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Saturday, March 24, 2012

How to Make a Funky Yarn Lampshade

If you are a watcher of Home & Garden TV (HGTV), you'll note that it is loaded with shows about how to renovate your home, or shows on buying or flipping houses.    Well, that's relatively new over the last 6 years.   It used to be loaded with Do-It-Yourselves Home Decorating Shows.     The change must have been subtle because I didn't truly realize the change until I flipped the page in a 1949 McCalls Magazine and found this pattern picture.

Now, this would have been a perfect fit for one of those shows where, say, two neighbors got together to redecorate a room in each others house.  They always ended up with at least one quite funky, yet functional art type projects.    Here it is.   Take a lampshade, either new or one that has seen much better days.  Strip it down to the fame and wind it with yarn.   And, if that isn't decoration enough, add some pompons all the way around it.

I have no doubt this style may have been hot with the young folks in the 60's and perhaps, early 70s, just didn't know it went all the way back to 1949 !

But, all kidding aside, you know you'd love to give this one a try.   Get creative, instead of pompons, how about fringe, or beads or those irridescent disc thingies.

Go for it !

Funky Yarn Lampshades -
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  1. This would look great and very current done in fabric strips. Hmmmmmm.....

  2. Thin strips, yes .. I think you are right. How about a little ribbon here and there as well.


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