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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Crochet Flowers in a Flowerpot, Free Pattern

Here are some vintage flowers just waiting to come to life.   Crochet the flower heads, attach each one to a pipe cleaner and then secure in a small pot with a little of Plaster of Paris.   Of course, you could crochet up a bunch of flowers and put them in a large pot !   Or, perhaps secure a pinback and turn into a flower broach, or stitch onto a headband for your little girls (or yourself).

Crocheted Stemmed Flowers pattern, Vintage 1960s
You've got the idea ... stitch them up and do whatever you might like with them !   (Looking for more variety, try Current Attractions, American Thread 214.)

This pattern is available as a Free Download in my Shop, should you like to give them a go.

Enjoy the pattern, and as always, thanks for dropping by.

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