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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Leaflet 56L The Book of Edgings Crocheted and Knitted

In the stack of pattern leaflets I am working through is this 1937 leaflet.

 Spool Cotton Company No 56L.  
This leaflet was issued in support of their pattern book - The Book of Edgings Crocheted and Knitted. - which was released in 1935.  The leaflet would have been distributed through the local shops, which I would imagine would have been a move to keep the then two year old pattern book in popularity.   

 The leaflet contains two rather grand edging patterns.  First, The Regency 8080 for use on a scallop mat edging.  

The second being Sunset in Venice - No 8039 - a grand scalloped border that would be splendid on linens ... or, of course, anything you wish.  

I do not (currently) have the SPC Book 56 in my collection so I do not know if these two patterns are actually in the original book.   There have been several instances where SPC released subsequent leaflets in support of a book that did not contain the patterns in the leaflet.   Kind of like an addition to the book itself.  

Generally, I do not sell edging patterns; I place them in a Google Photo Album for general viewing and use.    This is a practice I've just started, but it is a growing ... and hope you might find a use for them.  

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