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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Vintage Crocheted Trim Handout

Tucked away in the 1965 issue of McCalls Needlecraft is a handout for crocheted trim. The handout, of course, was intended to inspire additional ways to decorate a couple of the jacket patterns that were in the magazine. The trims, however, could be used in a number of ways ... dresses, bags, pillows, hats, hair pieces, etc. etc. etc.
Really, your imagination is on the only limiting factor on what you could do with these ideas.
I initially had attached the handout to the jacket patterns that were listed in the shop, however, thought perhaps I'd post it here as well ...
12 two- hole buttons, 1 3/8" diameter. Fingering yarn, 1 oz.
POMPO(make 12): Cut a strip of cardboard 3/4" wide. Wind double strand of yarn 50 times around strip. Draw double strand under windings. Knot ends, pulling windings together tightly. Cut strands opposite knot. Cut tying strands, leaving 6" ends. Trim pompon to 3/4". Pull 6" ends through holes of button, knot ends at back. Tie to jacket, spacing as shown.
POMPONS FOR SLEEVESMATERIALSKnitting worsted, 1 oz. POMPON (make 24): Cut two 1 1/2" cardboard disks; cut 1/4" hole in center of each. Thread yarn needle with 3 yardsof yarn; bring ends together. Place disks together; wind double strand around disks, working through holes. Slip scissors between disks; cut strands at outside edge.
Draw 8" strand of yarn between disks, wind several times tightly around yarn, Knot, leaving ends. Remove disks. Fluff
out pompon; trim. Tie pompons along outer sleeve seam, spacing evenly.
Fingering yarn, 2 ozs. POMPO(make 14): Cut two 2" cardboard disks; cut 1/2" hole in center of each. Thread yarn needle with 2 strands of
yarn each 5 yards long; bring 4 ends together. Placedisks together: wind yarn around one side of disks. Repeat with same amount of yarn on other side. Slip scissors between disks; cut all strands at outside edge. Draw two 10" strands of yarn down between disks and wind several times tightly around yarn. Knot, leaving ends for tying on pompon. Remove disks. Fluff out pompon, trim ends evenly. Tie pompons along bottom edge of jacket, spacing evenly.
FLOWER YOKE MATERIALS: Fingering yarn, 1 oz. 42 pearl beads. Steel crochet hook No.2.
FLOWER (make 42): Ch 4, sl st in first ch to form ring.
Rnd 1* Ch 2, 3 stin ring, sc in ring, repeat from * 3 times- 4 petals. 51 st in first ch at beg of rnd. End off. Weave in yarn ends. .
FINISHINGArrange 11 flowers around neckline. Sew to jacket with pearl at center. Sew on 14 flowers for 2nd row of yoke, 2" below first row. Make 3 rd row of 17 flowers 2" below 2nd row.
MATERIALSFingering yarn, 2 ozs. TASSEL (make 12): Cut a piece of cardboard 4" square. Wind double strand of yarn 45 times around cardboard. Tie tightly around windings at one edge with double strand of yarn. Knot securely. Cut strands opposite knot. Wind a strand of
yarn several times around tassel 1" below top; knot ends; hide ends inside tassel. Trim ends of tassel. Tie tassels around neck of jacket, spacing evenly.
MATERIALSFingering yarn, 1 oz. each of rose- red and green; few yards of pink. Steel crochet hook No. O 1/8yard
organdy. Sharp yarn needle.
LEAVE(make 18): With green, ch 3.
Row 1 : Work 7 tr in 3rd eh from hook. Ch 2, turn.
Row 22 dcin each tr across, 2 dc along side of last tr. End off.
BLOSSOM(make 48): With red, * ch 4. Dc in 2nd ch from hook and in each of 2 ch, sl st in last ch (base of petal). Repeat from * 3 times-4 petals. Slst in base of first petal. End off.
FINISHINGCut six 2" circles of organdy. Arrange. 3 leaves in cloverleaf pattern on each circle: tack. Arrange 8 blossoms over leaves. With pink, attach each blossom with 3 to 5 French knots.
Sew 3 clusters to each front of jacket.
If you create some of these, I'd love to hear back from you (pictures always welcome!) as to how you used them.
Thanks for dropping by,

