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Friday, March 23, 2012

Crochet Horns of Plenty Doily Hotpad, Free Pattern

This pattern, a Horns of Plenty is from the September 1953 issue of The Workbasket.

The design is wonderfully illustrated with the intended purpose; to be used as a decorative cover on a hotpad with -- the killer (literally) -- an Asbestos Pad.  Apparently, asbestos pads were a great heat diffuser and were used frequently as hotpads.   This design was created to fit these pads (sold in 8 or 9 inch sizes), folding over the sides to hold the crochet in place.     Well, we know what happened to asbestos pads !

But, it is still quite an attractive design that deserves not to be given up on due to discontinuation of Asbestos Pads.
The design could still be used for the intended purpose substituting to a cork pad - like those sold in the plant aisles for protective bases in the Home Box stores.  I think they would also be lovely, say in a group of five, applied to cork to colored cardstocks and put on the wall as wall art.   Like this ---

  I've didn't get these aligned too well, but hopefully enough for you to get the idea.

And, I think a row over top of a door would look great as well.  

Okay ... enough already ... I'll get on with the pattern.

Horns of Plenty Crochet Doily Pattern -

How will you use this little pretty?   Do let me know.    

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