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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Crochet Pineapple Doily Patterns, A Category of Their Own

I was browsing around in the Doilies category looking for a specific pattern, when it dawned on me that there were 34 pages (18 patterns per page). Now, that's quite a bit to weed through when looking for something specific. Which got me to thinking that it might also be quite a chore for the customer. So, it called for breaking the patterns into two categories. It didn't take long to decide the dividing point would be pineapples. There are a Huge number of Pineapple Doilies.

How many ... well, at this point in time, 395. There quite a bit of variety going on:

Some are quite simple, like this pretty Cloverleaf doily from Coats & Clarks

And some are downright elegant like this Mail Order 5186 Masterpiece - Thank you Anne Cabot

And you might classify a few as discrete as in this Sea Spray Ruffled Doily.

Not many, but there's a couple that you could call colorful, like this Pineapple delight doily from Lily Mills.  Of course, with planning, any doily could be crocheted 'colorful'.

Well, I could go on and one here. You know, large, medium, small, scalloped, etc. etc. etc., but I'm sure you've got the point.

So, if you are looking for a specific Pineapple Doily, or just love to look at these gems, feel free to drop by the new category ..

Thanks for dropping by, 

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Doilies Crochet Pattern Star Book 87 American Thread

It's been quite awhile since I've completed a photo review on a pattern book, so ....   let's take a look at Star Doily Book No 87 called Doilies - Doilies - Doilies, from American Thread.   This booklet takes us back to 1951 and was issued as a promotion to three of their Mercerized Crochet Cottons, Gem, Puritan and Deluxe.     This is a smaller booklet on pages; just 16; but big on doilies (of course) --  all crochet; 9 in all, including one ruffled and one hairpin lace.  Here, let me show you.

Nine Crochet Doilies Patterns, American Thread Book 87

Pretty Doily graces the front cover.    Yes; American Thread actually named it pretty doily.    It has all appearances of being a pansy doily, but a close up look implies 'faux'.  Pretty doily measures 6 or 8-3/4 inches in diameter.

Pink Flower Crochet Doily Pattern
Pink and White Doily is crocheted in shaded threads.  It starts with the attractive center floral motif that extends outwards with the gently scalloped border.

Yellow & Chartreuse Crochet Doily Pattern
Yellow and Chartreuse Doily is a two tone delight that will measure either 9-1/2 or 13 inches.  (Of course, you can still crochet all white).

Medium Pineapple Crochet Doily Pattern with Shell Border
Pink Pineapple Doily features a grand shell border.   Crochet this design at either 9-1/2 or 13 inches in diameter.
Hairpin Lace Doily starts with a crochet center and ends with the exquisite Hairpin Lace.

Gray and Yellow Ruffled Doily -- a most unusual color combination, but it works really well.  The doily has a bit of a flower spray in the center as well as scattered through the ruffled border.

Yellow Spiderweb Doily using shaded crochet cotton has a quite nice shell border.  The doily will measure either 8 or 11 inches in diameter.

Green Leaf Doily is smaller in size, but makes quite a statement with a hint of a flower shaped center followed by the colorful leaves and scalloped border.

Red and White Doily features a nice daisy center bordered in a light round of red, which is matched up on the trimmed border.

And cover, as is typical for American Thread booklets is the same as the front.  Except for knit designs, there potentially something here for everyone.   If I could crochet (anything but the sc), it would be the green leaf?   You?  Which is your favorite?

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Square Centerpiece Crochet Doily

Most of you will remember the 'old fashioned' TV set.  You know, that large console that was in your, or perhaps Grandmother' living room.   Or, for you younger folks, in old nostalgic movies.   Big square or oblong pieces of furniture, most frequently with legs.

But these sets fulfilled more than just TV watching, the top surface became yet another place for the woman of the house to merchandise objects of choice.  Here one would often find picture frames, vases, pieces of art, etc.