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Crochet Barbie Fashion Doll Clothes, Mail Order Designs

It was a glorious year for little girls. It was 1959 and Mattel released a creation of Ruth Handler called the Barbie Doll. Little girls across America were instantly enchanted and the rest is history.
As the Barbie Doll arrived to each home, the next essential need was the wardrobe. Which means, of course, loving Moms pulled out the cloth, scissors and yarn and started sewing, crocheting and knitting clothes fashion outfits for the beloved doll. This, of course, drove the pattern companies to start issuing patterns for those outfit.
I have several of these patterns from the early 1960's found mainly in over-the-counter magazines (like McCalls Needlecraft), as well as several Mail Order Designs. Here, let me show you a few.

Design 525 - Crocheted Bride and Bridemaid's Gowns. Just about every little girl would want these outfits.

Sweet Teen Bride is another bridal outfit (or great party dress without the veil). Did you notice the pineapples?. This pattern was issued as a Coat's and Clarks Leaflet.

Design 199 - Mail Order Pattern - Most likely Anne Cabots. This Design gives us a coat, top, skirt, hat and two choice dresses.

Design 7362, Crocheted Doll's Wardrobe. This Mail Order Design is in the Alice Brooks number series, and gives mix and match options consistent with the times .... notice the ripple poncho.

Tea Time Ensemble - This pattern from The Workbasket features more variations on mix and match options.
Just for fun, a little Barbie Trivia ...
  • Birthdate: March 9, 1959
  • Born: Willows, Wisconsin (a fictional place)
  • First Outfit: One Piece Swimsuit
  • First Hairstyle: Ponytail
I have no doubt a fair number more Fashion Doll patterns will be added to this small collection as I have a a HUGE amount of patterns I've yet to work my way through. The number will, however, be limited by what is in public domain; i.e. 1959 into early 1960's.
Thanks for dropping by,

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Crocheted Sachet Pattern; Times Have Changed

This afternoon, I was processing an old Mail Order Pattern --- Anne Cabot's 5064 -- dating back to 1948.

Anne Cabot's 5064 -- It's a sweet pattern that gives directions for three different shapes, called Gift Sachets.
As I was going through the material requirements, I noted that 'Sachet Powder' was listed. Instantly, one of those "I wonder" thoughts took root. I wonder, are Sachet Powers still sold? Now, although I certainly was not around in 1948, I do remember sachet powders.
They were sold in small jars, packets and, my favorite - Avon - had a marvelous shaker bottle.
BUT, to get the results for these Sachet Powders, one must be sure in insert Vintage in front of the search. Because, if you don't, you are going to get a whole lot of pages with products like these ....
So, instead of Sachet Powders being sweet smellers for your underwear drawer or closet), they are now powders you may use to cast a spell .... many different spells in fact.
Thanks for dropping by,

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Vintage Stuffed Cat Crochet Patterns

Did you know that stuffed cat crochet patterns existed before Amigurumi became popular. Well, of course they did. Fiber artists have been making stuffed toys ... cats included ... since ... well, I don't really know, but I'm betting hundreds (perhaps thousands) of years.
I found myself thinking about this today as I was entering the latest Mail Order Cat pattern into the shop. A quick look showed that I had a number of stuffed cat or kitten patterns, all from the 1950's and 1960's time period.
Design 5686 gives us a kitten crocheted in Angora Yarn. This particular design was also issued under No 102, by Anne Cabot.
Another Mail Order pattern, Design 919, is  a looped stitch kitty that stands 8 1/2 inches tall.
These dancing duo party cats pattern appeared as National Needlecraft Bureau No 2521 in the early 1950's
This black cat (paired up with a bunny) was also issued by National Needlecraft Bureau - No PC 5281. I assume this pamphlet was a reproduction from a Spool Cotton Co. pattern, as they typically used the P.C. number series in the 1940's.
And, one more pattern from National Needlecraft Bureau - P.C. 4976 gives us a pouncing black cat paired up with a sweet puppy.

