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Friday, April 6, 2018

Leeward Mills, Crocheted Nylon Accessories Leaflet

In my stack of loose pattern leaflets (wish I could come across these more often!), is a two page pattern pamphlet from Leeward Mills.

Nylon Accessories to wear ... to give.    Nylon ... yes, the patterns for these designs are crocheted in nylon threads.   This leaflet originated in the 1940's; wool was scarce and nylon became a regular commodity in the crochet community. And, after WWII ended, a huge surplus from parachute production remained.     (Note:   It is still available today in the same sizes!). 

The pattern on the front page gives three insertion, with matching edgings.  These insertions were designed for hankerchief ... dense and  luxurious. 

The Classic Bag and Beanie grace and inside page.   Worked in Nylon size 5, I'd think these accessories would be on the stiffer side. 

This narrow tie, in Size 5 Nylon thread might make an interesting addition as a scarf to your favorite button-down.   The pattern is available as a Free Download in the shop

And then .... the pamphlet closes with the Leeward Mills Quality Guarantee, which was typically printed on the label of their products. 

Hope you enjoyed the touch of 1940's accessory fashions.    Thanks for dropping by.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Smart Stoles to Knit and Crochet

I'm taking a short break from fine-tuning the shop to work a few leaflets.

Coats Clarks Leaflet W-547 Smart Stoles

Here we have three pretty stoles, The middle in knitted, the beauty of the left is a combination of knit/crochet and the one on the right is crocheted.   It was when I turned the leaflet to the backside and saw the pattern titles  -- Judy C-154, Deborah C-155 and Donna C-156 that I realized I'd seen this line-up before.

A quick browse around quickly identified it  ... the models and the naming conventions line up with Coats and Clark's Book 296  -  Festive Stoles and Blouses.     In this booklet, the pattern numbers start up with No C-157.

This leaflet / book combination is just a bit out of the norm.  Most often, pattern leaflets carry the same number designation as the corresponding book.  And .. the leaflet pattern is typically a design from the book itself. 

I wonder, if perhaps, this Leaflet W-547 was positioned near the Pattern Book 296 as a promotion. 
A question I'll never know the answer too (this is vintage 1952 ... older than me).   Perhaps one of you know.

Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Crocheted Cape Pattern, Vintage Alice Brooks 5360

Each day I strive to process one or two mail order patterns for the shop.   Today, at the top of the pile (or, actually, at the front of the container) was Design 5360, which seemed as good as any a place to start.   Now, at this point, I could call this pattern .... how I spent a good portion of the day.

This pattern is best described as fragile .... as it should be ... going all the way back to 1936.

Fortunately, I'd scanned this pattern back in 2014, before it became quite so fragile.  Still, it needed taped back together at the folds for the checking process.   An interesting note about this Alice Brooks Design pattern is it is written entirely in caps (which made it a real bugger to check).   I do not recall seeing this in any others.  

 Now, I do not crochet so I cannot truly attest whether this is a difficult pattern, (the directions say it is a simple stitch), but it is definitely a large pattern .... lots of directions.   It's a lacy delight with a jabot type neck tie and a one size below breast / above elbow design.   Some might even call it a capelet.

Here's the official 1936 write up, which is delightful as well.   I have to say, as far as pattern descriptions go these days, nothing is this charming!

The pattern is now available in the shop, should you be interested.

Thanks for dropping by.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Modern Needlecraft Magazine, Volume 15

I've just finished processing Modern Needlecraft Magazine for the shop and wanted to take a couple minutes to reminisce before filing away in the 'completed' cabinet.

This magazine is Volume 15 and is the Spring-Summer issue for 1952.   There are 47 patterns in the magazine.   I processed 33 for the shop.   I don't typically decide which are sellers or not; they all deserve to be preserved.  But, in the case of this magazine, there were a number that were incomplete (you know - cont. on page 89 and nothing there), as well as some that called for ordering of specific forms or parts that are no longer available.

These old magazines were really an extension of advertising.   The yarn/thread brands would place their advertisements, and the majority of the patterns listed were using these specific brands.    Being 1952, the majority of materials are discontinued.    Where possible, I've started putting in some links to cross-reference what the yarns were.  

As typical, the magazine is divided into categories ... the something for everyone approach.  Well, almost anyway -- afghans, cloths and bedspreads were excluded.   Here are a few of my favorites.

