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Sunday, March 18, 2012

High Fashion Knitted Shells, Vintage 1960s

The year actually, is 1966.   Woman's Day puts out a supplement to their August 1966 issue.    Now, I don't (yet) have the August 1966 issue, so I don't know what all was included there, but I do know that this supplement has a nice collection of 7 Shells.    All of the patterns are knitted, several have crochet edges or trim and one includes embroidery stripes.  These fashions were obviously intended for the 'more mature' younger woman in that the styles and colors are all quite discreet --- keeping in mind the MOD selections of the younger set 'hippies' of this time.   Perhaps, it was not deemed the 'hippie' set were doing much knitting or crochet!

This is a small pamphlet, 8 pages in all.

The front page models the Garter Stitch Shell, with a 'quite nice' turtle fold over neck.  The pattern is knit only.

The Trellis Stitch Shell  is knitted with extended sleeves and trim around the edges.  
Don't miss the cute flip of her hair! 

This is called the Ribbon Knit Shell, and the reason is apparent - the pattern stitch does give the appearance of ribbon, although made with Fingering yarns. Knit with crochet edges.

Here, with the Seed Stitch Shell, we have a slight cowl look and extended shoulders. 
Knit with crochet edges.

This piece, the Stockinette Stitch Shell has an attractive bit of color block going on.  It is knit with crochet edges and a back neck snap.    

This top, the Diamond Lace Trellis has a light, summery feel.  
It is knitted with banded edges.

And, last but certainly not least, we have the Textured Stripe Shell.  
This top, knitted with crochet trim, has embroidered stripes. 

All of the patterns are Misses Sizes 10, 12, 14 and 16.  (I still have not learned why patterns were never sized for the smaller woman ???).  

Overall, it is a nice little supplement.   Other than, perhaps added rows and making the shells a little longer, they are as much in fashion today as they were back in the 1960s.   I've listed the individual patterns in my shop, links under each picture, should you be interested.   

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