And one more selection from Columbia Minerva. This gives us a cat (one the far left), paired up with a barn yard of other animals, and a rug as well.
And that's it .... in the shop for now. I have no doubt there will be many more to come, however, as I must have another 100 books or more to get processed. If you are looking for a crocheted kitty project, hope you find just what you are looking for !
Thanks for dropping by. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Crocheted Owl Pattern, Mail Order Designs

I'd assume that Owl's have been popular forever.   I mean, seriously, who doesn't like an owl?  But, I think with the popularity of Macrame in the 1960's, the owl became a natural; the colors so perfect for the jute cords.  And, where macrame went, you can bet the crochet fiber artists were sure to follow.     #Among the most popular of craft patterns for the time period were the Mail Order Designs starting in the late 60's.   It was easy marketing, reaching the entire country through newspapers.    Here's a couple examples:  #

Design 481 - Crocheted Owl Wall Hanging 10 1/2 x 21 inches.   

Design 672 - Crocheted Pillow in two sizes.    A shell stitch beauty, the pillow and owl are worked separately and joined.    Do you see the resemblance between these two .... yep, same owl.   This is very frequent with mail order patterns; variations of the same design.

Design 496 - Crocheted Hot Plate Mat in two sizes - 9 x 11 and 7 x 8.  I've no doubt you could also attach a hook to the back and create colorful kitchen wall hangings with these as well.

Are there more?   Of course there are.   And, as I get them reworked for the shop, I'll come back and add them in.

Thanks for dropping by,

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Vintage Crochet Flower Hair Accessories

I was just entering a new pattern into the shop for a set of hair accessories and found myself wondering if I didn't already have these.    Now, these hair accessories are not necessarily big sellers, but shouldn't a design that goes all the way back to the 1940s (and possibly earlier) deserve representation?   Well, of course --- I think so anyway.    

vintage Anne Cabots Crochet hair Combs Pattern
Here's the pattern I'm talking about.   It's 1946 from Anne Cabots Mail Order Album.   I love the loose sketch detail, accompanied by the photography.   I nice combination of four different flowers and two leaves, that could be mixed and matched in any number of ways.

Lily Mills Leaflet 112-b, hair crochet accessories

And here's another marvelous set - this one issued as a 1943 Lily Mills Leaflet 112-b.  Not all of the options here are flowers, but all are quite delightful.

Vintage 1940s Crochet Flower Accessory Pattern

This set, a bit later 1940s, is from Coats and Clarks.   It's a nice flower with variation to be used in different ways.

These patterns were specifically issued as hair accessories.  But, one must remember that a flower is a flower is a ..... well, you get the idea.   
Vintage Crochet Stemmed Flowers Pattern Design 524

The 1960s were well represented with flowers ... those put on a wire stalk and added to vases -- such as this Mail Order Design 524.  These flowers would make marvelous accessories.  

So, back to where I started, yes, I did have several patterns for flower hair accessories.  Don't forget that these are also great for chokers, wrist bands, shoes, label pins, over the top belts, etc. etc. etc.   I have well over 150 vintage books and magazines waiting to be processed, as well as over 500 mail order design patterns, so I have no doubt that more flowers will be appearing soon.

Okay, now I'll go back to my regularly scheduled work!.    Thanks for dropping by, 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Lipstick Blotter Crochet Pattern

Do you remember when you were a little girl (assuming you are female), watching your mama get dressed to go out, and how after applying her lipstick, she'd reach over for a little piece of tissue and dab her lips?   That's what this pattern is.   A little crochet container to hold the little tissues

Free Crocheted Tissue Holder Pattern, Lipstick Blotter

The little crochet container measures 5-1/2 inches in diameter.   It is cute, ribbon decoration and little roses on the top.     

