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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Vintage Crocheted Trim Handout

Tucked away in the 1965 issue of McCalls Needlecraft is a handout for crocheted trim. The handout, of course, was intended to inspire additional ways to decorate a couple of the jacket patterns that were in the magazine. The trims, however, could be used in a number of ways ... dresses, bags, pillows, hats, hair pieces, etc. etc. etc.
Really, your imagination is on the only limiting factor on what you could do with these ideas.
I initially had attached the handout to the jacket patterns that were listed in the shop, however, thought perhaps I'd post it here as well ...
12 two- hole buttons, 1 3/8" diameter. Fingering yarn, 1 oz.
POMPO(make 12): Cut a strip of cardboard 3/4" wide. Wind double strand of yarn 50 times around strip. Draw double strand under windings. Knot ends, pulling windings together tightly. Cut strands opposite knot. Cut tying strands, leaving 6" ends. Trim pompon to 3/4". Pull 6" ends through holes of button, knot ends at back. Tie to jacket, spacing as shown.
POMPONS FOR SLEEVESMATERIALSKnitting worsted, 1 oz. POMPON (make 24): Cut two 1 1/2" cardboard disks; cut 1/4" hole in center of each. Thread yarn needle with 3 yardsof yarn; bring ends together. Place disks together; wind double strand around disks, working through holes. Slip scissors between disks; cut strands at outside edge.
Draw 8" strand of yarn between disks, wind several times tightly around yarn, Knot, leaving ends. Remove disks. Fluff
out pompon; trim. Tie pompons along outer sleeve seam, spacing evenly.
Fingering yarn, 2 ozs. POMPO(make 14): Cut two 2" cardboard disks; cut 1/2" hole in center of each. Thread yarn needle with 2 strands of
yarn each 5 yards long; bring 4 ends together. Placedisks together: wind yarn around one side of disks. Repeat with same amount of yarn on other side. Slip scissors between disks; cut all strands at outside edge. Draw two 10" strands of yarn down between disks and wind several times tightly around yarn. Knot, leaving ends for tying on pompon. Remove disks. Fluff out pompon, trim ends evenly. Tie pompons along bottom edge of jacket, spacing evenly.
FLOWER YOKE MATERIALS: Fingering yarn, 1 oz. 42 pearl beads. Steel crochet hook No.2.
FLOWER (make 42): Ch 4, sl st in first ch to form ring.
Rnd 1* Ch 2, 3 stin ring, sc in ring, repeat from * 3 times- 4 petals. 51 st in first ch at beg of rnd. End off. Weave in yarn ends. .
FINISHINGArrange 11 flowers around neckline. Sew to jacket with pearl at center. Sew on 14 flowers for 2nd row of yoke, 2" below first row. Make 3 rd row of 17 flowers 2" below 2nd row.
MATERIALSFingering yarn, 2 ozs. TASSEL (make 12): Cut a piece of cardboard 4" square. Wind double strand of yarn 45 times around cardboard. Tie tightly around windings at one edge with double strand of yarn. Knot securely. Cut strands opposite knot. Wind a strand of
yarn several times around tassel 1" below top; knot ends; hide ends inside tassel. Trim ends of tassel. Tie tassels around neck of jacket, spacing evenly.
MATERIALSFingering yarn, 1 oz. each of rose- red and green; few yards of pink. Steel crochet hook No. O 1/8yard
organdy. Sharp yarn needle.
LEAVE(make 18): With green, ch 3.
Row 1 : Work 7 tr in 3rd eh from hook. Ch 2, turn.
Row 22 dcin each tr across, 2 dc along side of last tr. End off.
BLOSSOM(make 48): With red, * ch 4. Dc in 2nd ch from hook and in each of 2 ch, sl st in last ch (base of petal). Repeat from * 3 times-4 petals. Slst in base of first petal. End off.
FINISHINGCut six 2" circles of organdy. Arrange. 3 leaves in cloverleaf pattern on each circle: tack. Arrange 8 blossoms over leaves. With pink, attach each blossom with 3 to 5 French knots.
Sew 3 clusters to each front of jacket.
If you create some of these, I'd love to hear back from you (pictures always welcome!) as to how you used them.
Thanks for dropping by,

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