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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Tips on Tables, Vintage Crochet Book 167 from Spool Cotton

Okay, the title here gives us a great start.    In the evenings I like to rework these vintage (public domain) patterns while watching TV with my husband.   Well ... he's actually the one watching TV ... I'm just sitting on the couch with him !    This week, I've been working on my issue of ....

Crochet pattern Book 167 Tablecloths Scarves Doilies
Spool Cotton Company Book No 167 - Tips on Tables.   This book was published in 1941 (yep, 76 years ago), in promotion of their current lines of threads.

No 7385 -  Dance of the Flowers - graces both the front and back cover.   This delightful large floral medallion with smaller fill-in work is worked in two colors.

The threads, well that would be "Clark's O.N.T. or J&P Coats Best Six Cord Mercerized Crochet Thread.   Remember, this is a time period before Coat's and Clark's were merged together into one brand.
No 7391 - Sorcery - Another medallions design (5 1/4 inches) with smaller fill-in motifs.  The finished cloth measures 53 x 73 inches. 

No 7363 - Richelieu - This (first) filet crochet selection carries a bold mosaic motif in the extra long size of 65 x 93 inches.
No 7444 - Peacock Tails - This four piece luncheon set was a quite popular design during the 1940's, appearing in five (that I know of) different Spool Cotton pattern books.

No 7414 - Snowfall - A delicate luncheon set with place mats and runners made up of small 2 1/8 motifs in a snowflake design.

No 7386 - Princess Charming - Dainty floral and leaf motif  in octagon motifs.  The finished cloth is the standard 60 x 80 inches.

No 7387 Forest Flowers - A larger motif at 5 inches, with fill-in, that resembles an opening flower bloom.

No 7416 - Family Affair - This Dogwood trimmed beauty, worked in Filet Crochet, measures 70 inches in diameter.

No 7185A - Spring Song - This exquisite lace mat is perfectly sized for trays.   The pattern includes the 'A", which means there is a corresponding piece out there.   I've not yet found it, but rest assured, I'll be on the watch.

No 7433 - Rusticana - A round Mat set densely crocheted using Knit-Cro-Sheen in three colors.
This pattern is offered as a free download in the shop.

No 7389 - Summer Sun - Another round medallion cloth; quite different but equally as lovely as the others.

No 7388 - A Square-A-Day - This third filet crochet selection is made of large 17 inch square blocks in a somewhat geometric flower motif.

No 7415 - True Love - Small Posy Flower motifs (a lot of them!) create this marvelous cloth - also 60 x 80 inches.
No 7408 - Rosy Posy - Our last filet crochet selection gives us a delightful luncheon set in rounded shape.

No 7328 - Brighter Star - The 5 1/2 inch round star motifs, with openwork joinings create a lovely cloth that is 65 x 90 inches.   A smaller version of this would almost make a lovely runner.

No 7392 - Gingerbread House - A tri-color mat set that has great potential; not only in browns but the colors of your dining room.

No 7390 - Flower Girl - This cloth is created in 4-1/2 inch medallions that are a 6-petal flower with small fill-in.   A grand design for your dining table.

No 7413 - Frolic - This sweet motif cloth starts with a linen center surrounded by a wide and whimsical squirrel and floral border.  Termed a tea cloth, is measures 44 inches square.

The book closes with a promotional advertisement for the other Spool Cotton pattern books of similar release dates.

And, there we go.  True to the title - Tips on Tables - all seventeen cloths or mats pattern are geared to the dining table.  I like that they put in five filet crocheted motifs; certainly more than the average vintage pattern book.

It took me almost a week to get through this one, but it's now listed in the shop for vintage historical value.  Time to move on to the next set ... perhaps a magazine this time.

Thanks for dropping by,

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Crochet Medallion Mat using Dritz Belastraw Yarn

Working through the 1952 issue of Modern Needlecraft Magazine, I again came across a pattern which calls for Dritz Luxury Belastraw.   And, as usual, I thought  "one of these days I'm going to have to find out some information on this discontinued products".    Well, perhaps this is the day.

This is the pattern I'm referring to.
It is a quite lovely Table Mat that is crocheted in 3/4 inch medallions that will form a finished piece that is 20 inches square.    It calls for an obsolete thread that was called Dritz Luxury Belastraw.   Most of the patterns in magazines also appeared in pattern books and I'm making a guess this one would have appeared in Table Mats & Doilies of Dritz Belastraw - Vol 23 from 1951

 (Picture used with permission from Cheryl12108)

Now, there are quite a number of these discontinued yarns from the late 1940's and early 1950's.  Why so many, well let's attribute part of that to World War II.  During the war there was a shortage of cotton, as majority of the product was designated to uniforms and other material supplies.  A fair amount of alternative materials were substituted.