And, of course, the display often included the doily; a perfect showcase to whatever might gather.   Women around the world crocheted pieces to adorn their TV's.   The patterns were frequently called doilies, runners or scarves.   One company -- Needlework Services -- (Mail Order Design patterns) took it a step further and actually referred to them as TV covers.

There were a numbers of these design patterns ....

Design 7041 - in three sizes;  19, 21 and 32 inches

Design 7020 - in three sizes; 19, 21 and 32 inches

Design 7226 - in four sizes; 20, 23, 34 and 52 inches

Design 7339 - In three sizes; 22, 25 and 38 inches

Now, the classic TV Doily has become a thing of the past, but these Designs live on.  They are still the staging for beloved items, only the table has changed.   We now call them Large Centerpiece Square Doilies, or, in some cases small tablecloths.

These patterns, which I adore even thought I do not crochet, are each a small piece of our history.

Thanks for dropping by,

Friday, June 3, 2016

Crochet Doilies Pattern Lily Leaflet D-11

I've been working my way through a stack of leaflets the last couple of days.   Near the end, I came across two individual leaflet patterns with the same number.   Now, I've found this a frequent occurrence with the Design Mail Order patterns, but nowhere else.

The case at hand are leaflets from Lily Mills. Leaflets are numbered D-11.

Rock Rose Ruffled Doily is my guess the older of the two.   I'm placing late 1940's, or perhaps early 1950's, based on the paper quality.   It's a lovely ruffled doily, with a repeating rose central motif.
This is followed by:

Pineapple Centerpiece, estimated as early 1960's.   It's a large, 18 inch diameter, beauty with tall proud ruffles.   It also bears the 'Design of the Season' logo, leading me to believe that Lily has a series of leaflets in the series.  I do not, however, have any others .... I'll have to keep a watch.

So, these leave me to ponder.   Was this just a random mistake, an oversight?   Or, will I start seeing pattern number repeats as is done in the Mail Order patterns.   Of course, I don't. know.

Thanks for dropping by for my random musings.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Scintillating Pineapples Crochet Pattern Set

Now, I've written a number of blog posts about Mail Order (Away) patterns, but this particular pattern leaflet was a first for me.
Leaflet T.C. 8 -- where the T.C. stands for True Confession.   Do you remember that magazine (or perhaps you are a current subscriber!).   A magazine with scintillating deemed stories aimed for the young woman; not quite pornography, but certainly not General Housekeeping either.

But, of course, women of this liking would enjoy crocheting as well.  I had just never thought about the magazine offerings being in places other than those periodicals aimed directly at Needlecraft artists.

This is a two page, open fold leaflet, T.C. 8, with two popular patterns, vintage 1950's, from The Spool Cotton Company.  Shown above is Pattern No 7857, a round pineapple daisy luncheon set.

The inside pattern is No 7855, a matching runner is a similar motif that measures 15 x 40 inches.

This pattern leaflet, in PDF form, is available in the shop, should you be interested.

The appearance of this pattern leaflet in my collection stack, makes me wonder what other magazines contracted with the Yarn and Thread companies to feature their pattern as mail-away's.   I'll keep my eyes open, and if you know of others, do let me know.

Thanks for dropping by,

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Crocheted Doilies Pattern Leaflet 208

In my stack of loose pattern leaflets is American Thread Leaflet 208.

Tucked away in the back cover is the only identifier - American Thread Company - Leaflet No 208.

Now, my first thought is ... I've seen this before.   I'm sure this is already in the shop.  So, off I went to look.   But no ... not actually.  There are certainly similar Pansy Doilies, but not this exact one.  In looking through them, American Thread had  the common theme of the marvelous three color pansy border and the eight section center, but each of the centers have a slight variation to them.

Frequently Leaflet Numbers will tie to the pattern book thee designs came out of.  Off to American Thread Book 208.
Yes, Book 208 has that lovely Pansy Doily, but, it carries a different center motif and the second leaflet doily -- Rose Irish is not in this book at all.

