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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Searching for a Vintage Pinwheel Doily Pattern

A few days back, I received a message from a visitor to my shop looking for a very specific Pinwheel Doily pattern.   Apparently, her friend had received these in unfinished condition.  They were believed to have come from a grandmother or great grandmother.   My Visitor, obviously a very good friend, was trying to find a pattern to match so you could finish them.    Now, that's nice ...

Now, I'll admit, I usually enjoy a mystery so I asked her to send me a couple pictures.

 The first doily picture is cropped to an individual motif and (I think) is around 6 inches.

The second picture is this motif as part of the cloth.  I'm guessing (great) grandma was making a table scarf.  Seems there would be too much open space for this to be a tablecloth or bedspread.

The third picture she sent, I quickly realized was a different pattern altogether.

I have only a couple pinwheel doilies in my shop.   I do have, however, about 20 different doily books from the 1940's, 50's and 60's that I've not yet got around to processing.    I pulled them out of their 'pending boxes' and, with a couple cups of coffee on the back porch browsed through them.

You know what I found .... Nada ... Nothing.   A couple similarities, but not near the real deal.   So, the mystery continues.   I've printed a copy and put on my work board so I don't forget to compare whenever I handle a new doily pattern.

So, I'm wondering, do these patterns ring any bells with any of you ?    If so, please let me know - Lorrie  @    When I learn the answer, I'll come back and post it here (as well as let the original requestor know, of course).

Thanks for dropping by (and I hope to hear from you).

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  1. I have an unfinished tablecloth that my Grandmother started in this third pattern. I would love to find the pattern to finish it.


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