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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Afghans to Knit Crochet, Coats Clarks Book 108

Coats and Clarks brought us - Afghans to Knit and Crochet, Book 108 in 1959.   Just as you would expect, for this time frame, the photos are black and white, except for the cover, and a fair number of those are not great quality.   But, if you look close, you'll find there are a couple classics and well as some other intriguing projects.   There are 13 patterns in all.  A couple Knitting, and of course Knit / Crochet combos, along with Crochet and Afghan Stitch and there's a little embroidery tossed in, and just to keep us on our toes, they added in a handwoven afghan.  For the most part, this booklet is a promotion for their Red Heart Knitting Worsted.     So ... for your viewing pleasure ....

The front covers (back cover) gives us a color preview of three of the patterns. 

C-454 Palette Afghan - Crocheted in afghan stitch with multi-colored yarn - 49 x 65 inches.  I really like these multi-color yarn effects.  May the same afghan for every one in the family and they will all be different. Seems like it would be another great way to use up complimentary color scraps.  

B-129 Greek Key - Crocheted blocks, alternating between solid color and the Greek Key motif - 50 x 70.  The pattern calls for two colors.

B-130 Rosebud Ring - Crochet, Puff Stitch 4 1/2" motifs made up this 44 x 60 afghan.   This is a good example of a potentially nice afghan, but lousy selling photography by C&C. 

B-131 Mexicana - A Colorful Crocheted Afghan made up of 5 1/2 inch hexagonal motifs - 49 x 72.   This is another one using variegated yarns.

B-132 Chequerboard knitted afghan is Quaker stitch in triangles of knitting worsted - measures 47 x 64.

B-133 Ship's Cable - Knitted bulky afghan, bold and elegant at the same time, is worked in strips and has lush fringe - 42 x 64.

B-134 Symphony - Crochet Afghan - 48 x 69.  Look close; this is an attractive piece, but I'd think that it's calling on little fingers (or even larger ones), pulls on, or slipping things through, those textural loops. 

B-135 Shepherd's Plaid - Woven Tapestry - 44 x 55.  This masculine piece is created by drawing a long tapestry needle through curtain scrim.

B-136 Henry Clay Wheel - Crochet Geometric afghan.  The design is based on an Early American quilt pattern - 41 x 61.

B-137 Pompon Posy - Afghan Stitch with embroidery details and little pompons - 47 x 67.

B-138 Lattice Lace - Knit with Crochet; a lovely afghan with alternating strips of openwork lace and diamonds - 45 x 66 .  This pattern was also featured in a Coats & Clark's leaflet, as well as making an appearance in the Workbasket Magazine.  

B-139 - Cottage Garden - Created with an afghan hook and enhanced with a delightful embroidery motif - 51 - 65. 

B-140 - Sugar N Spice - Crochet afghan blanket of dainty pastel colors - 46 inches square.   This motif is designed for a baby blanket or carriage cover.

B-141 Carriage Trade -  A knitted cable for baby, perfectly sized for carriage or cribs - 32 x 42. 

Truth be told, with the exception of the Cottage Garden, which just isn't my style, I like all of them.   I find Ship's Cable close to perfect in a stately simple standpoint.   And, I find myself taking a second peak at Chequerboard; it's quite interesting.     I checked each pattern, and they done an above average job with this booklet getting all the charts and graphs included.

Now that I've officially shared this one ... I can now move it from my pending review box and onto the Official 'Finished' drawer.

Thanks for dropping by,

Friday, January 30, 2015

National Needlecraft Crochet Afghan Pattern 116.5

I just thought I'd take a minute to share some National Needlecraft Bureau I just came across.    I was processing National Needlecraft Pattern No 116 for a Modern Block Crocheted Afghan .....

.... and found myself thinking .... I know this pattern.   A quick look at the shop showed that was absolutely correct ....
Vintage Modern Block Crochet Afghan Pattern
A quick double check, and yep ... Modern Block ... not just same picture, but same materials and directions as well.

But, what caught me by surprise was Pattern Number given by The National Needlecraft Bureau --- No 116.5.    A couple more looks and the answer because quite apparent.

Crocheted Fashions Pattern Book
 The pattern is from American Thread Book 116; the pattern appears on Page 5.

So, my thought here ... i.e., the trivia, is The National Needlecraft Bureau may not have assigned their own numbering system, but simple tied the pattern number to the originating publication.

Okay, so it's probably not trivia of great interest to most, but I'm becoming more and more fascinated by the relationships and systems among these vintage pattern publishers.  

