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Friday, March 13, 2015

Modern Needlecraft Magazine, Volume 15

I've just finished processing Modern Needlecraft Magazine for the shop and wanted to take a couple minutes to reminisce before filing away in the 'completed' cabinet.

This magazine is Volume 15 and is the Spring-Summer issue for 1952.   There are 47 patterns in the magazine.   I processed 33 for the shop.   I don't typically decide which are sellers or not; they all deserve to be preserved.  But, in the case of this magazine, there were a number that were incomplete (you know - cont. on page 89 and nothing there), as well as some that called for ordering of specific forms or parts that are no longer available.

These old magazines were really an extension of advertising.   The yarn/thread brands would place their advertisements, and the majority of the patterns listed were using these specific brands.    Being 1952, the majority of materials are discontinued.    Where possible, I've started putting in some links to cross-reference what the yarns were.  

As typical, the magazine is divided into categories ... the something for everyone approach.  Well, almost anyway -- afghans, cloths and bedspreads were excluded.   Here are a few of my favorites.

Ribbed Sleeveless Knit Pullover has summer fun written all over it. 

Knit Two Piece Set for Baby.   

Pinwheel Crochet Rug is 30 inches

Mans Basket Weave Cardigan for the classic look

Knot Stitch Crochet Stole for a romantic evening look

My copy of the magazine is quite fragile and I was pleased to work up fairly decent photos from the little clips given.  There are other patterns from the magazine scattered here and there in the shop as well.

Thanks for dropping by, 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dawn Mohspun to Knit and Crochet

Tonight, I'm reviewing Book 196 from American Thread Company.    This book, not dated but somewhere 1960s, was apparently issued as a promotion to the then new DAWN MOHSPUN yarn.   For those of you familiar with the American Thread books .... how they are seried Star, Dawn or Aunt Lydia books ... this one has an interesting twist.   This is Star Book 196, and is a Dawn promotion.

It's a nice leaflet, the patterns are quite simply and I'd think easily accomplished by the beginner to intermediate fiber artist.

 Flower Blouse is made up with bi-color 4 or 4 1/2 inch motifs.  
Mens Cable Sweater, with a casual amount of cables. 

Crocheted lace sheath dress patter

Crochet Shell or Dress ... one pattern at whatever length you might like to take it.  Made up with cluster and shell stitches.

Ruffled Crocheted Sweater Pattern

This cute Long Sleeves with Ruffles sweater has just a touch of the girly girl going on.

Vintage Cardigan Knitting Pattern in Bubble Stitch

Knitted Bubbles is a soft and feminine feature to wear either with a blouse or warmth, 
or as a blouse on its own. 

Loop Stitch Crocheted Sweater Pattern, Vintage 1960s

Loop Trimmed Shell or Sweater for a touch of fun. 

Knitted Puff Stitch Pullover Pattern, Long Sleeve Blouse

This puff stitch pullover sweater, look close, has scalloped edges. 

Vintage Trimmed Cardigan Knitting Pattern

The 'Band' New Cardigan, easy-to-wear, is trimmed in braid or ribbon of your choice.

Vintage Baubles Crocheted Necklace Bracelet Pattern

Crochet pattern to stitch a bauble necklace, bracelet and earrings.  This pattern is offered as 
a free download. 

And, gracing the back cover is a  lovely Straight Dress with a cowl - perfect for summer events or evenings out.  

So, to recap our photo journal, mostly casual designs in the easy to make realm.   A little something for everyone.  Perhaps the most remenescent of the 1960s is the Angel Dress.  My favorite is the puff stitch pullover.  It wouldn't do much to disguise my hips, but I like it anyway!

These patterns are listed in my shop, follow the links under each picture, should you be interested. 

Hope you enjoyed the review.   Thanks for looking. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Let's Crochet, Star Pattern Book 209, American Thread

This book from American Thread Co., Star Book 209, along with a bit of whimsy, gives us some good how-to crochet lessons and a few quite desirable patterns ... all perfect for the beginner crocheter.   The stitches are primarily single and double crochet, with a bit of afghan and popcorn stitch tossed in.    This book contains no date information, however, I'd say late 1960s.   The cover starts us right off with a bit of whimsy ...
Mens Stripe Pullover:  The pattern is sized for men 38 to 52 and does not include those extra long arms ... just the boring, but perfect, standard sleeves.  

His and His:  This combo pattern includes both the V-Neck Pullover, as well as the Cardigan.  The title implies it's Father and Son, however, the size range is 38 to 52 ... which leaves out many boys, as well as teens, for that matter.  It is a nice duo for him and a fairly easy crochet.

Looks Hard, Crochets Easy:   A nice 5 colorful afghan made up of strips of single and double crochet, along with popcorn stitch.  It measures 50 x 64 inches. 

Beginners Potholders - Always a great 'learn-how' project to give you a sense of accomplishment as well as something that you'll be able to use.  This pattern is offered as a free download in my shop. 