I spent awhile in Google Images trying to identify where this pattern originates and came to a dead in. There are many doily designs, of course, named Irish Rose, not 'Rose Irish' -- No.    It is a beauty, 12 inches in diameter, with those delicate roses all around.     As curiosity is always my cat, I'll have to continue the watch.   I've no doubt it will pop up somewhere.

I've listed these two in the shop, should you be interested.
Pansy Doily 
Rose Irish Crocheted Doily

Thanks for dropping by,

Monday, March 16, 2015

Ruffled Doilies Pattern Book No 306

I needed something light to work on for a couple days and selected a small doily leaflet from the awaiting stack.  The pattern book takes us back to 1954, post war-era, when life and economy were booming.    The leaflet, just 16 pages, is called Ruffled Doilies and is Coats & Clark's Book No 306.  The book was issued as a marketing promotion for their Mercerized Crochet Cottons - Best Six and Big Ball.
Gracing the front cover ....
S-582 Sunburst (top) - What a unique way the designed the rays for this Sunburst.  Small pineapples turn into ruffles, which lead to larger pineapple rays.
S-583 Whirlpool - This, unusually enough, is a knitted doily with not only a lovely whirlpool, but a
floral display and the final scalloped border of ruffles.

And, on the inside cover is this bit of prose.  I particularly like the 'in your hearts of lavender".

S-584 Bride's Doily (Top) is a lovely 20 inch crocheted design that has a center of small flower medallions that is bordered by wide ruffles --- yes; just like a brides bouquet!
S-585 Wedding Ring (Bottom) is a nice combination of crochet and hairpin lace in contrast colors.

S-588 Grape Doily (upper left), is a grand and colorful piece in 5 colors.  Don't let the picture fool you; this doily is 17-1/2 inches in diameter.
S-589 - Fruit Mats are a trio of choices.  Square, oblong or round.   Strawberry, lemon or cherry.
S-592 Rock Pool is an exquisite affair with a center wheel and celtic knot, all made whole with the lace ruffle.

S-586 Poinsettia is a larger design at 18 inches with the marvelous Poinsettia leaves and flowers followed by mesh and a smaller ruffled border.
S-587 Mosaic is a pretty filet crochet square doily that measures out to 16 inches

And, there you have it ... 11 patterns, which included one that is filet crochet.   Although the book is called "Ruffled Doilies", not all of these designs are ruffled.   The all do, however, have the commonality of a well defined border.   Rock Pool is by far my favorite of the group.

Well, this book is now finished; guess I'll have to open up the cabinet and decide what to work on next.

Thanks for dropping by,

Monday, February 16, 2015

Two More Pansy Doilies

Each day I try to pull out two of the 'pending' Mail Order patterns and get them processed and listed to the shop.    This is typically a random draw, and as it just so happened, today I pulled out two crochet doilies patterns.   Now, that is not unusual, but in this particular case they were both Pansy Doilies.  Quite splendid doilies as well, if I don't say so myself.

Mail Order 2494 - Crocheted Pansy Doily -  This beauty is medium in size at 12 inches.  The Pansies are crocheted separately and then stitched to the doily.  

Anne Cabot's 5568 - Crocheted Chair-Back Set :  This crochet pattern has been termed a Chair-Back set, which I'd think was an apparent mistake (particularly since it ins't portrayed as such).  I'm officially calling it a doily.  This one has the small pansy center, followed by crochet that has been folded to resemble leaves, another large border of pansies with shells in between.   And, if that isn't enough, it has a gathering of three doilies at each of two sides transforming it to 'almost' an oval doily.  

These are both Mail Order Design Patterns.   I believe they are from Kate Marchbanks (which would lead back to Anne Cabot), but I'm not positive of that.   I do know that I welcome them to my collection.   

Can there ever be too many Pansy Doilies?  Well, probably not.   (I've more in the shop, in case wish to browse further). 

Thanks for dropping by,

Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Pansy Doily Pattern

I was just getting ready to add a new (vintage) Pansy Crochet Pattern to the shop, when I thought I'd better check to make sure it was not already there.  Periodically, the same pattern may have been published in different books by the same brand, or sometimes even, different brands.  
This Pansy Doily design has a flower motif within the doily which, interestingly enough, is not pansy shaped.  