Okay, back to work.
Thanks for dropping by,

Friday, May 16, 2014

Beautiful Afghans Pattern Book 82, American Thread

I've been working quite steadily on mail order patterns and leaflets lately and felt like I needed a break ... something with pretty color pictures.   So, off to the stack of waiting pattern books, and out I came with Star Book No 82 - Beautiful, Beautiful Afghans.   It fits the bill perfectly ... pretty color pictures to look at.

This booklet is from American Thread, 15 pages in all, and takes us all the way back to 1951.  Do you remember 1951?   Top song of the year being Too Young by Nat King Cole and the top movie was Alice in Wonderland.   That year was before my time, but I certainly know the trivia and can admire the beauty of these vintage afghan patterns. 

Striped Panels of Flowers Afghan Crochet Pattern
The front cover features the Flower Afghan Pattern.  This afghan calls for 21 different colors for the 2-1/4" motifs .. what a wonderful way to use up your scraps. 

American Thread called the design on the left a Chevron Afghan.  My first thought would have been a Ripple, but either way, it's a nice three color piece that is easy enough for a beginner to take on. 

The Indian Stripe Afghan is crocheted in strips with the motif worked into the ends and finished with a lush fringe.

They are calling this piece Square Dance Afghan and Shawl.   At 62 x 62 inches, I think this afghan would be a most perfect picnic blanket.  Create just half the afghan and you'll have a bright and colorful shawl to drape across your shoulders.
Crocheted Granny Square Afghan Pattern
I'm not sure I've seen a more colorful piece than this Crocheted Granny Afghan.  The pattern does not dictate how many colors .... as many as you might want.   Do you notice that even the fringe is multi-color?  Another tremendous way to use up those scraps.

This beauty, called Victorian Afghan,  has either a rose or a pansy motif cross-stitched onto each of the 14-1/2 inch square blocks.  A fair amount of work in the embroidery, but what a grand piece.

Crocheted Fan Afghan with Fringed Ends

The Fan Afghan is made up of 5-1/2 inch blocks with a fan motif in three shades of blue in raised popcorn stitch, giving it great dimension and appeal.

Vintage Crochet Reversible Afghan pattern

This Two Tone Reversible Afghan is so easy to make that you probably shouldn't need a pattern.   But, just in case you do .....   This one has a nice fringe all the way around.   I think I'd copy off the Granny pattern above and make the fringe in two colors as well.

Crochet Charleston Garden Afghan Pattern
Charleston Garden, another floral display in 7-1/2 inch block motif graces the back cover.  

And that is it.   Nine afghan patterns, along with one shawl, in all.   They are all crocheted, and with the exception of the two that require additional embroidery, or cross stitch work, they are quite easy.

I've added these patterns to my shop, should anything interest you; the links are under the respective picture.    There are, of course, dozens and dozens of other crochet afghan patterns as well

Thanks for dropping by,


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ripple Crochet Afghan Patterns

I had a note from a customer this morning asking for help locating a specific ripple afghan crochet pattern.   After searching a bit, I had to, unfortunately, respond that I didn't have (at least listed) the pattern she was searching,   But, in that search, my concept of ripple was broadened a bit.

Now, by definition, ripple means - "to form or have small undulations, ruffles, or folds.  Well, yep, that's a pretty broad definition, but I always think of the ripple looking something like this.

Masculine Crochet Ripple Afghan Pattern
Crocheted Ripple in three colors, measuring 42 x 60 inches. 

Another typical sign of the ripple includes the rippled ends on the long sides.   By definition of the ripple, however, comes a whole variety of related designs, frequently titled under different names.    Like ....

Crochet Rippled Wave Afghan pattern
This design is called Wavecrest, I added the ripple to the title, because that's just what it is.  The edges are not quite as pointed and the pompoms are quite cute. 

Ripple Panel Afghan Crochet Pattern, Fringed
This mail order design, Alice Brooks 7505 is half ripple.  Three rows of ripples and two plain panels.   No pointed edges, of course, but a light fringe all the way around.  

Ripple Overleaf Crochet Afghan Pattern
Technically a ripple because the design starts with a three color ripple, right down to the pointed edges.  But, this one has what they are calling an 'overleaf' design added ... and thus the name of Rippled Overleaf Afghan

Ripple Afghan Pattern in Loop Stitch
This is a Loop Stitch Ripple, with multiple difference.   Of course there is the loop stitch giving it that fuzzy 'other look', but also just bi-color and in rows or stripes, if you will.  The pointed edges are there.   
Vintage Ripple Afghan Crochet Pattern
This Rippled Afghan is so bright and colorful.   At first glance, the ripple design might no jump out at you.   But, look again ... it's there.  

