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Friday, May 18, 2012

Soaker Knitting Pattern

I'll just admit it; I wore disposable diapers on my son and never put any thought at all into Soakers until I came across this pattern.   I do remember those rubbery plastic diaper covers meant to keep the moisture in; my sister used them on her kids in the late 60's with (of course) cloth diapers.   I was curious about the Soakers and did a couple Google searches and learned a variety of Soaker Trivia - my favorite being at Karens Cloth Diapering Site.  Karens site made me realize there are still a large number of Moms who choose cloth diapers, and some of those just might be of the knitting variety that might enjoy (another) vintage Soaker Pattern.  

This public domain pattern (with a lousy picture ... but what do we expect for 1964) from The Workbasket.

Knit Soaker Diaper Cover Pattern -
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