order Design 7403, gives us a womans vest, generously sized for busts 38 to 48, worked in V-stitch, with big patch pockets in the front, slightly extended shoulders, below hip length and edging.

Plus Size Crocheted Vest Pattern, Mail Order Design 7569
Whereas, Mail Order Design 7569, also sized 38 to 48, with extended shoulders,  front patch pockets, edging and below hip length.  But, it's worked in shell stitch and open stitch.

I knew there was something else here different as well, but had to look a couple times to catch it.   It's the edging of course.   The edging on Design 7569 is scalloped (as all shell stitched garments will be), and is included at the bottom hem area.

As I go through more and more of these Design patterns, I'm frequently finding close similarities, and I'm sure, before I finish processing all the Mail Order Designs I have pending, there will be more examples of this vest.

Okay, that's it, back to work now.  Thanks for dropping by.


Friday, December 13, 2013

Columbia Minerva 756 Crochet Collection Pattern Book

Here's a marvelous book from Columbia Minerva  - Book 756, Crochet Collection.   Just like the title implies, there is not a single knitting pattern to be had.   The book, early 1960s, features tops, jackets, dresses, and a couple coats.   And don't let me forget the suits ... very Jackie O in styling.  Now, I've carefully worked through each pattern and have to save that most are all on easy side; with only a couple being more moderate.

There are 25 separate patterns in the book.  

Book 756, Columbia Minerva Crochet Collection
756-1 Two Tone Suit is worked with two closely contrasted color tones, giving it that tone on tone look.

And, for Columbia-Minerva, a rather short introduction. 

756-2 Princess Suit - an attractive two piece set with straight skirt and jacket.
756-3 Double Breasted Suit - Similar in style, but is double breasted with the marvelous double notch collar. 

Lace Crocheted Shell Pattern
756-4 Long Shell in a pretty shell stitch, with scalloped edging.
756-5 Shell gives us a light and airy pattern stitch; so perfect for summer

756-6 Suit Pattern - Straight Skirt paired with nicely trimmed open front jacket.
756-7 Afghan Suit in afghan stitch, of course, includes a comfortable waist length jacket and skirt.

756-8 V-Neck Pullover with striped bands is rated E (for easy, of course)
756-9 Raglan Sleeve Sweater also has striped color bands at hemline and sleeves.

CM756-10 Crochet Sweater is a simple pullover with checkerboard trim.
CM756-11 Crochet Sweater with low V-Neck with contrast band at openings.

CM756-12 Walking Suit is made in a Shell Stitch Motif and includes both a long skirt and overcoat.
CM756-13 Crochet Sleeveless Dress with Matching Jacket and tie belt

A collection of easy to crochet, easy to wear dresses grace the center fold.   With a change of accessories, these all have potential of going from casual to dressy.
CM756-14 (far left) - Simple sleeveless dress in allover shell motif with scalloped edges.
CM756-15 - (2nd from left) - Star stitch straight dress with extended shoulders and boat neck.
CM756-16 (bottom center) - Lovely crocheted dress with square neckline and collar,
and raglan sleeve cap.
CM756-17 (right back row) - Easy straight dress with extended shoulders and a lovely round collar.
CM756-18 - (Far Right) - Columbia are referring to this beauty as an Ivory Macrame.

CM756-19 Shell Jacket with adorable faux pockets and scalloped edges.
CM756-20 Shell Pullover Sweater with allover motif and long sleeves.

CM756-21 Crocheted Coachman Coat has shoulder has the finishing touch of epaulettes and is
 lined in taffeta.
CM756-22 Long Coat, side buttoned with dolman sleeves and a roll collar.

CM756-23 Evening Skirt and Top, employing both a harlequin design and
lacy shell stitch top.

CM756-24 - Three piece suit with lined jacket and skirt is easy enough for beginners.
CM756-25 Three Piece Suit is a stop more to the intermediate to advanced artist.  The detachable collar and cuffs are delightful.

So there you go.   A fair number of upscale designs to update your wardrobe, as well as some classics that are both easy to make and easy to wear.    The styles of jackets and pullovers are a bit on the short side, just as you'd expect for the early 60's, but add a few rounds here and there if that's not your current style.   I am particularly fond of the double page spread of dresses.  But, that's to be expected, as I always love a dress.   You, what do you favor?  

Hope you enjoyed the photo journal, and thanks for dropping by. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Knitted Crocheted Pattern Book WF1, New York World's Fair

This booklet, Knitted and Crocheted designs, as featured at the Better Living Center at the New York World's Fair was a special edition pattern booklet by American Threads (WF1) to commemorate ... yep, you guessed it .. the New York World's Fair.  This booklet, Original Dawn Yarn Designs was a promotion for that specific brand of their yarn. 

 This pattern book came out in the 1964/1965 time frame.  These are quite subdued to other American Thread books around this same time line.   There is truly not a pattern here that would not be desirable.

Let me show you. 

Irish Crochet Dress : "I went to the World's Fair and I saw - Cover Girl in White Evening Sheath.  The skirt is divided, the attention is not !"  The shell is sized S-M-L; the skirt is one size.   Iridescent sequins and small crystal beads further highlight the Irish crochet.  

Knitting Pattern Striped Pullovers with Boat Neck

  Gold and White :  "I went to the World's Fair and I saw - Striking pair with Midas Touch ... bold gold stripes mated with white call attention ... to his ... to hers".  Knitting pattern sized for were at 32, 34, 36 and for him at 40, 42, 44.

Knitted Chevron Striped Dress Pattern
"I went to the World's Fair and I saw -- Forecast of Things to Come .. a Chevron Knit Dress that scoops fashion with an impish neckline, hemline ... a debonair striped shell, with basic skirt, to whip up in the briefest of time capsules"  Both patterns are knitting and are sized S-M-L.