Tiger-Tiger (on left):  An attractive tiger stripped sweater; sized small, medium and large.. 
Mini-Square (on right):  A Geometric, sleeveless mini dress; sized small to medium and
medium to large.   Here's a great pattern to date this book to the 1960s.    This mini will still
make a fun and whimsical tunic for today.  

Vintage Crochet Jacket Pattern beaded with bangles
Bangle Jacket:  The picture does not do this simple pattern justice.  a nice jacket in single stitch with a bangle strip down the sleeves and front bands.  Sized Small, Medium and Large.

Easy Crochet Slippers Pattern in Loop Stitch
Loop Stitch Slippers:  These slippers are so easy, they almost crochet themselves.  

Vintage Crocheted Baby Set Pattern Jacket Booties Mittens Bonnet
Baby Baby:  A sweet layette set sized for little ones 6 to 12 months. 

Free Crochet Triangle Head Scarf Pattern
Bangle Loop Triangle:  I'm not sure women still wear this style of scarf, but those bangles and simplicity are sure to make a younger girls' heart sing.  Should you like to give it a go, it's available as a FREE Download in the shop. 

And, the last cover is the same as the front.    I like the book.   Every pattern is on the easy side.  The man on the cover always brings a smile and I always picture the woman thinking 'woops, sleeves are a bit long'.   I also like the Tiger-Tiger sweater, but mine would have to be Purple and Gold for the LSU Tigers Team.

The book also includes several pages of the pattern stitches used in the book, which I've added to the "Crochet Pattern Stitches" page in one of my Facebook albums, should you like to give them a look.  

I've listed  the patterns separately, as noted with links under the pictures; two are available as free downloads.     Or, if you just stopped by to enjoy this whimsical book ..... 

Thanks for dropping by (and come again soon), 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Knitting Crochet Patterns, Mohair Fashions, Sweaters Shawls Coats & Clarks Book 147

This vintage pattern booklet by Coats and Clark, Book 147, titled Mohair Fashions to Knit and Crochet, contains a nice assortment of sweaters and coats.    This booklet was issued in 1964 as part of their C&C Red Heart Mohcora promotion.     All 12 patterns are outer wear, sweaters, coats, shawls, for both men and women, as well as one beret.   Most of the patterns are knitting; 2 are crochet; one requires both.      Here, let me show you.   

Mohair Fashions To Knit and Crochet 
 The front cover gives us a color preview of a sweater and a coat.  

This is patterns pictured on the cover.   We have a crocheted coat, sized Small, Medium and Large, as well as a Knitted Cardigan (with the marvelous collar), that is also sized Small, Medium and Large.  

 This Womans Knitted Pullover is lovely piece !   It is Sized 10, 12, 14, 16 & 18.   The pattern also references a separate pattern for a womans dickey, which, I'm assuming, is the big of teal blue we see at her neckline.
The Mans Knitted Cardigan is an equally distinguished sweater, sizes Small (36/38), Medium (40/42) and Large (44/46).

 The 'Turtle Neck' on this pattern is certainly not enough description for this marvelous neck/collar.   It's also a Cable Pullover.   It is Knitted and Sized 10, 12, 14, and 16.   
The Crocheted Shawl is perfect for those 'a little bit cool' evenings!   To complete it, you also need a couple snap fasteners or buttons.   The shawl in one-size.

The Boat Neck on this Man's Pullover Sweater gives it a refined look.    This is a knitting pattern and is sized for chest 38, 40, 42 and 44. 
The womans stole is soft and delicate in appearance.   It is also knitted and is one-size.  

This set is also shown on the back cover in color.   The womens knitted Channel Jacket is sized 12, 14, 16 and 18. 
The mens V-Neck pullover is also knitted and sized for chest 38, 40, 42 and 44. 

Here's a classic duo; a coat and a cardigan.     The V-Neck, front buttoned cardigan is knitted, with crocheted edges.    It is sized small (30-32), medium (34-36), large (38-40).

The knitted Raglan Coat (with marvelous collar) is also sized small (30-32), medium (34-36), large 38-40). 

This is a knitted V-Neck Pullover Sweater.   The varigated yarn used in this sweater forms its own design as you knit so that each sweater is truly an original design.  Note - the sleeves continue up to form the yoke.   This pattern is sized 10, 12, 14, 26 (for bust sizes 30 - 36). 

The only hat in the book makes an appearance here in the stylish piece - the Knitted Beret.   
And, on the back page, a color photo of the above mens sweater and womens jacket.   

Overall, at least in my opinion, a really nice group of sweater, coat and shawl sweaters are contained here.   No fluff projects to fill the pages, classics start to finish.      

Thanks for dropping by,  


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Family Sports Knit Crochet Patterns American Thread Star Book 219

Here's another pattern book from American Thread that I've recently processed for the shop.  I'm sharing it here with you as well, as a photo journal of sorts.   This is in the Star Book series and was a promotion for ....

Ready .... 
 Family Sports contains knit and crochet patterns sized 2 through 44.  The cover is a preview of three of them.

