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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ripling Harmony or Staggered Stripes

The minute I started working the pattern, I had one of those 'I know that pattern' moments.   A quick check to the shop, and I was almost 'absolutely' right.    It is the same pattern, just different dimensions, colors and material requirements.

Rippllng Harmony Crochet Mats Pattern

Here, the pattern is called Rippling Stripes and it is a runner and placemat pattern worked in mercerized crochet cotton in 7 colors.  The runner is 11-1/2 x 22 inches and the mats are 11-1/2 x 17 inches.

And here, the pattern is called Ripling Harmony and it is an area rug that measures 22 x 40 inches.  It is worked in Crochet Cotton Yarn and is also in 7 colors .... just different ones.

Both patterns are from Lily Mills, one from their book 1400 and the other 1600, both early 1940s.    It's easy to see how this type of situation would evolve .... designers needing to put out x number of patterns within certain deadlines.   I'm just surprised that I don't see it far more often.

I do have to say, it's a great design both as a table set and a rug.  Don't you think?

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