This one had me going for awhile.   At the end of the directions ... for the little tissues, it gave instructions to take a roll of toilet paper and cut it in half using using your electric knife.  Then, pull the center tube out of each of the half and put the 1/2 toilet paper roll into the container.   

That got me to thinking.  I wonder how nicely a whole roll of toilet paper would cut in half.   I mentioned it to Beau, who gave me that 'what are you thinking look'.  I was just a couple minutes from heading to the kitchen to give it a try, when I realized ... yet right ... if it works, there would be all those little TP fibers floating around in the air and I'd need to dust again.  I hate dusting and that put an end to the thought.  

But, back to the box.   It's a cute little and perhaps someone will be able to come up with an idea that doesn't involve cutting TP paper rolls in half to use it.   Just in case, I've listed it in my shop as a Free Download.  

Thanks for dropping by, 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Crochet Gifts, Coats Pattern Book 226

I've been looking through the Crocheted and Knitted Pattern Booklet No 226 for some time.  The official name is Gifts and it has a bunch of different ideas for (perhaps) quick and easy gifts to knit or crochet.   I've delayed processing the book, just because there are so many patterns in it to review.  But, as I'm not getting any younger, suppose I should just get on with it !

The Gifts book contains 24 projects;  all but two being crochet.  Grab up cup of whatever you drink, if you're going to preview with me.   Note - there are 26 pictures here; depending upon your internet speed, it might take a minute or two to load.

Gifts to Knit Crochet, Coats Clarks Pattern Book No 226
 Book No 226, Gifts Crocheted and Knitted was re-issued by Coats Clarks in 1945.   I have not yet discovered the first issue date, nor found evidence of a third.   The front and back cover are the same.  

Square Block Crocheted Hot Plate Mats Pattern
 No 4034 - Hot Plate Mats - The Large mat measures about 9 inches, the medium mat 7 inches and the small mat about 5 1/2 inches.

Small Star Doily Crochet Pattern, ruffled border
No 4036 - Frill Doily features a center six point star, surrounded by more than ample ruffles. 

Free Crochet Pattern, Edging and Insertion
No 4044 & No 4045 Crochet Insertions shown here on towels, but feel free to put them on anything you might like.
These insertions are available as a Free Download in my shop. 
Crocheted Potholders Pattern, Vintage 1950s
No 4028 Round & Square Potholder Set features fun daisy flower motif made with scraps of red and green felt. 
Scalloped Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern
No 4024 Baby Blanket measures 36 x 50 inches and has a sweet scallop edging. 

Crocheted Dog Ball Pattern, Vintage 1950s
No 4026 Loopy Dog & Ball - Crochet one or the other; they are both adorable. 

Vintage Crocheted Trim for Pincushions
No 4042 & 4043 Pincusions:   The pattern is a bit misleading named as Pincushions.  The pattern gives directions to made the edging and insertion for purchased (or already made) pincushions.  They are, however, dainty pieces worthy of use.   
These insertions are available for free download in my shop, should you be interested. 

Free Crocheted Place Mats Pattern
No 4035 - Hot Place Mats - Bright and colorful pieces with chain edging measures 
approx. 6 x 8-1/2 inches.
This pattern is available for free download in my shop. 

Vintage Round Crochet Potholders Pattern
No 4027 - Potholders - Easy Beginner Potholders that are simple and attractive.
This pattern is available for free download in my shop. 

Vintage Basket Crochet Pattern
No 4032 - Flower Basket :  A nice accent piece with ribbon weaving, perfect for flowers, potpourri or whatever may suit you.
Crocheted Apron Pattern, Pockets
No 4030 - Crocheted Apron looks to be not just easy to make, but attractive to wear. 