Ribbed Sleeveless Knit Pullover has summer fun written all over it. 

Knit Two Piece Set for Baby.   

Pinwheel Crochet Rug is 30 inches

Mans Basket Weave Cardigan for the classic look

Knot Stitch Crochet Stole for a romantic evening look

My copy of the magazine is quite fragile and I was pleased to work up fairly decent photos from the little clips given.  There are other patterns from the magazine scattered here and there in the shop as well.

Thanks for dropping by, 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Vintage 1930's Crochet Collar Patterns in Tower Brand Gimp

A vintage 1930's leaflet from Tower Brand Yarn Corp came up in my stack for processing last that I just must share with you.   Now, I don't know anything about Tower Brand Yarn Corp.   I did quite a few Google searches, and all that definitely comes up is a list of their pattern publications.  On some of the searches I performed, Lion Brand Yarn came up, however, within those pages, I don't find references to Towers Brands, and so, I moved on.

What I do know is the models used in this promotion, which I'm dating to 1939, were a rather stern group of women.   (Definitely in contrast to the romantic photos on patterns during the 1940s).

 This is the Sun Ray Collar No 16 with interesting rounded points.

 This pattern was named only No 22.  It's a very flower petal type affair (at least in my thinking).  

Another pattern with only a number ... No 52.    The design could be construed as honeycomb, or perhaps cobweb. 

All three detachable collars are on the larger side ... as was the 1930's style to bring adornment to the rather plain dress of the average woman.    All three of the patterns call for Tower Brand Gimp, which was a 50/50 cotton and rayon blend.  Many patterns with Gimp variations arose during this time period due to the Mercerized Crochet Cotton shortage during WWII.  Gimp was a rather stiff thread.   For current Gimp substitute, I've read that the DMC Cebelia No 10 thread works well.

Okay, I've shared these photos ...  I can get back to work now !
Thanks for dropping by,

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hiawatha Corde Hats and Bags No 10

Since I seem to be spending a lot of time with 1944 designs lately, let's go for one more.   From the Heirloom Needlework Guild, let me present .....

Hiwatha Corde Hats and Bags - No 10, which sold for a five cents.   This is more a leaflet than a pattern book, featuring just 5 patterns all using (of course) the Hiawatha Corde and Rayon Cords.  
Victoria 303 - the picture hardly gives you an idea of this hat.  Crocheted in herringbone stitch, netting is pleated in a small border at the edges and then forms long neck ties.   The bag, a 'just right handbag - called Flower Basket - is lined. 

The Corde Handi-Bags, also featuring the herringbone stitch have top zipper closures and are sized 4 1/2 x 5 1/2 or 7 x 11 inches.  These bags are perfect for clutch or makeup bags.  

Classic Calot 315 is worked in four sections and joined.  Hair netting is added at the bottom for the look of drama -- inherent to many of these 1940's designs. 

All three of these pattern sets are lovely designs.   The only difficulty will be finding suitable materials to replace the obsolete Hiawatha Corde.  (( Particularly with no gauge being given on the designs )).  

My copy of this pattern set is in quite poor shape, however, am pleased that the restored patterns turned out so well !    My new motto you know .... Preserving history, one pattern at a time. 

Thanks for dropping by, 

Monday, December 29, 2014

The Vintage Crochet Snood Pattern of the 1940s

By definition, the snood comes in two types.    It is either an ornamental hairnet (or fabric bag) worn over the hair at the back of the neck, or wide ring of knitted material that is worn as a hood or scarf.   The second definition applies to more recent times, whereas the classic, or in this case, vintage term is the hairnet.

Although the crocheted snood has been around for centuries, they again gained popularity during World War II.     Snoods are typically an easy crochet project that you can stitch up in just a day or two.  The crochet snoods of the 1940s, with just an exception here and there, were pretty much predictable.  (Albeit Delightful).

 No 2447 - is a long hanging Snood with wide ribbon ties. 

This Perky Snood envelopes the  back of the head with just a small  tie at the top of the head.

Sweet Sue is similar to No 2447 above, but with different thread and hook.

Bow for a Beau, while still a basic snood, has a rather sophisticated flair, which just might be the result of a black, versus white, ribbon.  

And for fun --- Spool Cotton Company called this whimsical hat a snood as well.   Interesting ... quite!   A snood, well no.  

