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Monday, April 23, 2012

Round Tatted Doily Patterns

I was processing an old Workbasket tatting pattern for my shop, which can be quite an ordeal.   First I scan the old patterns to Word Documents, carefully proofread (because scan technology doesn't translate numbers or symbols well), add back in any pictures and charts, and then convert to clean crisp PDF documents.   Some patterns take awhile and other, like TATTING patterns, can take a really long while.     I was just proof reading a pattern entitled Round Doily in Tatting .... like 45 minutes worth of proof reading.  Now, I don't know how to Tat ... but really !!!  One must spend as much time marking out each sentence, in tiny parts, to make it through the pattern.   I can't imagine the patience it must take to create this beautiful work.  

And then I got to thinking, I've seen this pattern before.   (Which is not really that uncommon in The Workbasket issues).

So, I went on the hunt in my shop, thinking I'd just spent a big chunk of time proofing a pattern that I'd already done.   And, I found it.

I was wrong.  Although they are similarities, they are distinctly different.    And, may I say ... WOW.  Tatting definitely produces some incredible lacy art.   I suppose that's it.   This is Art.

These two, as I've mentioned, are in my shop.    I have a few other tatting selections as well, should you be interested.

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