Rickrack Crochet Afghan Pattern Ripple Motif

This design is called Rick Rack Afghan.   Rickrack like ... again yes, but you can see those lapping waves .... making it yet another ripple variation at heart.   

So, the point is (should there need to be a point), there are many different ripple designs out there.   And, when you are looking for a ripple, remember to look just a bit farther than the standard as you might just miss out on the ripple of your dreams!

These designs are in my shop, along with a variety of others, both crocheted and knitted.

Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Pointers for Crocheting and Knitting

This book, magazine style, came to me in a lot of goodies I purchased off of Ebay some time back.   I logged it in and placed it in the ever growing stack of my collection.   Over the last couple months, I find I keep moving it back towards the top of the stack; believe it's something about the bright red cover that kept grabbing my attention.
Tips and Patterns for Knitting and Crochet, a Needlecraft Magazine

This is a bit of a mystery book it's not really branded, nor a specific magazine.  You know, like American Thread or Bernat ... long time yarn manufacturers that put out pattern books to support their yarn sales, or Smart Knitting Magazine.

This pattern booklet says its published by successors to Home Arts and Needlecraft Magazines and the publisher is Newbold Ely.  Published by successors?   There's also reference to this being a companion pattern book to the Knitting Knowledge book series, also published by Newbold Ely.

Pointers for Crochet and Knitting, Knitting Knowledge

This pattern booklet was issued in 1947.   Although there are some good patterns here, as well as some delightful photos, it was not a high quality publication.   The pictures are a bit grainy and overall dark, and I'm sure the 50 some years have not been that kind as well.

There are around 45 patterns in the book.   I put 30 some in the shop; the rest were not up to muster.  Most the patterns are for sale, however, a small handful are listed as free downloads.  It's a usual selection for a magazine style offering of this time period ... doilies, children's wear, pullovers, afghans, etc.  Here, let me show you a few.

Vintage Plaid Jacket Pattern for Little Girls

Knitted Childs Sleeveless Pullover Pattern

Knitted sleeveless slip-over for our little girls with twin cable stripes down the front.  Toddler size 4 and girls size 8.  

Vintage Crochet Flower Medallion Pattern, flower motif

Floral Medallions for bedspreads and scarves - 5-1/2 inches each, with small fill piece.

Vintage Beginners Afghan Crochet Pattern, Easy Stripes with Fringe

 Cartoon of woman knitting from 1930s

And, tucked onto one of the pages, is this marvelous clip of a woman knitting for her (probably away) military husband.  ((Remember, the year here is 1947 )). 

Another feature in the back of the book was a small section of the knitted and crochet pattern stitches used in the book.   I've added an album to my facebook pages to start capturing the pattern stitches.   If you'd like to see, here is the Crochet Pattern Stitch Link, and this is the Knitted Pattern Stitch Link. 

If you'd like to some of the patterns that I listed, follow this link .... Pointers for Crochet and Knitting.   I went out and Google'd the companion books, and Geez ... would I like to have them as well.   But, maybe one day, there are still a good 200 other books in my collection waiting for me to do something with them !

Hope you enjoyed the brief review.   Thanks for dropping by.


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Crocheted Flower Block Afghan, Mail Order Design 988

I received an email this morning from a  woman in Australia that has been looking for a specific mail order crochet pattern.   She'd been searching for some time as part of her pattern was destroyed and she really wanted to finish the in-progress piece..   I'm assuming that she found me through my Design Inventory Page, however, I'm not sure of that.  I did, however, have the pattern in my 'pending inventory'. 

Wild Rose Crocheted Afghan Pattern Design 988
This is a quite nice, and VERY LARGE afghan.   Made up of 11 inch floral blocks, that are joined to make an afghan that measures 69 x 95 inches.   This is more than a afghan, is is a blanket.

It's a large block, measuring in at 13 inches, crocheted in four colors.

Here's one of the newspaper advertisements.  There are a couple variations, but each of the are basically the same, and consistently marketed by Laura Wheeler.

Anyway, I pulled it out the pending drawer and completed the scans, converted to word doc, reformatted, put into a PDF (whew!) and listed it in my store.   It needed done, and now it is !

Perhaps she'll send me a photo when she's done ... these design pictures are never that great. 

