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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Crochet Hats and Accessories, Book 227

Here's a pattern book that takes us way back to 1945 -- that's 67 years.  Now, this was way before my time, but as I understand, it was a time of frugality and romance.  Frugality as our country had been a war for a number of years and romance because the war was over and husbands and sons were coming home.

Officially, this is Clarks and JP Coats Book 227, published by the Spool Cotton Company.   Other than the small splash of color on the cover, all the pictures are black and white ... a very provocative black and white.    And, just like the title implies, it contains patterns for hats, several purses and a two jabots - all Crochet.    Let me show you.

No 2762 & No 2784 - Crochet Hat and Handbag.  Note the ribbon on the hat and the crochet fringe on the fold-over flap.

No 2777 - Crochet Hat - Soft and romantic; here again the ribbon adding in a soft touch.  Remember 1945 was a frugal year.

No 2779 - Officially called a turban.   Did you notice the rows of pearls and the cap appearance in the back?
No 2766 - Jabot - Made up in two colors with a black border.   A simple, yet elegant scarf to add to your wardrobe.
No 2763 - Crochet Hat - This has a artistic slump to the side, further accentuated wtih a set of tassels.

No 2775 - Crochet Hat - Shown with the brim flapped back, however, I'm sure it would be equally fun with it worn down and floppy.   Did you notice that the cap doesn't totally attach - just a bit of a hobo look don't you think.
No 2783 - Crochet Bag - This roomy bag closes with a fold over and button and it meant to carry gracefully by the hand, or perhaps crossed across the wrist.

No 2774 - Crochet Calot - I particularly love the motif pattern over the ear flaps.
No 2773 - Jabot - Again we have a touch of crochet trim.  Perfect to contrast for a specific outfit.
No 2768 - Crochet Hat - A delightful pillbox that, 20 years later, would have been a treasured hat of Jackie O.
No 2769 - Crochet Hat - Has a brim ready to curl anyway you should wish and just begging for a feather.
No 2782 - Crochet Bag - A bit like a drawstring back popular during this time period, but not.  It folds to a close with a loop that the handles slips through.

No 2764 - Crochet Hat - This perfect beauty would be center stage in a movie staring Bette Davis.   A simple, yet classic, go to 'anywhere' hat.

No 2767 - Crochet Hat - A Tophat; perfect for New Years Eve, or anytime a little extra fun might be called for.  The motifs at the center add just the right amount of personality.

No 2765 - Crochet Hat - Pull it back with the edges folded slightly over, or pull it down over your ears.   The round top gives it a style that's frugal and different and the ribbon, a touch of whimsy.  This one is available for Free Download.
No 2778 - Crochet Cap - Here's a variation of a stocking cap, it folds back at the front and then the stocking folds over and ties at the side.   A 1940s original.

No 2770 - Crochet Hat - A lovely calot of lovely petals stitched together with button adornment on the back.
No 2781 - Crochet Handbag - A roomy box purse with an interesting oval shape and short handles.

And, the back and front cover are the same.   So, what do you think?   Practical, yet intriguing, fun and romantic accessories.    Here the year was 1945, but why not make them your own !

These patterns are listed individually in my shop; just click the Pattern Number links.  

Hope you enjoyed the photo journal.
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