Crocheted Green Cardigan Pattern
Motif Sweater : "I went to the World's Fair and I saw - The Box .. crochet the motifs as you go.  Perfect for flights of fancy"  This Box Motif Sweater pattern is crochet and sized S-M-L.  

"I went to the World's Fair and I saw ... The pullover Authority .. newest pullovers made good travellers ... on helicopters or World's Fair Express".  The Opal and Antique Gold Sweater is knitted and sized 32, 34, 36.  The Coral and White Sweater is also knitted, but sized 34. 36, 38.

Coachmen Jacket Knitting Pattern, Small Shawl Collar

"I went to the World's Fair and I saw  -- Drop-Shouldered Coachman .. this perfect spectator gets the play of attention too for its classic beauty of line and color".   This Coachman Sweater calls for both knitting needles and a crochet hook.   It is sized S-M-L.    

Vintage Shell Crochet Patterns from Columbia Minerva

"I went to the World's Fair and I saw -- A Shell and Popovers .. pomponed, looped, and squared away to steal the show and make your day".   The Buff Shell, Looped Topper and the Square Topper are crochet, The Pom-Pon Popover requires both knitting and crochet.
Shell Patterns

"I went to the World's Fair and I saw -- Traveling Companions .. Big, bold stripes in her comfortable shift dress and cables in his casual pullover".  The Bold Stripe Sheath is knitted and sized 10, 12, 14 and 16.  The Man's Cable Raglan is also knitted and sized 40, 42 and 44.

Vintage Knit Striped Sheath Pattern Sleeveless

"I went to the World's Fair and I saw -- Two Fashion Noteworthies .. button-free and easy shaped cardigan ... smashingly striped drop-shouldered pullover".  The Cocoa and Tangerine Trimmed Cardigan is crochet.  The Striped Sweater is knitted.   Both are sized S-M-L.

Large Hook Crochet Jacket Vest Pattern

"I went to the World's Fair and I saw -- Capricious Cardigan .. turn the sleeves on or off -- it's a fashion coup either way you crochet it.  Why not have both?"  This bulky cardigan is crochet and sized S-M-L.

Short Knitted Evening Dress Pattern

"I went to the World's Fair and I Saw -- Turn About .. knit-easy, wear easy shift with decollete worn front or back, unbuttoned as low as you dare".  This dress is knitted and sized S, M, L.  Note:  If desired, dress may be worn with opening at back.

Knitted Striped Sweater in Three Colors
"I went to the World's Fair and I saw -- A Pink Lady ... with deepening interest, from the palest to the most forthright declaration of Star-bright color".   This Tri-Tone Cable Sweater is knitted and sized S-M-L.

This is the back cover and a replay of the marvelous Red "Stop-Light' Sheath.

This book was issued as a promotion to American Thread Brand Yarns.  This delightful lead-in was included on the first pages. 

One of the back pages gave us a handy reference to the different Dawn Yarns that are used in this book.

Hope you enjoyed this Fashion Show of the 1964 -  Latest in Knit and Crochet Wear.     In this particular time period, American Thread put out a number of pattern books that were, well, on the funky side.   This book, however, makes up for that with several quite elegant pieces.    

I have restored and reformatted these patterns to crisp, easy to follow, documents which are available in my shop - just follow the links below the pictures - should you be interested.

 Thanks for dropping by,

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dawn Mohspun to Knit and Crochet

Tonight, I'm reviewing Book 196 from American Thread Company.    This book, not dated but somewhere 1960s, was apparently issued as a promotion to the then new DAWN MOHSPUN yarn.   For those of you familiar with the American Thread books .... how they are seried Star, Dawn or Aunt Lydia books ... this one has an interesting twist.   This is Star Book 196, and is a Dawn promotion.

It's a nice leaflet, the patterns are quite simply and I'd think easily accomplished by the beginner to intermediate fiber artist.

 Flower Blouse is made up with bi-color 4 or 4 1/2 inch motifs.  
Mens Cable Sweater, with a casual amount of cables. 

Crocheted lace sheath dress patter

Crochet Shell or Dress ... one pattern at whatever length you might like to take it.  Made up with cluster and shell stitches.

Ruffled Crocheted Sweater Pattern

This cute Long Sleeves with Ruffles sweater has just a touch of the girly girl going on.

Vintage Cardigan Knitting Pattern in Bubble Stitch

Knitted Bubbles is a soft and feminine feature to wear either with a blouse or warmth, 
or as a blouse on its own. 

Loop Stitch Crocheted Sweater Pattern, Vintage 1960s

Loop Trimmed Shell or Sweater for a touch of fun. 

Knitted Puff Stitch Pullover Pattern, Long Sleeve Blouse

This puff stitch pullover sweater, look close, has scalloped edges. 

Vintage Trimmed Cardigan Knitting Pattern

The 'Band' New Cardigan, easy-to-wear, is trimmed in braid or ribbon of your choice.

Vintage Baubles Crocheted Necklace Bracelet Pattern

Crochet pattern to stitch a bauble necklace, bracelet and earrings.  This pattern is offered as 
a free download. 

And, gracing the back cover is a  lovely Straight Dress with a cowl - perfect for summer events or evenings out.  

So, to recap our photo journal, mostly casual designs in the easy to make realm.   A little something for everyone.  Perhaps the most remenescent of the 1960s is the Angel Dress.  My favorite is the puff stitch pullover.  It wouldn't do much to disguise my hips, but I like it anyway!

These patterns are listed in my shop, follow the links under each picture, should you be interested. 

Hope you enjoyed the review.   Thanks for looking.