Thanks for dropping by,

Monday, April 1, 2013

Big Bang Theory Afghan Pattern

Do you watch the Big Bang Theory?   It is one of Beau's favorite and he never misses a show, and has probably viewed the reruns several dozens times each.   I like the show as well, but my TV style is more of a listener, versus an actual watcher.  (Why ... well, because I spend so much time working on these patterns !).    But, let me get back into focus here!

Crocheted Granny Afghan from Big Bang Theory

The other night, Beau was watching one of the reruns when I happened to look up.  The scene was one where Amy Farrah Fowler and Sheldon are sitting on the couch in her apartment.   It was the afghan, really, that caught my eye.   "Stop", I said to Beau, "Back up and Pause".   I climbed up, got the camera, and he patiently moved forward and backward, pausing, upon request, until we had this picture.

It was the afghan that had caught my attention.   (I know, blurry picture -- pixels only expand so far).

I was sure I knew afghan ... um, well the pattern anyway.  So, I headed over to the shop and started browsing until I found it.  

Vintage 1950s Granny Afghan for Big Bang Theory

Mystery solved; now I'll go back to work.  Thanks for dropping by.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Scandinavian Afghan, Free Crochet Pattern

This pattern, vintage 1960s from Fashioncraft is officially called Scandinavian Afghan.

Free Afghan Crochet Pattern, Scandinavian Stripes

(I know that it's a lousy picture, but truly, when it comes to old magazines, we get what we get).  This afghan is crocheted with big hooks - size Q and K and it's a colorful piece, employing stripes of Mocha Heather, White, Tangerine, Celery Leaf and Gold.   Being a big needle design, it's going to be a fast and easy project to complete.

I was listing in my shop and found myself wondering, is this design representative of a Scandinavian afghan.  So, off to Google images I headed.  (Feel free to take a look).   What did I find?  Well, there are a fair number of afghans, but nothing really in common.   So I went back to Google and searched for 'define Scandinavian Afghan' and found ... not a thing.    So, apparently, Scandinavian Afghan is not a defined style, it's just what someone decided to call it.   I always get these images in my head.   Like, Marge submits Grandma's pattern and the publishers calls her back and says 'Marge, we need a name.  What's it called'.   Marge gives it a quick thought ... 'Well, Grandma came from Scandinavia, so let's call it Scandinavian'.

And, there you go ... Scandinavian Afghan.   It's available as a Free Download in my shop should you like to give it a try.

Thanks for dropping by,

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kentucky Rug Yarns, Volume 5

This booklet, Kentucky Rug Yarns, Volume 5, has no copyright markings to represent age, however, appears to be from the 1950's.  The book was especially prepared for Kentucky Soft Spun Rug Yarn, however, you will need to substitute to yarns of your choice as this company is now defunct.  The book has a nice variety of (what I'm assuming are) beginner crochet patterns.   The patterns include rugs, hats, pillows, afghans, and more. 

Here, let me show you what's in the book ....
Kentucky Rug Yarns 
 This adorable young lady is modeling the beret and muff pattern !

Crochet Rug Pattern with Geometric Lines

 Balanced Rug measures approx. 22" x 35".   This design is worked in single crochet with a visual color chart.
Crocheted Drawstring Bag with Large Tassels
 Curler Bag .... YOU KNOW YOU NEED ONE OF THESE !   Okay, maybe not; but I'm sure you could find a variety of other uses.   This is an easy design in puff stitch.  

 Puppet Pot Holder

 Shell -- Make it in your favorite School colors !   There's a scarf, as well.

Crochet Striped Area Rug Pattern

 Shaded Rug has a double strand of yarn throughout.  
Fringed Crocheted Rug Pattern in three color stripes

Hexagon Block Afghan Crochet Pattern

Beginners Checkerboard Afghan Crochet Pattern

Modern Crocheted Rug Pattern

Crochet Rug Pattern with Circle Motif

 Rug with Border Design

 The Shell Stitch Cover, measuring 20.5 by 31"

Floor Pillow Crochet Pattern

 TV Stack Pillow, measuring 20" by 20" x 4".

 The End .... or better know as, The Back Cover

 There is actually more patterns in the book than the picture shows, such as a belt, dish clothes, bridge table cover, pillows, stocking hat, etc.    I've added a couple of the patterns, as designated by links under the pictures to the patterns that are available in my shop. 

This booklet is clearly marked Vol 5.   I did a few Google searches looking for earlier or later volumes and found absolutely nothing.   I did learn, however, in an interesting article, that they have gone out of business.   

Thanks for dropping by,