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Friday, November 4, 2011

Sweaters 4 to 14, Boys Girls, Knitted Crocheted, Book 178

That's the name of the book highlighted in this blog post.   Well, almost anyway.   This pattern book, 178, is from American Thread Company.   There are no date references, however, picture styles and the price of 29 cents would lead us around 1967 or 1968.    These patterns are for grade school aged boys and girls, perhaps into middle school...  in the Size 4 to Size 14 range ... just like the title says.    There are a couple classics in here, and some that are just fun for the younger child.   There are also a couple caps.    Here, I'll show you.

Sweaters 4 to 14, His and Hers, Knitted and Crocheted features the next pattern, in color.  The book is heavier on the knitting side.  None of the patterns are knit / crochet combinations, although one pattern is printed for both knit and crochet.

Cardigan and Slipover for Him or Her.   This is a cute set featuring patterned sets and two beanie cap variations.    There are a number of mix and match opportunities here.  

Oh Boys, A Bulky Raglan Sweater - This knitted sweater features a front zipper -- wear it open or wear it closed.     I like the fold over collar here.  He can pull it up for a less polished look.   

Two sweet knitting patterns here, the Boys Tennis Sweater and the Girls Cable Sweater.    Put the boys sweater together in non traditional tennis colors (white, scarlet and navy), and it becomes another quite nice V-neck pullover.   A girl could wear, as well ... but the cable sweater, I'd say, is strictly for our girls.  
Stripes and Fringes is an adorable crocheted sweater for our girls.   They will like the stripes and love the neckline fringe of a collar.   Want to make it even more fun (particularly for the younger girl), cut some of the fringe longer and tie in some contrasting beads.   

Knitted Bulky Sweater, so perfect for those girls out and about in the cold weather.   And, this is a dual pattern ... both the sweater and the cap come with both knit and crochet instructions.   Separate instructions .... not knit with crochet edges.   I like the double pom-pon detail ... it's cute for girls and almost screams to me ... let's go skating (not sure why ... it just does).  

Loop Trimmed Sweater  is casually cute and crocheted.  The smaller girl (those in that Size 4 category) might still be tuned into playing with the loop fringe, but that would be okay too ... it would keep them busy.   I think I would want to add in a little of the look fringe at the sleeve ends as well.  

Colorful Stripes and Fringe Crochet Sweater.   How cute is this ... made it two-tone or make it many tones. Along with the fun design, it has comfortable three quarter length sleeves and a fringed hemline.    This pattern is available in my Free Pattern Section.  

Ripples and Fringe Knitted Sweater.   I sweater could not be more fun that this for the younger girl.  It has dropped sleeves, a chevron ripple effect, cowl yoked turtleneck combo thingie going on.   And last, but certainly not least, the shaped V-hemline with fringe (a great candidate for some of those colorful bangle thingies I can never remember the name). 

And, the back cover gives us a color view of the Colorful Stripes and Fringe Sweater.  This is always a nice change for American Thread; it was so typical that the front and back covers were the same.  

The only thing I can think of to make this book better, is if the sizes just kept going so that you could have had mother/daughter or father/son sets ... but I suppose that would be alot of size changes for those parentheses.    Overall, I nice little book.   

I have scanned the book, as a whole, and the patterns separately and the links are below the titles should you be interested.   Either way, I hope the pictures brought you a smile.  

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