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Monday, February 4, 2013

Wyco Knit Stole Patterns

For tonights review, let's talk a little bit about Wyco Yarns.  Some of you may remember this brand.

The yarn first made its appearance in 1947.   The brand was part of the Wissahickon Yarn Company, which I believe desolved back in 1992.   I've only one of their pattern books -- Volume No 2, which was put out in 1953.   This being volume 2 implies there was a volume 1, but I've searched internet land, and find no record.     I'v come across a number of patterns in vintage magazines that call for Wyco Yarns.

Here's a recap of Wyco - Volume 2 - Stoles by Wyco:

Flipping through the pages, I immediately noticed that each stole is numbered and followed by a name of the pattern creator.   There are several.   This is just a bit before my time, however, I've Google'd several of the names and they appear to be individuals that were located in various parts of the country.  I don't know this for a fact, but this leads me to think that perhaps Wyco put together their pattern books as a promotional contest.   Enter your patterns in a contest and maybe .... just maybe ... you'll make our book, thus gaining your moment of fame.    Of course, this is just my guess.  
  A good one for beginners and a breeze for all knitters. (Knit)

Vintage Fringed Stole Knitting Pattern
Stole 110 - An original by Sylvia Naiman - Nothing complicated here ... this glamorous stole will fairly fly through your fingers!   (Knit)

Knitted Stole Pattern with Gold Metallic Stripes

 Stole 125 - Created by Amelia Faylo. A gold striped stole for simple, speedy, knitting

Stole 261 - an Ona D Bloom creation.  Trim, tailored n tidy ... toasty warm too! 
(Knit with metallic thread as CC)

Vintage Stole Knitting Pattern, Loose Weave with Extra Long Fringe

Stole 128 A Selma Eagle Original - adds sophisticated charm to formal or casual wear (Knit)

Free Knitted Stole Pattern, Beginners

Stole 129 styled by Amelia Fayko - Airy and Light. (Crochet)
This pattern is available as a Free Download

Vintage Knitted Wrap Stole Pattern

Stole 130 styled by Amelia Fayko For day and Night (Crochet)

Wyco Knitted Stole Pattern No 131

Stole 131 fashioned by Selma Eagle.  Delicately styled ... distinctively different. (Knit)

Stole 132 - created by Helen Genther - a versatile stole with an unusual pattern. (Knit)

Vintage Lace Stole Knitting Pattern

Stole 133 by Rose Quigley - a glamorous eye-catcher for those special 
evening occasions .. (Knit/Crochet)

Vintage Knitted Stole Pattern with fringed ends

Stole 134 fashioned by Nellie Mull. At home with evening gown, street dress or
 summer cottons (Knit)

Stole 135, an original by Helen Hanna. A graceful fashion gem for most any occasion (Knit)

Stole 136 designed by Amelia Fayko. An easy block pattern all dressed up 
with glittering gold. (Knit).   This pattern is offered as a Free Download. 

Stole 137 a Helen Townsend creation. Pretty .. and easier to make than you would think (Knit) 

Stoles 138 styled by Renee of Bethlehem. Popular and graceful, this pattern lends glamour anytime. (Knit)

Stole 139 Designed by Pauline Epstein. A really special stole made on a hairpin lace loom. Ever used one?  Easy as pie? (Crochet)

Style 140 - by Renee of Bethlehem. A cozy shoulderette for TV watching, reading in bed ... or your leisure hours. 

And, gracing the back cover ....
Stole 127 designed by Theresa J Shauger - you'll like this delightfully gay
 pattern ... it's so easy to make !

And, that's it.  Although not something I typically wear, I really like a couple of the shawls, and even more than that, I love the styles overall.   I love their hairstyles and how the head must the somewhat tipped in every photographs.  And especially, I kept saying to myself .. Ms. Stole 134, you really shouldn't be sitting on the floor in that lovely dress.   What do you think?   You like the ladies of Wyco and their stoles.  

Now, I was also intrigued with the pattern creators. I looked up their names and found reference to most of them in the form of obits.  I've included their names here, and will add to the search strings.  Who knows, perhaps one day someone doing geneaology will do a search and land here and learn the person they were searching were also a published fashion designer !

I've reworked all these patterns to clean crisp documents and they are available in my shop - just follow the links.  A couple of them are available as free download.   

Thanks for dropping by. 

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  1. I ran across your post trying to find out more about some WYCO Brand Yarns that I just purchased on eBay. It appears in the photos of the yarn that it is not marked as to the size, only in ounces. There is some Black WYCO Boucle and some Gold 'N' Nylon in one and two ounce packages. I was wondering how old it was and what it may be used for. Thank you for sharing!



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