I'm add new patterns to the shop almost every day.   If you'd like to see if more snoods (I have to say, I love the word), have appeared, try this link.  

Thanks for dropping by, 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cotton Accessories, Knit and Crochet Pattern Book 180

The next book up in my stack was an oldie (but goodie, of course), from the Spool Cotton Company.  Named Cotton Accessories for Town and Country, Book No 180.  The pattern book, dated 1942, was issued to promote their (then) line of J&P Coats Cotton Lines - Mercerized Crochet Cotton, Bedspread Cotton and Knit-Cro-Sheen.   The patterns are geared towards the adult female and even include a pair of crochet shoes.

If you are interested in seeing the contents, well .... grab some tea or coffee, get comfortable and .... let's go.

Spool Cotton Pattern Book 180, Accessories for Town and Country
Gracing the front cover, 

The second page is a cute promotion for the patterns that follow. 

Yoke and Frill Crochet Detachable Collar Patterns
Here are the first two of three collars featured in this book. 
The Frilled Yoke, a squared design with small frill at the neck and border.  
The Scalloped Yoke has soft and pretty scallops forming rows and a small notched collar. 
Striped Fitted Vest Crochet Pattern
This Checked Vest is quite an attractive piece.  Crocheted in three shades; checked on the front and solid on the back.  It is sized for misses 14, 16 and 18.

Vintage Stripe Pullover Sweater and Easy Vest Knitting Pattern
The Striped Shirt and Cap is a three color affair in as bright or demure colors as you might wish.  The pattern includes the stocking cap. 
The Sleeveless Pullover is knit, with some crochet detail.  It's a quite easy pattern in garter stitch that a beginner could easily tackle.  

Three Crochet Hat Patterns, Vintage 1940s styled Turbans
Three hat designs -- all very easy. 
Pattern 2607, Striped Turban (top left), is a wrap & go design in three colors.
Pattern 2608, Square Mesh (top right) is a crocheted band folded into the attractive shape.
Pattern 2620, Mesh Turban, is crocheted in a triangle pattern stitch and tied into a bow.   This pattern is offered as a free download in the shop.

Crochet lapel collar, hat and handbag pattern
Hat and Handbag Pattern No 2594 are easy designs with plenty of ribbon adornment.  They are worked in an attractive star stitch.
The standout (bottom) is a set of Collar Lapels No 2589 that have velvet ribbon laced along the edges.   This pattern is also offered as a Free Download in the shop.

Knitted Lace Blouse Pattern, Short Sleeves

This Classic Blouse, No 1266, has a delicate lace stripe pattern stitch with fitted short sleeves and a notch collar.  A perfect dressy compliment to many an outfit.

Brimmed Hat No 2623 (top) has a jaunty brim and fun over-sized tassel.
The Lingerie Calot No 2621 is a simple, yet elegant affair with eyelet flower and grosgrain ribbon bow. 

They are calling these cute wedgies Play Shoes No 214.  Sized small, medium and large and worked in heavy rug yarn.

I always enjoy going through these old pattern books.   This book has plenty of accessory designs that can be as useful to your wardrobe as they were in 1942.     I particularly like the Striped Pullover and Cap.   You?  What is your favorite?  

Thanks for dropping by, 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Vintage Crochet Flower Hair Accessories

I was just entering a new pattern into the shop for a set of hair accessories and found myself wondering if I didn't already have these.    Now, these hair accessories are not necessarily big sellers, but shouldn't a design that goes all the way back to the 1940s (and possibly earlier) deserve representation?   Well, of course --- I think so anyway.    

vintage Anne Cabots Crochet hair Combs Pattern
Here's the pattern I'm talking about.   It's 1946 from Anne Cabots Mail Order Album.   I love the loose sketch detail, accompanied by the photography.   I nice combination of four different flowers and two leaves, that could be mixed and matched in any number of ways.

Lily Mills Leaflet 112-b, hair crochet accessories

And here's another marvelous set - this one issued as a 1943 Lily Mills Leaflet 112-b.  Not all of the options here are flowers, but all are quite delightful.

Vintage 1940s Crochet Flower Accessory Pattern

This set, a bit later 1940s, is from Coats and Clarks.   It's a nice flower with variation to be used in different ways.

