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Monday, January 23, 2012

Chin Strap, Vintage Beauty Torture Device

It's an advertisement from the 1953 issue of The Workbasket.

To recap the article :
Use 15 minutes a day, exercising  and massaging with throat cream.  The natural movements of your chin and neck do their part.  Muscles obtain exercise, circulation is stimulated.    Expect to be lovely in just a couple weeks.

And, you can tell just looking at the picture that it works.   That young woman has lovely skin, taut and firm. For her, that was $1.50 well spent !

But, I just don't get it.   Now, I know that I don't have one of these uncomfortable looking torture devices to coax my neck into absolute loveliness, but I'd think the the 16 hours per day that I spend talking, singing and eating would surely substitute for the 15 minutes.   Oh Well.

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  1. Replies
    1. Can't you just imagine what the 15 minutes of exercises were. Perhaps a routine of tongue sticking out, funny facial movements, big eyes, repeat.

      Oh, the things our mothers didn't tell us about.


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