Square Crochet Handbag Pattern
Diamond Crocheted Belt Pattern, Vintage 1950s
No 4040 - Belt and Matching Bag have an attractive diamond design which is stitched in accordance with the included chart. 

No 4051 - Scuffs are slip-on with a diagonal stripe design.  They require purchases soles.
This pattern is available as a Free Download in my shop.  

Flower Embroidered Crochet Slippers Pattern

No 4048 - Slippers with flower motif are ankle high with a tie closure to keep them in place. 

Crocheted Shell Handbag Pattern, Vintage 1950s
No 4049 - Crochet Handbag.  This pattern is featured on the cover.  Notice the attractive shell stitch.

Vintage Crochet Edging Pattern for Dickey
No 4029 - Dickey with Crocheted Edge.  Actually, the pattern is for the crochet edging only ... but what a spectacular dickey!  
This edging design is available in my shop as a Free Download.

Bed Socks Crochet Pattern with Ruffled Top
No 4046 - Bed Socks:  These may resemble baby booties, but they are actually a set of misses bed socks.

Lace Crocheted Bed Jacket Pattern
No 4047 - Bed Jacket:  This pretty garment is also made in Shell Stitch and features purchased lace collar, cuffs and ribbon ties.   It's a romantic piece.

Crochet Sachet Patterns
No 4033 - Hanger Covers & Sachet :  Here a closet accessory set - Covers for your wooden coat hangers, sachets as well as a mini hand stand.  

Three Crochet Pull Patterns

No 4050 - Curtain Pulls or Ornaments - lacy with scalloped edges.   These are quite pretty and useful for many decorative purposes.

Crocheted Mesh Placemat Runner Pattern Set
No 4041 Luncheon Set :  A simple, yet elegant design includes placemats that are 11 x 17 inches, as well as an 11 x 27 inch runner. 

Vintage Checked Crochet Glass Jackets Pattern
No 4036 & No 4037 :  Bright and colorful sets of Glass Jackets and Coasters.   Perhaps the coozies will need to move over for a resurregence.

Lacy Knit Mats Runner Pattern, Vintage 1950s
No 4025 Knit  Luncheon Set is made up in strips and connected together for 
the 11-1/2 x 16-1/2 place mats. 

No 4039 Knitted doily measures 16 inches in diameter. 

That's it !   Finally; it took me three days to process and get through all of these.   I wonder if anyone is actually going to make it to the end of the review.

The book mostly meets the expectations of the title theme - GIFTS.   Everything in the book would have made a good gift back in 1949, and a good number still would today.   The only criticism I could venture would be the ratio between the knit and crochet.  We had a whole total of 3 knitting patterns.

I've reformatted all of these patterns and put them in my shop; some for sale and others as a free download, as indicated below each photo, should you be interested.

I hope you enjoyed the photo journal.  Thanks for dropping by.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lacy Crochet Box with Lid

Recently, I purchased a lot of knit/crochet patterns from an Ebay seller that  turned out to be absolutely delightful.   They were simple described as old 1940s patterns from magazines and newspapers.  This they were ... and so much more, that I'm sure  will result in dozens (and dozens and dozens) of blog posts over the next few months as I route through and organize them.

Let start with this pattern.  It is a clipping from an unidentified magazine.  Just one long narrow strip with tiny 2 x 3 inch pictures (thus the grainy look).

 It is titled - CROCHETED FANCY - A Dressing Table Delight.

The pattern stitch couldn't get much simpler and you decide how you would like to adorn the top.  It's built using a cigar box (or box of your choice) as a base, and shellacing it at the end to holds it's form.

What do you think?   A perfect touch of old fashioned whimsy to store your treasures?  A perfect gift for a young frilly girl?   Or, just so old fashioned it should fade away?

Should you decide you'd like to make one, I've listed the reformatted pattern (with the original pictures) in my shop as a Free Download.

UPDATE ... 6/23/2017 ... Would you believe that this has become the Most Popular Free Pattern in the shop.

Thanks for dropping by.