These patterns were specifically issued as hair accessories.  But, one must remember that a flower is a flower is a ..... well, you get the idea.   
Vintage Crochet Stemmed Flowers Pattern Design 524

The 1960s were well represented with flowers ... those put on a wire stalk and added to vases -- such as this Mail Order Design 524.  These flowers would make marvelous accessories.  

So, back to where I started, yes, I did have several patterns for flower hair accessories.  Don't forget that these are also great for chokers, wrist bands, shoes, label pins, over the top belts, etc. etc. etc.   I have well over 150 vintage books and magazines waiting to be processed, as well as over 500 mail order design patterns, so I have no doubt that more flowers will be appearing soon.

Okay, now I'll go back to my regularly scheduled work!.    Thanks for dropping by, 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Stoles and Cover-ups to Knit and Crochet

Let's go back to 1952.  The war is over, Harry S Truman is president, Winter Olympics were held in Oslo, the Honeymooners debut on TV and the average cost of a new car was $1700.    And while all this prosperity was happening, ladies (and some gents) continued with their knitting needles (just like in war-times) to create marvelous items for themselves.

 To keep those needles clicking, and yarn sales in action, Bernhard Ullman continues to publish several pattern books.  One of which is New Stoles and Cover-ups -- To Knit and Crochet.   It's volume 27, and sold for 20 cents (the same as a tank of gas).

Crocheted Stole Pattern with extra long fringe
No 650 - Crocheted Stole is attractively stitched in two complimentary colors graces the front cover.  

Shawl or Stole Knitting and Crochet Pattern
No 649 - Knitted Stole (on left) in thick and thin yarn
No 646 - Hairpin Lace Stole (on right) is made in strips on a 3 inch loom and highlighted with metallic thread.

Shrug Stole Shawl Knitting Patterns in Jumbo Yarn
No 655 Knitted Shrug (middle top) with three quarter sleeves and ribbed banding.
No 647 - Old Fashioned Feather Fan Pattern Stitch with long fringed ends.
No 652 - Triangle Shawl knit in jumbo yarns.

Big Needle Knitted Stole Pattern
No 653 - Ribbed Stole dotted with Pearls measures 20 x 68 inches.
No 648 - Quick Knit Stole in Jumbo Yarn or Knitting Worsted

No 651 - Evening Camisole and Cover-up (center top); perfect evening attire. 
No 645 - Crazy Daisy Stole is crocheted with 365 crazy daisies. 
No 644 - Crocheted Triangle Stole with randomly placed sequins

Crocheted Shawl in Angora Yarn
No 654 - Angora Cape Stole - wraps you like luxury itself.

And that's it.  Twelve patterns in all; 8 knitted and 4 crochet.  Stoles and Cover-ups were coveted accessories in this time period, and Bernhard did a very job indeed.   

These patterns are listed in my shop individually, should you be interested.   Either way, I hope that you enjoyed the photo journal of this vintage book. 

Thanks for dropping by, 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Mail Order Design Pattern 624, 5 different Choices

Okay, so those of us that love the mail order patterns have come to know that the major player is one lone company - Needlecraft Services - that distributed their patterns under a number of different marketing names; such as Alice Brooks, Laura Wheeler, The Star, Readers Mail, and many individual newspaper or magazine names.
As I've built the my mail order pattern collection, I've learned a variety of tidbits about these patterns. For example, the same pattern was seldom distributed under more than one major name or number. And, the individual pattern numbers may have been used multiple times. The case at hand (that I'm looking at today), is Design 624.
I have three individual Design 624 patterns in my current selection.

Crocheted Bath Mops Pattern Design 624
Design 624, Crocheted Accessories;  include dish cloths and bath mops
Mail Order 624, Crocheted Cape Pattern

Mail Order Design 624, Crocheted Cape styled Shawl

Design 624, Crocheted Swan Chair Set, Marketed as Laura Wheeler in 1948 features the always popular pineapples. 

Mail Order Design 624, Crochet Swan Basket in a combination of shell and pineapple stitches. 
The crocheted jacket on the left, Design 624, of course, was released as Laura Wheeler (with the addition of crafts in the name), in 1986

Now these patterns referenced are just in the Knit / Crochet categories.   I know there is at least one Mail Order Quilt Pattern, and I wouldn't be surprised to find a transfer selection as well.  Should I process any more 624's for the shop, I'll add them to this post.    

Thanks for dropping by