Dritz Belastraw was a 100% Viscose Process Rayon thread, 5 ply, that was distributed by John Dritz & Sons (now Prym-Dritz Corp).   The thread is reported to be a bit like a soft nylon straw and was fashioned for making of bags and hats.  It's was a strong thread that was worked tightly.  The fibers were prone to stretching when wet, and dry cleaning was sometimes recommended in the pattern books.  

And, that's all I've been able to find.   In looking at the pattern, I'd say it's an easy medallion design that would be quite delightful in a number of heavier threads.    I've listed it in the shop as a Free Download, should you be interested in giving it a try.   (If so, I'd really appreciate your reporting back as to which threads you used !).

Okay, back to work.
Thanks for dropping by,

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Crocheted Tablecloths, Book 179 from Spool Cotton

There are a whole array for crochet pattern books that were issued by The Spool Cotton Company during the 1940s.    Times were (financially) tight with World War II in progress and many a woman spent a fair number of the evening hours creating beautiful laces to adorn their homes.     This particular book, No 179, Crocheted Tablecloths and Luncheon Sets, was issued in 1942.  Here, let me share it with you, page by page.

Crocheted Tablecloth Pattern Book, SPC 279
The official write-up :  "Friendship and the warmth of hospitality, which have become of great importance to us all, find their perfect expression in home entertaining.  You;ll want to open your house, dress up your table and share its loveliness with your guests.  A crocheted lace cloth will add a very personal charm to your luncheon or dinner and make of it a glamorous and memorable occasion".
No 7468 Maywood : Pretty flowers awash in a sea of lace graces the front cover 

Star Medallion Crochet Tablecloth Pattern
No 7464 - Raleigh : All the world loves the sparkle of stars .. so capture their beauty for your table with this exquisite cloth.

Round Medallion Tablecloth Crochet Pattern called Monterey
No 7463 Monterey :  With the Stylized Charm of Old Tiles.

Filet Crocheted Roses Placemat Pattern and Table Set
No 7407 El Dorado : Filet roses in the modern manner.

Round Flower Medallions for Crocheted Tablecloth Pattern
No 7467 Winthrop - For a flowery lacy look.

Long Filet Crochet Tablecloth Pattern
No 7462 Hampshire - Plumes make a pageant of filet.

Vintage Ardmore Starfish Crochet Cloth Pattern
No 7466 - Ardmore :  If your dinner's keyed to a more formal note this radiant motif cloth will bring your table charm and distinction.

Round Medallion Motif for Runner Placemat Crochet Patterns
No 7484 Worcester - A luncheon set with a crispy air.

Fairfax Nosegay of Flowers Cloth Crochet Pattern
No 7469 Fairfax - A nosegay of flowers.

Aurora Crochet Cloth Pattern is vintage 1940s
No 7471 Aurora - Another Star from our Galaxy

Arlington Tablecloth Crochet Pattern Round Medallions
No 7465 Arlington - A very special beauty.

Vintage Oblong Tablecloth Crochet Pattern with Square Motif
No 7470 Cambridge - Yours for everyday loveliness

Vintage Coats Clarks Thread Advertisement
And the back cover is a repeating image of Crochet Cottons

And that's it.   Cover to cover.    There are certainly some lovely designs here, all of heirloom quality.   Yes, a cloth can be a large project, but consider that most of these motifs are quick to turn out.   The patterns are listed individually in my shop should you be interested.   

Hope you enjoyed the photo journal. 


Monday, September 2, 2013

Crocheted Doilies, Lily Design Book 79

​In 1956, Lily Mills issued their pattern Design Book 79, which they simply titled Doilies.    The selling price was a whole 10 cents.  Only somewhat true to the theme of doilies, the booklet, also include a couple nice place mats as well as a chair set.   If you'd like to see more, just get yourself into a comfortable spot and settle in for the photo journal that is about to follow. 

Doilies Crochet Pattern Book 79 from Lily Mills
As typical in these pattern booklets, the front page shows a number of the patterns included in the booklet.  In this particular case, all nine designs

Crocheted Victorian Round Doily Pattern
Swirls Doily - Round upon round of intricate lace all in 12-1/2 inches. 

Vintage Harmony Crochet Doily Pattern Vintage 1950s
Pointed Harmony Doily -  I see here a hint of floral, a hint of hearts and wonderful lacy effects. 

Crochet Placemat Floral Filet Crochet
Embossed Daisy Place Mat - This lovely piece, worked in filet crochet, has a scroll daisy motif. 
Round Placemat Crochet Pattern with Gape Motif
Grape Mat - a round variation of the Place Mat, this one features a nice grape spay in each quarter. 

