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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Knitting Knobby Patterns

Tucked away inside a nightgown pattern, I found a sheet large sheet (folded into a pamphlet) that contained several patterns designed for the Knitting Knobby.  

It seemed a shame to just toss it to the Recycle bin, so I'm posting the patterns here and perhaps, if you happen across a Knitting Knobby (or already use one and could use some extra patterns) you will be able to use them.   (As there was no date or copyright references, I feel comfortable that these are public domain)

Knitting Knobby Coaster

Knitting Knobby Applique Flower 

Knitting Knobby Leash / Collar

Knitting Knobby Lariat

Knitting Knobby Dish Mat

Knitting Knobby Belt

Knitting Knobby Beanie or Beret

To print any or all of these, click on the pattern to enlarge and then copy/paste it to a document on your computer.

Again, I hope this end up being useful to someone out there.  
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  1. Thank u SO much! My granddaughter just started using the one made by Clover! She wanted patterns! So we r very happy! thank u again!


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