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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Best in Vests, Knit and Crochet Patterns From Spinnerin

The year was 1969 and there was a lot going on.   Man walked on the Moon, the Beattles gave their final performance, 350,000 of America's young attended Woodstock and Sesame Street makes it debut.    And, on a lighter side, skirts became shorter, colors brighter and embroidered everything subsided.   Layers became a thing.  And, Spinnerin, right in stride, issued Bests in Vests ... for those looking to knit or crochet sharp fashions.
The green and red vest are knitted; the navy vest is crochet.

The gold and grey vests are crocheted, the off-white Fisherman Vest is knitted.  

There a nice combination of patterns and designs here.   I'd say that Spinnerin nailed it on fashions that would become classic ... double breasted, belted, ribs, pockets and comfortable all rolled into single garments.  

Before you go, take a close look at the first picture.   Those false eyelashes in particular !   Although they were not introduced in 1969 (1916 to be exact), they were apparently En Vogue !

I've listed this one in my shop in PDF format if you are interested.    There are, of course, other vest patterns in my shop (his, hers and childrens), as well.

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