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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dawn Mohspun to Knit and Crochet

Tonight, I'm reviewing Book 196 from American Thread Company.    This book, not dated but somewhere 1960s, was apparently issued as a promotion to the then new DAWN MOHSPUN yarn.   For those of you familiar with the American Thread books .... how they are seried Star, Dawn or Aunt Lydia books ... this one has an interesting twist.   This is Star Book 196, and is a Dawn promotion.

It's a nice leaflet, the patterns are quite simply and I'd think easily accomplished by the beginner to intermediate fiber artist.

 Flower Blouse is made up with bi-color 4 or 4 1/2 inch motifs.  
Mens Cable Sweater, with a casual amount of cables. 

Crocheted lace sheath dress patter

Crochet Shell or Dress ... one pattern at whatever length you might like to take it.  Made up with cluster and shell stitches.

Ruffled Crocheted Sweater Pattern

This cute Long Sleeves with Ruffles sweater has just a touch of the girly girl going on.

Vintage Cardigan Knitting Pattern in Bubble Stitch

Knitted Bubbles is a soft and feminine feature to wear either with a blouse or warmth, 
or as a blouse on its own. 

Loop Stitch Crocheted Sweater Pattern, Vintage 1960s

Loop Trimmed Shell or Sweater for a touch of fun. 

Knitted Puff Stitch Pullover Pattern, Long Sleeve Blouse

This puff stitch pullover sweater, look close, has scalloped edges. 

Vintage Trimmed Cardigan Knitting Pattern

The 'Band' New Cardigan, easy-to-wear, is trimmed in braid or ribbon of your choice.

Vintage Baubles Crocheted Necklace Bracelet Pattern

Crochet pattern to stitch a bauble necklace, bracelet and earrings.  This pattern is offered as 
a free download. 

And, gracing the back cover is a  lovely Straight Dress with a cowl - perfect for summer events or evenings out.  

So, to recap our photo journal, mostly casual designs in the easy to make realm.   A little something for everyone.  Perhaps the most remenescent of the 1960s is the Angel Dress.  My favorite is the puff stitch pullover.  It wouldn't do much to disguise my hips, but I like it anyway!

These patterns are listed in my shop, follow the links under each picture, should you be interested. 

Hope you enjoyed the review.   Thanks for looking. 

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