This crochet doily design is billed as a luncheon mat, but a doily it is.   A quite nice pinwheel center, surrounded by an abundance of mesh and then, that charmingly colorful border. 

This Pansy Doily is Mail Order Design 303 from Homecrafters and features the doily motif in the center and finishes with a shell scalloped border.  It is worked in one solid color. 

This is another Mail Order Design, Anne Cabot 5055, and, in addition to the Pansy Doily, there's a Carnation design as well.   As are all the Design patterns, the picture is in black and white, but the pansy border is brightly colored. 

The New Pansy Doily, vintage 1960's has a pretty floral center and a scattering of implied flowers in mesh.   And, of course, the grand border of Pansies. 

This Pansy Doily is designed to be a bowl.   Starch it quite nicely and place it in the front entry for your what-nots.  

This Pansy Doily has a elongated diamond center motif.   It's officially billed as a ruffled doily, of which I'm not sure --- but, a grand design it is.  

The Diamond Pansy Crochet design is quite like the doily right above, with the colorful border and elongated diamonds.   But, look closely, and you'll notice the border that connects the border to the center is different. 

And this Pansy Doily was the one I started with.   And yes, it has a number of similar elements .... like the Pansy (lol), but definitely not the same as the others. 

All the pansy doilies currently in my shop seem to be coming from the 1950's and 1960's.   I have no doubt, however, that this colorful beauty has been around for many generations prior; in books that I've just not gotten to yet.  

If this is not enough Pansy design for your, here's a bit larger sample.  

Well, that's enough for today ... back to work. 
Thanks for dropping by, 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Crochet Doily Patterns, Star Book 145

The last leaflet of the year -- 2014 -- that I've processed for the shop is  lovely American Thread Book 145.    This book takes us back to 1956, when the ladies were crocheting away while perhaps listening to the most popular songs 'Don't be Cruel', 'Hound Dog', or 'Blue Suede Shoes'.   No, on second hand, who would be able to sit still with The King of Rock and Roll on the record player!   The leaflet is 32 pages and offers up 16 different patterns for our enjoyment.   There is something for all here - knit, crochet and tatting.
American Thread Co., DOILIES, Star Book 145

Pinky:  A crochet fern center that radiates out to floral border.  

Swan Tatted:  American Thread named this piece Swan .. perhaps thinking the pineapples fold out like feathers?   It can be worked at 14-1/2 or 15-1/2 inches.

Sunburst :  These are a colorful affair that should have no problem finding a display point in many a home.  An easy crochet. 

Pansy (on left):  Another variation of the always popular pansy motif.  This colorful bordered piece is 11 or 12 inches in diameter.
Fan (on right):  A pretty flower center that fans out to a delightful shell border.

Dove : A splendid Pineapple doily with wide shells and lace border.

Ivy :  This doily, with Ivy type leaves and yellow flowers is centerpiece quality at 21 or 25 inches in diameter.

Chelsea :  A small set of pineapples, followed by those much larger, surrounded by mesh, culminate at 16 inches.

Violets - Crochet with pink or purple flowers.  Add a second display of  violets for a large doily.

Golden Citrus - A grand display of pineapples and shells.   It is quite glorious in yellow, but I have no doubt equally nice in any color of your choosing.

Quill- Four quadrangles of pineapple motifs make up this pretty 13 or 14 inch doily.
 Marigold:  Starts and ends with pretty marigolds, with pineapples in between.

Valley Lilly:  A proud floral centerpiece doily at 21 or 22 inches.

Cluster Stitch:  Not as petite as it looks at 12 or 13 1/2 inches.

And that's it ... Star Book 145.   What do you think?  The Sunburst design is my personal favorite of the offerings.  And, I think the flowers on the Ivy Doily could be adjusted to make marvelous trim.  

Okay ... on to the next batch of patterns, which will be miscellaneous leaflets and Mail Order Designs, for a week or so. 

Thanks for dropping by,