 This pattern is called - The Indian Charmer; Nehru Jacket.   I don't know anything about it being an Indian charmer, but it is indeed charming.   AND, the father-son matching sizes make it even more delightful.   This is a knitting pattern, sized 2 - 14 for boys and 36 to 44 for men.   
 The Daisies tell a fashion story in this sweet crocheted sweater.   The pattern is sized 4 - 12 girls and 10, 12, 14 for the ladies.   (a separate chart is included for the daisy motif).

This pattern is a His & His matching sweater ... and won't those special guys in your life look great in this !  This is a knitting pattern.   It is sized 4 - 12 boys and 36 - 42 men. 

 Titled:  A Jacket to Ruffle his Heart - Lady's Ruffle Jacket.  This is a knitting pattern sized 4 to 14 girls and 10 - 16 ladies.

Mother and Daughter Aran Dresses are three quartered sleeved from mom and long sleeve for toddler; both are minis.  This is a crochet pattern sized 2, 4, 6 for the toddler and 14, 16, 18 for the mother.   This pattern/picture is also shown on the front cover.  

Ready for the cold, blustery day out together ... here's the Mother & Daughter Turtle Neck Sweaters.   These are knitted.   The girls sweater is sized 4 - 12 and the Ladies sweater is 10 -16.

Another Heart Ruffle Pattern.   But, this time, the ruffle is at the hemline and the heart is in the weave.   This is a crochet pattern sized 2 - 8 for children and 10 - 16 for ladies.

Red Hot and Blue Striped Dress.  (Wonder why they left out mention of the white?).  This is a knitting pattern sized 2 - 8 for children and 10 - 16 for misses.
This pattern is offered free in 'freebee' section, just for fun.

And, as American Thread frequently do, the back cover is exactly the same as the front !

Did you enjoy the photo-journey?   Is the Nehru Jacket your favorite ... it's mine; or perhaps it is just the little boy ! 

Thanks for dropping by,

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Knitting Sweater Pattern Book American Thread Star Book 215

 This booklet, entitled Sweaters for Him and Her is mostly sweaters.  There are a couple deviations though, such as a cape, a scarf, a hat.    Well, let me just show you.

American Thread Star Book No 215
Better Sweaters, Knitted and Crocheted
For Him and Her

As is typical with the American Thread Vintage 1960s covers, this one is colorful, fun and whimsical.  Shown here is a preview of the first two patterns in the book.   First we have the Rose Flap Over; a knitted sweater with a rose motif.   It's a Mother and Daughter combo (or any combo you'd like) sized 10 to 16 adult and 3 to 6 girls.   The other pattern is 'The Big Long Scarf'.   And, boy is it long ... at least in the picture.  This crocheted scarf does not state the dimensions, so I'm guessing that 'you' decide how long you want it to be.
This is 'The Big Needle Jiffy Dress'. It  is a knit crochet combo 10 to 16.    A pattern for the knitted 'Quickie Tam' is also included.
 'Tiger Tiger Mittens'.   If you school mascot is a tiger, make them up in the appropriate colors.   If not, make them up in an color combo the tiger in you desires.   These mitts are knitted. 

This attractive sweater is called the "Aran Turtleneck" .   It is a knitting pattern and is sized S-M-L.

"The Turtleneck Hooded Raglan" sweater  is also knitted.   I'm sure that this type of garment, where the neck converts to the hood would have an actual name, but I do not know what it is.   (If you aide in my education, please leave me a comment!).    I do like it however.     It is sized 34-36-38. 

This is a Knit is A Day Pattern (how many hours is that, anyway ... 24?)  It is the mans Big Needle Slipover.  This is a warm, outdoors looking sweater with the chunky turtleneck and cuffs and the matching band.   It is sized for the larger man, 38-40-42.

Okay, remember these books are from the 1960's and a bit of Flower Power is a must.   Actually, that is the name of these.  The one on the left is the Flower Power Sweater.   It is a crocheted,  and bulky, with a nice sprinkling of  Fresia (?) on the front.   This is sized S-M-L.  The piece of the left is being a called a Flapover, for its ties on the sides.   It has a very definite flower situation going on.  With the ties on the side, it is a 'One Size Fits All.
Versus the other, more bulk winter items in this booklet, this Lacy Knit Top is soft and delicate. This top is knitted and is sized 34 - 36 - 38.

This is beautiful cape.  The picture shows it as upper thigh length, I suppose you could make it longer or shorter based on your personal desire.  It is knitted and lists on sizing, so I would assume it is considered 'one size'.

The back cover features two different patterns contained a couple pages before the end.  There are two different patterns ... just waiting to be knitted for the future Ski (or whatever) weekend !   The sweater on the left is called 'Beige Ski Sweater and Hat, and the one on the right is White Ski Sweater and band.    Both sweaters, the hat and the band are knitted.  
So, what do you think of this one?  Styles too outdated (Flower Power perhaps), for today's standards?   Of the books I've gone through so far (scanning, listing and reviewing) this one is heavier on the knitting side.   I've typically found alot of crochet patterns in the books, with one or two knitting tossed in.   This is the opposite.

I hope you enjoyed the preview, and thanks for dropping by.