Vintage Peacock Doily in Filet Crochet
Peacock Fillet Buffet Scarf - Two peacocks surrounded by a leaf scroll motif; a filet crochet beauty measuring 16-1/2 x 26 inches. 

Pink White Crochet Pineapple Doily Pattern
Pineapple Centerpiece - Pineapples in a contrast color add pop and 
appeal to this 17 inch centerpiece. 

Fun Polka Dot Crochet Placemat Pattern
Coin Dots - Polka Dots add a fun appeal to this basic mat. 

Crocheted Square Pattern for mats
Chair Set - The back cover gives us a simple chair set made of square motifs that could easily be extended to becomes scarves or cloths size of your choice. 

And that's it; all eight patterns featured in the booklet.  I do have to say it is a nice collection of different design and stitch techniques.   Several pieces are of framing quality, and I could easily see the chair set becoming a quite attractive bedspread.  And, the Grape Mats should certainly be used in entertaining with a Wine bottle right in the middle.  

Should you be interested, these patterns are in my shop individually; there are links below the pictures.   Either way, I hope you enjoyed the photo journal.  

Thanks for dropping by, 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Flower Doilies Pattern, Coats Clark's Book 258

Here is another great selection of vintage crochet doily patterns from Clarks O.N.T. and J&P Clarks.    It contains 11 patterns all with (as you might have guessed) flower designs.    A couple easy, a couple complex, but all delightful pieces of floral art.    The book, issued in 1949 has a couple photos which show the great social changes between then and now.   I'll have to say, though, I always enjoy the photos in these old books.    All of the patterns are crocheted.

From the official introduction : " Flowers so truly fragile in color, so realistic in form, that they seem to bloom right on your table ". For your viewing pleasure, here is the photo journal.

Floral Doilies, Books 258
Flower Doilies Crochet Book 258 from Coats & Clarks
D-214 Daffodil Doily measures 14 inches in diameter.  Individually, I'd think these daffodils would also be marvelous attached to purses, or as a pin (with a pinback).

Vintage Daisy and Mesh on Linen Placemat Pattern
D-206 White Daisy Doily couples up a mesh border with a spray of daises in opposing corners.   As with the above daffodils, these flowers have many other potentials.

Forget Me Knot Crochet Placemat Doily Pattern
D-208 Forget Me Not Doily is  11 x 16 inches of mesh with stands of delicate Forget Me Nots in corners and border edge.

Crochet Pink Clover Doily Pattern, Vintage 1940s
D-210 Pink Clover Doily - You have to employ your imagination here to appreciate the true beauty.  To start, the colors are Shaded Rose, Hunters Green and White or Ecru for the background.   It measures 14 inches in diameter.   I've been eyeing the little dish in the foreground of the picture.  I can't figure out what it is supposed to be.
Flower Doily Crochet Pattern with Black Eyed Susan Motif and Shells
D-207 Black Eyed Susan Doily is elegant in form - all 12 inches.

Apple Blossoms on Line Crochet Placemat Pattern is Vintage 1940s
D-209 Apple Blossom Place Mat features a branch of (you guessed it), Apple Blossoms crocheted and then attached to 12 x 18 inches piece of organdy to create elegant placemats.   Here again, these little flowers have potential for clothing and trim.

Vintage Crochet Pansy Doily Pattern in small and medium
D-205 Pansy Doily Luncheon Set includes the placemat as well as a matching medium and small mat for bread and butter dish and water glass (crystal of course).    All, of course, have a marvelous pansy motif around the edges giving off the colorful promise of Spring.

Vintage Blue White Doily Pattern of Blue Aster Flowers and Pineapples
D-215 Blue Aster Doily is on the medium side at 12 1/2 inches.   The are staggered with an acorn or pineapple (not sure which) design.

Crocheted Daisy Edging Pattern for Mats or Clothes
D-211 Daisy Luncheon Set is a simple daisy motif added as trim to linen placemats in three sizes.   This is available as a Free Download in my shop.

Vintage Crochet Wild Rose Doily Pattern
D-213 Wild Rose Doily in shaded pinks and greens is bound to become the highlight of the table.  It measures 13 inches.

Bluebell Doily Pattern is 15 inches and vintage 1949
D-212 Blue Bell Doily holds stage on the back cover.  I particularly love the fans over each individual blue bell.  The doily is on the large side at 15 inches.

So, what do you think?  Some classic beauties here?   I'd have to say the simple daisy motif is my favorite, simply as it is one of my favorite flowers.  The raised flowers, such as the daffodils and the Blue Bells as excellent in their texture and dimension.  I've listed these patterns in my shop, just follow the links below the pictures should you be interested.      There are, of course, more crochet doilies in my shop as well.  

Hope you enjoyed the photo journal.   Thanks for dropping by,