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Friday, August 3, 2012

Crochet Turtle Pattern Challenge

Here a crocheted turtle pattern I came across in the June 1962 issue of The Workbasket.    Cute, don't you think?
 This is one of those patterns that are in conflict.   The picture says 'Make Me, I'm easy', but the instructions are just vague enough to get you in trouble.

How so, you might ask.   Well, to begin with, the materials calls for one spool of Cordet and a Size 0 crochet hook.   Cordet?   This is a material to which I'm not familiar.   I did a few Google searches looking for an equivalency to whatever it is.   Nope.   I found some vague references to the product.  Apparently it was used in the 1945 Jack Frost Bag Book and gets mentioned out on forums once in awhile when someone is trying to figure out what Cordet is.    Some suggest nylon cording and a number 3 hook and I've also seen reference to Knitting Worsted and a Size 5 hook.

But, back to the turtle.   The pattern, above and beyond the Cordet issue, does not give a gauge nor does it give reference to the scale to cut the felt piece for the head, tail and feet.    Note that he is meant to be on the small side; the pattern suggest he be used for a pincushion or a toy.

The challenge here would be, crochet the turtle body, using whatever yarn and needle size that you think best, and then, lay it out (with some felt) and decide what size to cut the body pieces.    Who know, you might get it the first shot !

In case you to give the challenge a try, here's the pattern.
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Crochet Turtle Toy or Pincushion -

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