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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christmas Tree Lamp Shade from 1953

Two advertisements from The Workbasket, November 1953.
just for fun

An advertisement for an Christmas Tree Lamp shade

 And, just to prove the popularity of Christmas Tree Lamp Shades, another advertisement for a variation of the same thing another 20 pages back.     And, this one Glows in the Dark !!! AND ... there's a limit of not more than 2 per customer.    I particular like the line, 'turn off the room lights, and won't your guests be surprised'.     (10 years later and this could have been equated to a Timothy Leary experience)

They must have been immensely popular, because a search of Ebay shows nary a one.   This must mean that they've passed down to the next generation and are now family heirlooms.  

Ya right.   (Now I have a better understanding of my my mother use to put hang bells and tinsel on our lamps!

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